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How to hook up with Chinese women

Johnny Wolf

Johnny Wolf

I have dated a lot of Asian women, from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all over the world.  The only thing I can tell you for sure is that Chinese girls are tricky.  To figure them out, I analyzed all of my past relationships, from one night stands, to long term girlfriends and figured out a pattern with Asian girls, especially traditional Chinese girls.  To make sure it wasn’t just me, I compared the data to a large sample of men and figured out what the secret was behind sex, dating, and long term relationships with Asian girls.  It was actually quite simple once figured it out and I started teaching it in private bootcamp style classes for $1,400USD a weekend, where I would teach the method, have the students practice it and then go out with them into nightclubs and bars where they would put it in action.

Secret #1 – The easiest way to get an Asian girlfriend is to sleep with her first and get her to “trap” you into being her boyfriend.

I figured this out when I noticed that relationships with Chinese girls are like a power exchange, and most of the time it is the guy who is chasing the girl.  A lot of men will take the girl on a date, buy her gifts and flowers and hope that being nice to her will make her fall in love with him.  It becomes very frustrating after a while for the guy and it should be because it simply just does not work.

Thinking back at all of my past relationships with Chinese girls, it was them chasing me, almost forcing me to be their boyfriend.  The talk usually comes before the second or third time you have sex, the girl will ask “What does this mean to you” and will give you an ultimatum, either a committed relationship or no sex.  So if you want a girl to be your girlfriend, instead of chasing her endlessly, why not just let her “trap” you into a relationship.  You both win.

Secret #2 – Buy a girl flowers and cheesy gifts…never before but always after.

If you buy a girl flowers or gifts she will think you are just doing it to get into her pants.  Even if you don’t just want sex from her, and you actually want a long term relationship with her, she will still think you are trying to get something by being nice.

But if you do it after you have already had sex with her she will first, think you are sweet because you have nothing to gain, and second feel appreciated instead of used.

Secret #3 – Never, ever take a girl to dinner if have not slept with her yet.

This is a secret that will make every single female reader extremely upset when they read this.  So ask yourself, why?  Why does this make women so angry?  I’ll let you think about that for a minute, and when you clear your initial shock and disapproval sit down and write down every single first date you’ve had in the past year, write down the activity (dinner, movie, etc) and then write down the result (3 month relationship, sex, no second date).

You will see that for whatever reasons (there are many) dinner dates never equal sex or a long term relationship.  So instead of going out to dinner alone, invite her out with your friends as a group, or better yet, do a fun activity together.

I once brought a nice Chinese girl skydiving on a first date and until this day she cannot get me out of her mind. Maybe it’s because it was something so crazy and wild that she never would have done, maybe it was the fear of death and the adrenaline, either way, she will never forget the first time she jumped out of an airplane or who the crazy guy that invited her along to do it.

Secret #4 – How to meet and attract the Chinese girl of your dreams

This part is easy, instead of doing what most guys do and try too hard, look desperate and try to hit on girls, just go through her social circle and get introduced.  Doing this is actually pretty easy if you follow my steps, but this part will take about an hour to explain, which is why I made the audio course and eBook available.  Check it out and good luck out there, remember, Chinese girls are tricky, but you have got to love them!

Warm Regards, Johnny Wolf

  • WanderingAmerican

    Wow. So people paid him $1400 a weekend or he made $1400 a weekend? Either way I think someone got jipped. This guy says that dating a girl the traditional way of taking her out on dates and stuff doesn’t work? Is he high? Of course it does. 99.9% of people get girlfriends/wives that way. 0.1 % get girlfriends his way by. I could go on about this but I won’t. Long story short, I disagree. I’m shocked people pay to hear his advice.

    • haha no

      yeah, i wouldnt pay for the advice, but it did work for me a couple of years ago.
      meet, have a drink and play some pool. get a take out pizza and borrow some money (still need to pay that back 3 years on), then sex, then…. well then marriage and a baby. :lol: thank god for me not being the sensitive type.

      i find just chatting and making sure a few jokes get into the convo seemed to work better than paying any cash, back in the uk it was a free drive of my car (bmw that i could not afford but needed) and chat while they are going round a car park or trying to spin the rear wheels. ohh those were the days.

    • Ethan

      Agreed, these “How to pick up girls” methods are always just absurd. “Be an jerk!” “don’t be a jerk!” “Buy her things!” “Don’t buy her things!”

      Like every girl in the world is the same. After 8 years in China and dating a number of different people across China, I can safely say that every girl is different, some girls love humour, some love arrogance, some love humility and on and on and on.

