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The Dangers Of Dating A Communist Yellow

Chinese Prostitute

Foreign invaders are trying to penetrate our beautiful God given land by way of promises of a submissive and obedient house wife. You see, modern American women have been brainwashed into thinking they are equals to males and they think they can leave the house and pursue careers. While doing this they leave the American household empty and cold. No dishes are done, dinner is made in a microwave, children grow up without mother figures and the common wife is now known to be 87% more likely to have cheating affairs.

The communist Chinese have caught onto this disruption of the American home and are now showboating their unwanted female population at American men. They promise if they pay for their green card they in return will be perfect house wifes. They promise they will fulfill any needs the man wants and will keep their mouths shut and kitchens clean.

Here is the danger my friends. Commies and especially their female breed are vile creators. They all plot the destruction of American from within. As Abe Lincoln said, America can only be destroyed from within and the Chinese know this, as they failed to take over America in the 1940’s, when they attacked Pearl Harbor. So instead of sending death gliders over, they want to send death concubines to take over the role of the American housewife. They want them to raise your children learning their high pitched ugly language and teach them to hate anything Red, White and Blue.

So before you are sucked into sites that promise “American love for 5 dorrah”, remember, you could be importing a possible terrorist and by doing so, you yourself are a part of the downfall of America.

Don’t be tempted by blogs or dating sites that show off plump breasted, model typed oriental females, Yes, their skin is smooth and their almond eyes are quite alluring. But, the knife they want to wield into the back of America is not worth it and your soul will burn in hell for all of eternity if you fiddle around with these yellow, American hating prostitutes.

Tyson Bowers III
Youth Pastor

  • Simon

    LOL! This was a quite funny read!

  • Al


    I am not sure if this was satire or not, but it had me laughing out loud. :-)

    • wayne

      Sadly, it’s not. I’ve heard of this guy before.

    • RWS

      It was satire. Go to his website to read more such efforts.

  • luis

    are you stupid? :razz:

    • Alejandro

      Finally he is

  • Tyson Bowers III

    I hope my educational post helps your readers not fall into the trap of the Asian ways.

    • Restaurant Unemployee


      you, sir – are a goddamn idiot.

      the funniest part?

      your god doesn’t exist! ha ha ha – tell me again, how did the Chinese attack Pearl Harbor?

  • Peter Phelps

    As one Chinese female I know would say, this is just another “Demonization” of the Chinese. Sadly there are some right wing conservative extremists that totally would be saying this type of thing and mean it. This same lady asked me why, when she was volunteering here at a place that serves food to the homeless, Americans complain still when they get free service and food? I had to explain to her how here the right to do so sometimes trumps common decency and that she should try not to let it get to her personally.

    I think I would be more concerned about the amount of our national debt that is owned by other countries and what may occur if they call in those debts. Can anyone say, owned by China?

    • WanderingAmerican

      China actually only owns 7% of US debt. And that has nothing to do with this post.

  • Caseyorourke

    I checked out this guys blog and I have one question….. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRICKING MIND? If you are serious, and believe this claptrap you have posted here, you need to seek professional help or at least get fitted with a tinfoil hat so those evil Chinese mind control machines won’t fry your brains any more that they are already fried.

    • RWS

      Casey, it’s attempted satire. Unsuccessful, perhaps, but not serious (read his “Mission” statement on his website).

  • Neil

    Don’t get too caught up in this – it’s obviously satire. Check his facebook page and look at his photos and friends.

  • m.a.j

    Did i miss something in history class when i was in school. When did China attack Pearl Harbor? I was tought it was Japan that attacked Pearl harbor. If you are a minister and you have actually read a bible you would know God loves everyone not just white Americans. Maybe you should go out and purchase a King James Bible and actually read it before you open your mouth and show how little you really know.

    • WanderingAmerican

      Down boy. This is obviously a joke.

  • PL
    • KaiWen

      :shock: Holy crap we’ve all been fooled

      Bravo Crystal

      • mlgb

        Not all, only those without a brain.

        • RWS

          Now, THAT was funny!

          Thanks, mlgb.

  • me

    LOL – so funny! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Mark

    Haha, that was wild. “Death concubines”…

  • WanderingAmerican

    So if you marry a Chinese girl then the terrorists win. I guess.

