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Wendi Deng Rupert Murdoch wedding picture

Wedding picture of Wendi Deng (29) and Rupert Murdoch (66)

Statistics claim that the most common pattern among interracial couples is the one where White men are married to Asian women.

In such case it shouldn’t be difficult to find also celebrity couples following this pattern. So, I decided to do some search and it resulted in the list of 10 couples in which Chinese woman is dating or married to a non-Chinese man, and at least one of them is a well-known personality.
These couples are presented in the reverse order (from 10th to 1st) according to my subjective perception of their celebrity status.

10. Zhu Chen and Mohammed Al-Modiakhi

Zhu Chen and Mohammed Al-ModiahkiZhu Chen is the former World Chess Champion among women. She held this title from 2001 to 2004. In 2001 she married a Qatari grandmaster Mohammed Al-Modiakhi. They met during one of the chess tournaments in Malaysia and it was love from the first sight. Today Zhu Chen lives in Qatar and represents this country in chess tournaments.

9. Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt

Michelle Yeoh and Jean TodtMichelle Yeoh is the Malaysian actress of Chinese origin best known to Western audience as a “Bond girl” in the movie “Tomorrow never Dies”. People Magazine few times included her in the list of most beautiful women and that’s why her relationship with the former CEO of Ferrari racing team Jean Todt is sometimes called “Beauty and the Beast”.

8. Laura Ling and Iain Clayton

Laura Ling and Iain Clayton

Iain Clayton meets his wife Laura ling after her release from North Korea

The journalist Laura Ling is famous for being detained for few months in North Korean prison. Sentenced to 11 years of labor camps she has been released only after the personal intervention of the former U.S. president Bill Clinton. Upon her arrival home she was met by her husband Iain Clayton – pictures of this meeting becoming popular all over the world. And less than a year later the couple welcomed their first baby.

7. Jennifer Chun and George Soros

George Soros and Jennifer ChunGeorge Soros is not only a famous businessman and philanthropist. He is also a well-known “womanizer” constantly changing his romantic interests. One of his latest interests was the Chinese American violinist Jennifer Chun.

6. Lucy Liu and Zach Helm

Lucy Liu and Zach HelmNo – they didn’t make it to altar. But one of the “Charlie’s Angels” has been dating and even engaged to Zach Helm – American writer and film director. He possibly regrets the missed chance. After all, in 2007 Lucy Liu was featured in the list of 100 sexiest movie stars.

5. Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld

Amy Chua family

"Tiger Mom" and her family

Yes, the famous “Tiger Mom” who presents herself as a symbol of strict Chinese parenting is not married to Chinese but to a Jewish American – Jed Rubenfeld – who is also teaching Law in Yale University. Curious fact: as Amy Chua says herself her two daughters “can speak Chinese, and they have been raised Jewish”.

4. Zhang Ziyi and Aviv Nevo

Zhang Ziyi and Vivi NevoZhang Ziyi is one of the best known to Western audience mainland Chinese actresses. She is also considered by many as one of the most beautiful women in China. Maybe this is one of the reasons why some Chinese felt “betrayed” when she started dating an Israeli venture capitalist Aviv Nevo. Last year, however, the couple split – Zhang Ziyi quoting cultural differences as the main reason for their break-up.

3. Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi DengIf you look for the epitome of gold-digger, look no further. Wendi Deng is a perfect example. First she got acquainted with American couple (Jake and Joyce Cherry) who were doing business in China and used them to get a student visa to America. Later she broke this couple and married Jake Cherry earning the green card. But soon they divorced because Wendi started seeing another man. And her searches for Mr. Right have finished only when at the age of 29, she met the multimillionaire Rupert Murdoch – then 66 years old – and married him 2 years later.

2. Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant girlfriend

There are rumors that Hugh Grant's Chinese girlfriend is pregnant!

When Hugh Grant came to Hainan to participate in the golf tournament for celebrities, he possibly was infected with “Yellow fever”. How else can you explain his words at one press-conference:

“I am very happy to contemplate (getting) a Chinese girlfriend. I must say I’m very charmed by Chinese women, so far. I’ve been here only 24 hours, but I’ve fallen in love four times.”

And it seems that he indeed has found a Chinese girlfriend – 19 years his junior Tinglan Hong.

1. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla ChanNot all millionaires are old and bald. Take, for example, Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of social network Facebook. At the age of 27 his personal wealth is estimated to be $13.5 billion. And there was always a high probability that the girl who could share this money with him would be of Asian origin. On his Friendster page (from pre-Facebook period?) in the section “What I enjoy doing” Mark wrote… “asian girls”. And it seems to be true. Since recently his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan became official. Well… sort of… they both changed their status in Facebook.

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