Long Distance Relationship

Love Letter

Many of my blog readers are involved in long distance relationship. There is no doubt that lengthy separation presents a serious challenge for lovers and not every couple passes the test. As someone who has the first-hand experience, I’d like to give my opinion on this topic and describe the dos and don’ts of LDR.

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Problems with mother-in-law

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

In-laws, and more specifically mothers-in-law, can be a thorn in the side. This problem is ubiquitous in all cultures and Chinese are not exception.

In China, however, it is aggravated by the fact that parents often live in proximity with their sons. After all, it’s their implied responsibility to take care of grandchildren.

Of course,
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Chinatown Women – Part II

Chinatown Women

This is the second part of the article. Read the first part here.

Bad daughters

Cantonese-American women who date white men are almost always considered questionable by other Chinatown Cantonese. Even if they marry the man there is something clearly wrong with them, as well as with their family for tolerating it. Her parents may
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Who takes care of kids in China?

Grandmother's Love

The married couples in China have a big pressure from the nuclear family to quickly give birth to a baby. Because the childless spouses are nothing more but “lovers in law”. Sometimes it seems that young Chinese families produce offspring just to fulfill their social duty and make everyone around happy.

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Meimei, The Chinese Golddigger


From Crystal: This is the true story shared by one of my readers. However, for obvious reasons the names have been changed.

Meimei was Chinese. I met her when I lived and worked in China. We’d been together for four wonderful years during which I gave her plenty. Then I paid for her
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