  • Meng

    Very funny. Good piece of satire in the traditional sense. I almost expected you to suggest next that, because of rising numbers of unemployed Chinese folk in the US, we should eat Chinese babies (re: Jonathan Swift). I hope people do understand this is a piece of satire– really good satirists do not come out and advertise themselves as such, hence Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” still misunderstood by the ignorant majority of the world as an adventure tale. Likewise, a couple readers here apparently didn’t catch the reference to ChristWire, a website that is famous for satirizing Christian dogma. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Crystal. ;-)

    The sad part is that some people really do think like this. When I went home to the US last summer, the mother of a classmate of my younger sister asked me why I am here in China, and didn’t I miss my family and girlfriend? When I said I have a Chinese gf that I am planning on marrying, she got quite upset and said I was polluting the gene pool and all sorts of other nasty things that I won’t repeat on here. I politely asked her to stop procreating before she pollutes the world with her ignorance and venom.

  • Tyson Bowers III

    I’m not surprised by all the anti-American comments from your readers.

    • Crystal

      You couldn’t expect anything different from the readers of the yellow blog.

  • Aaron

    Come on man, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. If you’re going to claim untrue and outrageous things about a race, at least try to back it up with credible data.

  • KaiWen

    Way to cause a political Shitstorm on a site that has nothing to do with politics.

    Go back to Faux News.

    Someone ask crystal whats going on

  • 3jay

    lol, some people here are too dense to spot the faux-fundamentalist satire… :razz:

  • RubyBUThuCares

    Okay….lets all face it…its friggin hilarious! and besides, most of it are true!
    Chinese girls whine so much more than my on heat dog! and its just about walking half km..
    maybe it make sense because they all ride bikes? anyways, i think its funny! :twisted:

  • Serenity

    That was quite funny. I actually wasn’t sure this was satire until I scrolled down to the comments. That’s because there are REAL people out there who aren’t far removed from this line of thinking.

  • Caseyorourke

    Sorry, I’m just overly sensitive to remarks aimed at Chinese wives in general and mine in particular. Back when she first came to the states, early on, I had to put a guy I worked with in his place, because knowing full well I could hear him, made the old “CHING CHONG” joke along with remarks of his own ideas concerning the anatomy of Chinese women. It took three guys to hold me back from doing something I would have later regretted. Luckily our supervisor also heard the remaks and gave him a tounge lashing and a dressing down that I will remember till my dying day.

  • ziccawei


    First class stuff.. Excellent.

  • scarlet

    Clearly satire. But Chinese women are as complex as they are lovely, ask any Chinese guy about his wife and their relationship and what you will hear is not usually that positive. A Chinese woman will generally come home to you every night, but they are not exactly known for being outwardly affectionate after the first few months, I think most western men might feel a bit cold and unsupported after the initial warmth has worn off.

    I saw a fifty-something Australian man with his forty-something Chinese wife at the airport and the situation seemed so sad. The man seemed to be so lonely and tried so hard to talk and the woman seemed so uninterested in communicating or even looking at him, this is just a difference in expectation between both of them I guess, western idealism of eternal romance and Chinese acceptance of how things realistically happen.

    Chinese women are special in their own way too, but is definitely a matter of personal taste and needs, any western man or Chinese man with the option to pursue others should carefully consider what kind of relationship he wants and choose accordingly. If you are deeply in love with a particular Chinese woman, then it is the definitely right thing to do, but pursuing a nationality because you have a good impression is always a dumb idea.

  • ZhuBaJie

    Promises to keep their mouths shut? Damn, I forgot to get that one! :razz:

    I loved the Chinese attack on Pearl Harbor line; never saw that one coming — but you know, well, they all look alike anyway, don’t they? :roll:

    what great fun…

    • Lisa leung

      This is Satire.讽刺

      Someone who describes themselves as “god fearing” and enjoying “championship snowflake paper cutting” is obviously joking.