      Here’s the secret to getting a good relationship. Ready? Be yourself. OH MY GOD! it’s so surprising I know. If you aren’t yourself, you will be yourself later and if you aren’t the type of guy she likes, it wont work anyway and will just cause you way more headaches and problems.

      You’re welcome, now give me $1,400 please.

  • Alejandro

    WanderingAmerican: It seems that we should fuck the chinese girl at first then treat her well…

    • Crystal

      There are many ways to say the same thing.
      Please watch your language!

      • Alejandro

        Sorry Crystal, I was a little upset when I read this article. You can modify as you wish.

        • Crystal

          Thanks, Alejandro.
          Since you agree that it wasn’t nice there is no need to modify anything in order not to break the continuum of comments.
          And I will pretend I didn’t see it :cool:

  • Alejandro

    well, I’m agree with the “secret” 4, but it works for all the girls, not only asian. :|

  • Mark

    It seems that this method is geared towards sex rather than real relationships. If a dude comes to China looking for sex, if he has half a game, he’ll score boatloads of women anytime he wants. Even if he has no game, he’ll still get tons of girls just because he’s from another country. In all my years in China, I’ve never met a foreigner who had trouble hooking up with Asian girls when he wanted to.

    I’ve run the full spectrum of relationships Johnny talks about in China (plus marriage) and I don’t consider myself a ladykiller, but I and countless others can attest that it doesn’t take a “method” to get with a Chinese girl. You just need to be honest, be affectionate, be interesting in activities/conversation, be attentive, be confident in yourself, give her genuine and specific compliments, and make her feel special and unique. That’s all you need- no formula or over-analyzing necessary. I’m sorry, but any guy who pays money on how to seduce girls, especially in China, is a loser.

    • Meng

      I completely agree with Mark here–applying a formula to dating is totally objectifying the intended target. Stop trying to act like a nice guy and actually BE nice. If you’re a player, then own it, accept it, but don’t pretend that you actually care about the girl. Let her find somebody else that will, in fact, care about her, not as just a good lay, but as a beautiful individual worth loving.

  • The John

    Good Stuff… But, it works if you are looking for one kind of relationship.

    TO BE HONEST, I read all of the PUA stuff and DJ stuff. I also learned the game. It worked on certain types of girls.

    Unfortunately, not all girls are ho’s that just want money or sex.

    Im not saying they don’t enjoy it. However, I found that giving a girl a good time and kiss closing at the right moment work wonders.

    If I want a girl, im always a gentleman. NOT a NICE GUY. But, I don’t need to be over sexual as well. Bad Boys also lack real confidence. They just know how to hide it.

    I found that treating a woman with respect, being funny, taking her out and giving her a good time, truly caring about what she has to say and just being a GOOD MAN works well enough for me.

    I have dated top notch girls and never needed to get them to have sex in order to chase me. Think about that… Im so fun that I don’t actually need to screw them in order to get them to chase me. That is much more high class…

    I am also familiar with kino and other tips. The truth is… NOT all women are the same. And you need to adjust your tactics to hook up with that special one.

    However, here are my tips:

    1. Don’t be desperate for sex. Girls and smell it.

    2. Get a good job.

    3. Build your character and stand on your own.

    4. Don’t be a slut and have priniciples. A man without priniciples or morals is a ho.

    5. Be strong mentally and physically. Build yourself. Sex appeal comes from inside and outside.

    6. Be kind, but be fair. Don’t let a girl take you for granted and if she does something wrong, point it out.

    7. Treat your woman well if she deserves it.

    8. A bad boy is better than a nice guy. But, he is nothing compared to a GOOD MAN.

    9. Know HOW to touch, talk to and comunicate to a woman. Observe her. There is a right time and place for everything… A right time to kiss to laugh and so on… Most men lack this skill…

    I follow these steps and I find that I don’t have a problem finding a girl to date or become my gf. I don’t even have to have sex with them.

    I will say that the “trap” has worked with some friends. However, the end result was not what they were expecting. In terms of actual game, on a whole it is weak and undeveloped.

    The fact that he says asian girls are tricky, is a big sign that this guy is on some bs.

    • Crystal

      A bad boy is better than a nice guy. But, he is nothing compared to a GOOD MAN.

      The John! :razz:
      Bravo :!:

    • Bill

      The John – yes, Bravo, you hit the nail on the head. I can add nothing save for a little emphasis.

      A good man. A good man respects himself and therefore respects all others. He is neither pushy nor a pushover. He knows right from wrong. Everyone knows where he stands.

