10 Reasons To Date A Chinese Girl

10 Reasons To Date A Chinese Girl

Have you dated a Chinese girl? Dating Chinese girls isn’t quite like dating girls elsewhere in the world, including other countries in Asia.

How so? Here are my top ten reasons for dating a Chinese girl


  1. Chinese girls are very beautiful

A Chinese girl is beautiful in her own way. The beauty of a Chinese girl is unique and you cannot compare it with any other girl’s beauty; she is very different from an American or even a European girl. In comparison, Chinese girl tend to have soft, flawless skin, with deep dark eyes, and slim figure.

  1. Get a girl who will always be there for you, all the time

A Chinese girl is super caring, she will always be there for you. She will want to know how you are doing each other time. She never waits for you to call but takes initiative. She understands that love is a mutual thing. She always wants the best for whomever she is dating, as she is supportive in an extraordinary way.

  1. To the Chinese, commitment is everything

Commitment goes along with trust. Chinese girls are generally faithful, trustworthy women. Chinese culture encourages sticking to your partner or whoever you are dating. This way, you will avoid a lot of heartache.

  1. If you love Chinese cuisine, you will definitely love her

Food is such an essential part of life, and not just food but good food. Many Chinese girls are very good at cocking, so much so that it will be hard to let go. If you like Chinese food, a Chinese girl will win your heart using mouthwatering recipes. Due to the caring nature of a Chinese girl, you cannot afford to skip meals. That will crush her. You had better get to familiarize yourself with Chinese food if you have never tried it.

  1. Get exposed to new culture and experience

The Chinese have a rich culture that stands out in the whole world. Their beliefs values, norms, and traditions are an avenue for you to learn new things. Thus, if you are the kind of person who is open to new experiences, then dating a Chinese girl is good for you. However, if you do not love learning new things, then it is high time you become flexible if you ever want to date a Chinese girl.

  1. Family is important to a Chinese girl

A Chinese girl values family as her culture perpetuates maintaining the ties. If you are a family-person, and you have been dating girls who do not value family, then you have a solution. A Chinese girl values family and she yearns to introduce you to her family. This means that if you are not in China or physically close to where the Chinese girl you want to date is, you have to travel. Book that air ticket and go meet your girl. You have to make that sacrifice. A Chinese girl is also willing to visit you family, thus it will be a mutual relationship not a one sided one.

  1. Chinese girls are very well behaved

A Chinese girl will never embarrass you or let you down. Chinese girls are well behaved. When you introduce her to your friends, she is likely to be relatively modest, kind, and caring.

  1. Diverse and intelligent

Chinese girls are intelligent with a diverse set of skills. Chinese girls make a point of keeping up to date with technology, economics, current affairs, with a likely background in playing an instrument, with upbringing involving high-level sports and math training, with high motivation for achievements and success.

  1. She is not demanding, but you should treat her real good

Chinese girls aren’t hard to impress. However, this does not mean you do not need to put in effort to please her. Be creative and come up with simple ways to make her feel like the queen. Avoid being too complicated when deciding where to go for dates. Be yourself.

  1. Most probably, dating will lead to marriage

If you’re looking to build family life, then to Chinese girls family life means a lot, they are serious about their relationships, and they care deeply about settling down and getting married.


Dating is a risk, but an important one. You never know what comes next. Girls at times can be stressful but if you set your priorities right, dating becomes a lot easier. A Chinese girl stands out from the rest. She is beautiful, loving, supportive, respectful, and committed.


Bio: I am Peter Wang, the founder of LovelyPandas.com a dating advice site. My dream is to help people find their cross-country love. If you want to read more articles about dating tips and advice, then head over to my site.

3 comments to 10 Reasons To Date A Chinese Girl

    • luckylaowai

      There is some truth here, a lot of exaggeration, and a couple of just outright bs statements. My favorite is…

      Chinese girls are intelligent with a diverse set of skills. Chinese girls make a point of keeping up to date with technology, economics, current affairs, with a likely background in playing an instrument, with upbringing involving high-level sports and math training, with high motivation for achievements and success.

      Now I will admit, I live in a bit of a backward part of China, but most of the ones I meet know next to nothing about anything. In fact, thats one of the annoying things. It gets old when someone who has ZERO knowledge of human anatomy or medicine is constantly telling you how to stay healthy.

      “You can’t take antibiotics, bad for you. Drink hot water.”

      “But I have an infection.”

      “Hot water and Chinese herb prevent infection.”

      “No, it won’t. And even if it did, I already have one. Too late for prevention.”

      “Just listen to me. Chinese medicine very wise.”

      “Nah, I’m gonna go with the Mayo Clinic on this one.”

      I had that exact conversation once. And don’t even get me started on the “where baby’s come from” thing.

      ETA: I agree with the intelligent part. And yes, many girls here are trained to play an instrument, although usually a traditional one that nobody wants to hear, ever. And calligraphy.

      It isn’t an intelligence thing, its an education thing. At least where I live. I’m sure it isn’t like that in the more modern parts of China.

  • Arshad

    i am a Pakistani, during a business deal, i introduced with a chines girl, she was there sales manager. within a month i fell in love with her very badly, i didn’t seen her only pictures, i proposed her for merry, but she denied , i am a well off person, can effort all her expenses, i sent her 1000USD per month for 8 months, but she continuously denied for merry.
    i don’t agree for all your sayings, except one she ever prefer her family and job. she is out of any sentiments

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