  • sleekgecko

    Though obviously meant as a joke or satire, this is a pretty nasty article. It’s not funny. Remember, behind every joke there’s kernel of belief. My view is that if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship with a female you shouldn’t be searching out a particular category of women, such as “Chinese women.” Nor should you buy into belief systems about them (they are servile, etc.). If you’re seriously looking, the focus should be on how to bridge the cultural gap with women from different areas of the world so that you can have a worthwhile relationship with them, without excluding any particular group of women. Women are individuals, not “yellow” or “communist” chunks of meat. They are different not only on the basis of race or culture, but persona, as well. If you are just in this to get your rocks off over “Chinese women,” or dumb enough to write an article generating “communist” and “yellow” labels, then, frankly, you’re hopeless to find any woman.

  • korean_guy
    • keius

      Not particularly scary actually. It’s just typical horny men who trade favors to get some. The information traded isn’t all that
      particularly sensitive either. Just another slice of the corrupt life. Happens in Korea as well as in China, though more so in China.
      The documents were mostly information she needed to conduct her “business”. Those were her connections. Was anyone actually surprised by
      that news? I wasn’t. Not in the least.

      What i do question is the taste of the Korean consular officials. Considering where they are, it’s hard to imagine they couldn’t find more nubile pickings.
      I guess they weren’t too picky if it’s easy enough to be had.
      The actual pictures of her do NOT make her look very attractive at all.

      • korean_guy


        “What i do question is the taste of the Korean consular officials.”

        Me too. But then again looks never stopped men from easy sex & when your horny as long as the woman isn’t fugly it will do just fine & Deng seems to have a preference (or targets?) for Korean men and I suspect her “services” were quite good & hard to pass up despite looking mediocre.

  • Bored in Melbourne

    Where can I get my hands on a ‘death concubine’? I need to bring down my local society.

    I had also read about the Shanghai case on the local new here yesterday. Damn those vixens using there sexy seductive ways to bring down Korea. Although from the bit I read she was actually helping poor north korean refugees get repatriated back to the south after that fled into China. So she could just being using her evil powers for good purposes.

    If only we could have her teach this to other women in Shanghai!

  • Teacher in China

    Priceless :o

  • sleekgecko

    I have some more thoughts about why the “communist” “yellow” article falls flat. Based on my experience, labels like that grossly belie the complexity of people, even if intended as a joke. One Chinese woman I met years ago suffered from a dangerously deep depression on the anniversary of her father’s death, a professor who died during China’s Cultural Revolution. There’s probably lots of women like her in China. How does she fit into the writer’s paradigm? A Jamaican woman, of Chinese ethnicity, whom I met long ago suffered from fits of paranoia, and sleeplessness, on occasion, because when she was very little her mother killed herself. Obviously, these kinds of experiences will impact the relationship each of these women may have with a man. Can you summarily characterize any relationship’s implications as “communist” or “yellow”? I think not. All people, including women, are very complex. It’s not fair to generalize about them based on ethnicity.

    • Bored in Melbourne

      You seem to be too politically correct and sensitive. Have you been well know for your sense of humour?

      I suspect not…

      • sleekgecko

        Bored, here’s an article about someone who didn’t believe in being “politically correct.” The result? She offended a lot of people.

        UCLA police eye threats over anti-Asian video

        – Tue Mar 15, 7:06 pm ET

        LOS ANGELES – She prefaced her YouTube video by saying, “I’m not the most politically correct person.”

        UCLA student Alexandra Wallace quickly proved that, launching into a three-minute tirade that ridiculed Asian students for talking loudly in the library, packing her neighborhood with annoying relatives, and repeatedly calling home to Japan in a funny sounding foreign language to check on loved ones after the deadly tsunami.
        The junior political science major says now she doesn’t know why she did it. But figuring that out would seem to be the least of her worries.

        On Tuesday, two days after the video went viral, the dean of students was looking into disciplining her, an embarrassed UCLA chancellor was calling her comments shameful, and campus police were investigating threats against her.

        In the video, Wallace says her complaints aren’t directed at any individual and people shouldn’t take offense.

        Then she says, “The problem is these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts into our school every single year.”

        That would be fine, she says, if they would “use American manners.”

        She goes on to complain about Asians frequently talking on their cell phones while she is studying, at one point mocking them with gibberish. She suggests people calling to check on the fate of Japan’s tsunami victims go outside so they won’t freak people out if they get bad news.