      And timing. Honesty and integrity alone are great, but add timing and the world is yours. But this one can’t be taught. I think timing is sort of a synthesis of your other points.

      Great post, The John.

    • haha no

      9. Know HOW to touch, talk to and communicate to a woman.

      right guys, better hit those learn chinese in 3 months audio cd’s.

  • Jay K.

    whats not to hate about this guy except being envious. its kind of true onto what he said. in my times playing dating or for whatever reason with chinese girls the “trap” always comes. as my former roomie once said “i hit it and leave” and so should you

  • China Shark Mike

    Well, he made some interesting points yet not really has a full grasp on the situation in mainland China. It doesn’t take much to become involved and make hanky panky with Chinese women. Trolls, ugly foreigners have a lot more game here simply because they are considered exotic. Picking up girls come on. Women hit on me waiting at bus stops, on buses, trains, outside of training centers, etc. Progressive Chinese are very much provactive, they initiate a lot of first meetings. If you are relatively good looking, young looking chances are you would never need to go through There are is a 7 to 1 ratio of females to men in Shenzhen so you tell me what is the outcome. Then take away the average Chinese men treat the women with very little respect or like a lady. It’s a forlorn conclusion how this will transpire. Yeah, westerner treats her with the slightest bit of caring, instant whatever will ensue.

    • Utah (not mormon)

      China Shark Mike. I would like to have some conversations with you. I have a GF in Shenzhen also, she is from Luoyang, Henan She is 36 years old and has been in Shenzhen for about 9-10 years also, she is a “leftover”. She is the younger sister of a woman I came to meet but the agency did not want to tell me her sister had already found another guy. I have been to visit 2X now, Sept and Nov. I’d like to talk via e-mail or skype if possible. Dan

      Maybe crystal can give you my email address ??

      • Crystal

        @Utah, I see that you registered on forums.
        Please, try to send PM (personal message) to China Shark Mike.

      • Bored in Melbourne

        Dan, Henan people have their own individual reputation. I am not going to go there but you might try googling.

        • Utah not Mormon

          I tried google with every possible word combination I could think of, got nothing useful about typical Henan woman personality.

  • Mark

    I agree with WanderingAmerican. All of my friends including me, get girlfriends with all the ways which he rejects. Decent traditional ways.

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    Hey Johnny, I guess you missed something critical,something that will increase the odds of getting it, which are :
    1/ have you skin bleached in shinning white instead of sickly yellow
    2/ get your hair dyed in exotic golden color instead of boring screw cut
    3/last but not least, get a penis enlargement surgery so you will be looking more alien and exotic. Girls fancy exotic stuff.
    May all the ups and downs in your life be in bed :grin:

  • ziccawei

    I find that Rohypnol & Vodka works best for me.

    • Brad

      Bravo! You apparently attended my $1,400/person weekend seminar.

  • Sandra Walker

    I knew this foreign man who did like this guy suggested-sleeping with them first.Apparently, he was exotic enough that even he wore a wedding band ,girls still were willing to sleep with him and hoped that he would leave his wife. Wasn’t that crazy on both sides? I still don’t quite understand.

  • ziccawei

    Not crazy. From the girls point of view she shows a lack of any intelligence and a lack of self respect.

    The guy is just being a guy.

  • Bored in Melbourne

    Just like meeting anyone in life, be it romantic partners, business partners, mentors, and friends I find that quality attracts. So when I tried online dating it was a mixed result as most of the better women get so much attention that they become self confident to the point that they reject anyone. The online world is also full of pretenders, and even good people are telling lies. I did meet my girlfriend online but even she had a photo of someone else on her profile, and when I saw my ex online she listed herself as single although in fact she was still going through a divorce. In my observation the woman are as bad or worse than the dishonest men they complain about.

    Back on topic the people that we all want to meet are quality and as such are not advertising for anything, be that talking to strange men on the street or in business they are normally busy, doing well, and not looking for extra business. So the challenge is being different and getting ahead of the others. In this respect I agree with the suggestion to avoid dinner and other such average encounters. A movie and dinner is not that special compared to a home cooked meal, and for the first encounter an experience like skydiving is unlikely, however I have taken many people climbing, and going to see an unknown local speciality is ideal. Apart from exposing that you are worth staying close to, for your insider knowledge, it also shows a degree of trust to allow the other person into you inner sanctum.

    Having been a nice guy in my youth I got nothing more than giving a lot of rides home etc. The key element for an Asian girl is to demonstrate that you are a man. As Chinese women are happier than some other to have an wider age gap they give a key hint that what they are after is really a man and not a boy. So being interesting, worldly, accomplished, having some internal drive and confidence should be a good start. As I said in other posts I have dated quite a few Chinese girls, not in any conquest but along the path searching for quality. Sure you can find people on the corner of every street but getting and holding the attention of quality people in romance and business is different and you are hardly going to leave a lasting impression doing the same thing as everyone else.

