Where Does China’s Standard of Beauty Come From?

Emma Pei

Emma Pei, Chinese face for L'Oreal

Trailing houses, cars, and travel, cosmetic surgery is the fourth most popular way that Chinese citizens spend discretionary income. Similar to Western cultures, it has become quite commonplace for Chinese women to get procedures done. It’s estimated that China ranks third behind Brazil and the United States in
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Is Korean fashion similar to Chinese?


Luke Martin from ROKetship

Expats living in China notice many ways in which the Middle Kingdom is different from their homeland. However, some of these peculiarities are not merely Chinese and can be witnessed in other Asian countries as well.

One of my Facebook friends (thanks Jeph!) recently showed me cartoon depicting a funny
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Why Chinese Girls Wear Rubbish Underwear?

Chinese Underwear

The title of this post is inspired by one blog reader who left comments to the poll that compared Chinese and Western women wearing cheongsam (qipao).

Let me quote that comment: “Crystal, you should do a post on why Chinese women wear such rubbish underwear. This is an area where most Western women are far
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My Qipao Mission

Qipao mission

It was with some trepidation that I first went to teach in China, in 2004. All my information about China had come from old newsreel films. Basically, I was expecting a drab, black-and-white place where people queued to use the local telephone. How wrong was I ?! I entered a vibrant world of happy, busy
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Shanghai Qipao Salon

Qipao Shanghai Club

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon the article about Shanghai Qipao Salon. This is a club for Shanghainese ladies who gather together to learn the rules of etiquette; take part in cultural events and travel. Distinctive feature of this club is the passion that its members have for beautiful Chinese dress,
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