        The video sparked an immediate reaction at UCLA, where 37 percent of the school’s 26,000 undergraduates are Asian, 32 percent are white, 16 percent Hispanic and 4 percent black. Many of the rest are international students, including more Asians.
        The Asian Pacific Coalition of UCLA, which comprises 24 student groups, denounced the video and the angry, threatening reactions to it.

        “As a community, we should respond with the grace, sensitivity and civility afforded us through the manners we learned from our parents and their parents before them,” the group said in a statement calling for the school to demonstrate a commitment to diversity.

  • sleekgecko

    You’re missing the point, bored, stuff like “communist” “yellow” really isn’t about a sense of humor. It’s someone exercising their prejudices under the veil of a joke. Frankly, this sounds like a guy who loves women who are Chinese but hates himself for being that way, and so he writes satire and makes fun of Chinese women. Anyway, I’ve had enough of this topic.

  • Henry Yeh

    Reminds me of Borat’s approach to poke fun of American xenophobia.

  • China Shark Mike

    Sleepgecko you hit it dead to rights this guy has an evil agenda. I’m not the most critically correct person yet would never even say that nonsense in jest. Somethings are not meant to ridicule a race of people as a whole or generalize. Rationaqize, justify whatever helps you sleep at night. Self loathing nutjob. :lol:

  • vyara

    This is a really really shit joke.

  • Billy

    This guy is full of crap!!! God and especially ths God of the Bible is a God of LOVE not hatred.For this jerk to represent in any way a position in a christian organization is hypocricy at it’s best. This guy ought to be banned from this site for saying such things against the beautiful Chinese people!!! :!:

  • Asmodeus

    It’s satire guys. Just appreciate it as such, or if you think it is BAD or tasteless satire, criticize it as such. If you trip all over yourself trying to argue with “Tyson” as if this were a real article by a serious author then you are missing the point. It’s like if you thought “Borat” was a real documentary and started giving serious opinions and commentary on it.

  • Tengu

    As an American who travels to China frequently, I couldn’t even bring myself to read the entire article/rant. I find the tile alone offensive and degrading. to EVERYONE.

    Sadly this intolerance in the “Christian Right” is all to popular in the US.

    And I doubt this is “satire” please check out the web site.

  • Nathan



    Uhh, Tyson, it was the Japanese, the hated enemy of the Chinese at the time who invaded Pearl Harbor.

  • Andrew

    A little bit harsh i dont think you have experienced too many people and or culture in your life. Everyone is an individual regardless what country their from the way God intended. You need a big Reality Check!

  • Rakes Patel

    All I know is one of my friend is going to die because of one Chinese girl,
    he is from India and he fell in love with a chinese girl while they were pursuing masters in USA, they never had sex in their 8 months of relationship, After graduation her parents came to know about their relationship, so girl’s parents did not wanted to accept relationship and that girl just accepted that and started enjoying her life for couple of months but my friend spent all that time worrying about her, now that girl came back to USA for further study with lot of money from her parents, when she came back she told the my friend that she dont want to keep any
    relation with him because she want to find a guy to marry, that guy had chance to get marry last year but he gave up because of that girl wanted to stay with him, so when he heard from girl like that, he tried to commit suicide, but survived. Then that girl showed some mercy and kept contact but still my friend was really hurt, so he had heart attack at age of 26, and because of suicide attempt his health is getting worst everyday, and now according to doctors, medicine is also not working and some medicine making side effects, so probably there are big chances that he will end up losing his life. Now when girl came to know that then one day she email my friend that she has guts to enjoy her life and she wont mess up her life because of anybody, now instead of giving that guy a bit good time she said that cheap thing. These days my friend stays more at hospitals, and still loves that girl and he is not ready to listen anything against her and always wish her for best. And by the way that girl or her parents does not know that my friend is belongs to very rich family, probably at least 10 times richer than that girl’s family. But now it has no meaning.   .

  • Yishujia21c

    You are clearly nuts. What a whacko! Wh?at planet do you live on

  • Ted Wilson

    As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a Maroon!”
    China is about 20% Christian now (and growing) and many Buddhists too. I worked there for two years and the sweetest women I have ever met are Chinese. Beats an American woman any day of the week. 