    Of course there is a further school of thought that like attracts like, so being a quality man is a head start.

  • jaiolang

    While I tend to disagree with much that the writer at top says, I feel he’s brought up two good points, but perhaps not for the right reasons.

    Invite a girl to join you for a date in a larger group setting. Yes. Very good. Both individuals have an opportunity to learn the basics about each other in a relatively safe and difused atmosphere. If a true attraction is generated, they can arrange a more private and personal meeting next time. (one on one, restaurant, dancing, huh….bed?..whadever…etc..)

    If there is no attraction generated, then the two may part ways without ever having bridged a personal, formal boundary. A sense of rejection or dissapointment can be minimized, pride easily protected for both. It all blends gently within a larger group of distracted friends.

    Second point he wrote that got my attention,”try to move through the girl’s social group and arrange an introduction.”


    You can learn much about a person by learning about their friends.You may never even get to the introduction if you find that the social group are not compatable with your own character. An early “bow-out” could save much time and trouble.

    Humourously, you may never get introduced to the girl, instead….finding yourself suddenly in love with, and engaged to her best friend….
    ….so life’s best laid plans often develop thus…

    Essentially the exampled writer is not so much wrong, as he is working on a narrow band of character steriotypes, obviously attracted by his own narrow character, and seems to express a focused philosophy and social strategy based exclusively on himself, as if there are no other worthy male character types on planet earth. The mistake, is that he doesn’t look beyond his own nose, and arrogantly assumes that all men want to live his life.

    I can’t say I’d want to adopt that sort of narrow conduct. There would be too many great people and too many great social experiences lost before they ever happened, if one were to follow the writer’s sadly simplified and self-absorbed dictates.


    There’s much more to be had.And you don’t have to get everybody into bed to have a positive, memorable experience. There’s a bigger picture, get out and smell the roses. Bring the girl along. She’ll enjoy the sharing part of the experience.

  • Steve Troutman

    wow! Can you believe this guy? All he wants to teach guys is how to sleep with a Chinese girl. What happened to the decent, respectable and right way to treat a woman. Sex is meant to be very special between a man and his wife. Not to be shared so carelessly with strangers. I think this is also the thinking of many Chinese women who are looking for a western husband. Most are looking for older men in their 50’s and 60’s because they want mature, confident strong men in their lives who have put the wild years behind them. They prefer men who will love and cherish them and treat them with respect and kindness.

    • haha no

      why did you say “man and his wife“ and not ‘husband and his wife’? or ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’, or just ‘man and woman’. (or depending where you are ‘man and woman who used to be man'(cant leave Thailand out now)

  • Bored in Sydney

    Steve I guess it is easy to hope that those reasons that you list are why a Chinese girl would consider a man in his 50s or 60s (and perhaps saying that ‘most’ are considering a guy of that age is not really accurate). Anyway I was interested and asked a few Chinese women that I know, why there seemed to this acceptance of age gap.

    The answer was very practical, money.

    Of course these women are all educated, earn above average salaries, and already live outside China, but they did grow up in different parts of until their mid 20s. Hardly a statistically significant sample, but the result was consistent.

  • Joey

    To Steve: “Most are looking for older men in their 50′s and 60′s because they want mature, confident strong men in their lives who have put the wild years behind them.”

    This might apply to women in their 40-50’s. But if a women is in their 20-30’s why would they want to date someone who is as old as their father/grandfather. I’d have to agree with bored in Sydney. The answer is very practical, money.

  • ziccawei

    100% money.

  • ziccawei

    This guy is a chump. For a start I don’t believe any guy who brags about getting laid in China. It’s like a guy who brags about being able to play with a lot of sand and he lives in a desert.
    Also all this ‘game’ shit. I have zero time for that crap.
    Just be nice to the girl, open doors for her, be polite.
    Buy her something nice when she deserves it and try to make her laugh.
    Show her that you are interesting or different from other guys in some way.
    But don’t be a chump. Don’t let her walk over you and if she tries tell her in a firm but polite way.
    That’s pretty much it.
    This Johnny Chump guy is a bit of a loser I reckon.
    What do the yanks call these guys? Oh yeah…. a douche.