  • Myles

    before this gets out of hand, this is from Christwire. its NOT REAL. the website is a joke site making fun of the christian right.

  • danny

    The Chinese bombed Pearl harbor? Not only did you pigeonhole 700,000,000 women into one evil category, but you need to read a history book. China was on our side in WWI and WWII.

  • Denniscarman

    I picture you, Tyson, at some government office.  They have the technology to remove the brains from some individuals, place them in a washing machine and cycle them through.  Drying isn’t necessary.  Then they put them back in, seal up the scalp and let them loose.  The evidence is that you came here and posted some real foolishness.  Chinese women are different, can’t argue that.  But they are very different and I am happy they are.  My wife has a mind of her own and we are 50/50 partners in life.  I couldn’t be happier!  Perhaps you are simply stuck with one of those “American wives”  Sorry 

  • Jim L

    If this is indeed “satire,” it is horrifically inept.

  • Shame on you

    You are sick…. Go search for some immediate treatment…

  • actually educated

    I especially liked that you think China attacked the US in 1940ies :) You are well educated my man… 

  • wayne

    Wait, Pearl Harbor? The Japanese attacked PH, and they also attacked Manchuria, a part of China, so…

  • Ianredrose

    What a fucking pillock. Racist and abusive, it says nothing about chinese people but a lot about the author. I don’t feel sorry about using ad hominem arguments when the author knows so little about China and chinese people. And yes, I have visited China , which is obviously more than this bitter and twisted narrow minded bigot has done. He says he is a youth pastor, and I wouldn’t let the twat within twenty miles of my kids. The best quote I can think of regarding this ignorant shite is from Alexander Pope. “This painted child of dort that stinks and stinkgs” 

  • Sheehan077

    What a scared, little, racist old man! What an IDIOT! The Japanese attacked us! Not the Chinese! What a moron! Lolololol!!!!!

  • Russdavis

    Wow, the Chinese bombed Pearl Harbor? I did not know this. What a moron! I haven’t heard such illogical bigotry since, well, the last time I went to church. Lol. This is so hilarious, I have to send it to my friends : ) Please continue to entertain us with more hatred of people who aren’t white and aren’t Christian : )

  • Gocheergocheeringgirl

    I never knew the Chinese attacked America in Pearl Harbor; I think someone forgot to read their history book!

  • Gocheergocheeringgirl

    I never knew the Chinese attacked America in Pearl Harbor; I think someone forgot to read their history book!

  • Steve Tanton

    Must be satire, as he’s kinda confused about his history? (But then most Americans are low-information voters…) The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the Chinese, and in fact the Chinese were our allies. Tyson must be confused – probably was a jilted lover! Many Asian ways are good. Real men eat sushi, Chinese food, use chopsticks and marry their women. The key to success you know, is an American address, a German car and an Asian wife. I got all three, do you?

  • chu zai

    american news is always 35yrs behind. speaking of foreign invaders, what exactly do you consider white people in america? i am pretty sure it was they who invaded, and took the land from the natives. sad how the agresor always pretends to be the victim

  • Sun

    all chinese women are evil and rubbishes; Don’t say nobody remind you already,later

  • Mike from Burnsville

    So when did the Chinese attack Pearl Harbor? Before or after the Japanese did it? I believe the Chinese were our ALLIES fighting against Japan in World War Two. Just read any article on the “Rape of Nanking” and you will note the Chinese were being raped and murdered by the Japanese. I don’t have a clue about Chinese dating but this clown has no clue about who attacked who in WWII.

  • James FT

    The Chinese attacked pearl harbor? huh. I think they and their children together were quite busy being raped, butchered and put through ungodly hell by the Japanese. The same Japanese that attacked us at Pearl Harbor? Ever heard of the Rape of Nanking? How do you imply to be an educating Pastor when your facts are wrong and your conduct is very very very unchristian. Confessing sins, going to church and calling yourself a Christian doesn’t make you a Christian. Some of the most unholy people go to church and make such claims. A real Christian walks the path in action and in heart.

  • Asianlover

    Wow you are a true piece of shit!