    • Teacher in China

      Agreed, Zic. Except maybe I’d call him a douchebag, maybe that’s the Canadian version of douche…

  • China Shark Mike

    He might be a chump to us but he’s a legend in his own mind. Guys that talk that much about it are the least like to get many happy endings at the conclusion of his dates. Ironic part is he supposedly teaches others these lame game tricks for $1,400 a weekend. Motivational speaker for guys that couldn’t get laid in a morgue, ha ha :roll: 100% agree with Z treating like a human being or a lady will yield positive results. I laugh when I look at his over the top chiche’ picture of him in defensive boxing pose with a crash test dummy. Think he was the fat unpopular kid was he was younger. So now with his new pen name he’s the big man on campus. Johnny Wolf is cool but makes him appear pretensious as hell.

  • denniscarman

    Some where along the line I must have missed something. If the goal is pants off, then this is probably one of the ways. But keep in mind, this also looks like a darn good way to get screwed in any number of ways, and only of those getting screwed includes sex.

    I didn’t detect any future in this.

    I hope most people here are looking for a good, long term life companion that will turn into two people becoming one.

    Because if it’s just about sex, the day will come when you age out. You will be alone. Not even an inflatable will be an option. :)

    • Nick

      Spot on, Dennis!

    • tmcg

      an inflatable is always an option, always!

  • Johnny Wolf

    Hey everyone, I’m glad that some of you took a few of the tips I shared and used them with success, especially #4, meeting a girl through her social circle, and #3 making the first date a group or social event instead of the awkward dinner.

    It seems like a lot of the readers of lovelovechina are looking for long term relations and marriage with a nice decent girl. This advice is really not for you. If you want a simple, normal country girl take the advice of the guys here and just be a nice guy, treat her well with respect, meet her parents, and be a good man.

    However, if your girl is to get the girl that is normally out of your league, the hot girls that would step all over the nice guy with her high heels, this advice is geared towards you.

    Warm Regards,

    Johnny Wolf – Author – My Personal Blog

    • Meng

      Sorry, Johnny, but it appears to me that you know much less about women than you advertise. You’re trying to lump all women into two categories: simple, homely, traditional country 农村女孩, and slutty, hot, modern 城市女孩–and this is just not the case. There are so many varieties of women that defy your stereotypes and would probably not respond to you or any graduate of your program on any level. I doubt this formula has actually worked for you or any of said graduates. I think it’s more likely that they were on the prowl, just as you were, but you ended up being the object, their plaything, and you mistook it for a success. Is it really your intention to emasculate yourself? It’s funny that you think that the “hot girls” will only sleep with players, that they are equally as shallow. Have you considered that women often have just as active a sex drive? (and I won’t get into the naughty details, but anatomy provides them extra impetus) Do you really feel that any girls who just want some physical attention are trollops but it’s okay for guys?
      The advice you give is pretty offensive, especially #2 and 3, where you only give gifts after sex, as if it’s a reward. That’s a quick way to make a girl feel like a prostitute.
      My advice to these same men that would join your program is to have patience, and stop treating women like objects.

  • ziccawei


    You know how I get those Shanghai girls with the high heels? I offer to take them shopping.

    It’s not rocket science with those hoes.

    Nice try, Johnny Woof Woof.

  • Nick


    I think you are in the wrong forum. As you can see from the responses, most of the men on this site are either already in a committed relationship or are looking for one. We’re not (overall) looking for an “easy score”.

    And the bit about a woman being “out of your league”, how would one define that?

    I look for signs of intangible qualities such as intelligence and compassion. A pretty face will change with age, and a “hot” body will eventually grow old and possibly become hunched over. I am in my mid 40s and my goal in a relationship is to find someone with whom I want to grow old, someone with I can enjoy an intelligent conversation one evening and with the same person enjoy deep passions the next (or even the same evening). Most of us here are looking for something deeper than your “notch on the bedpost” approach offers.

    With the myriad sites that seem to cater to your “score” approach, you somehow managed to find one of the very few that do not. On this site, most of the men here have much more respect for women than your approach could ever allow.

  • ziccawei
  • Marcus

    This is not new folks…There are dating coaches and courses that costs $3500 and up in the states. Apparently there is a market for guys like Johnny?

    I do agree that you don’t want to look desperate and NICE guys almost ALWAYS get passed over.

  • China Shark Mike

    Poster child for selfish egocentrical personalities.

  • Ziccawei

    ^ Fits in with China perfectly then.

  • PL

    I’ve just read a couple of posts from this bloke’s blog. Talk about being boastful and not caring about women.

    ChinaBounder came in for a lot of criticism for his blog – some fair, some unfair – but the guy has a lot more empathy and consideration for his conquests than Johnny Wolf, that’s for sure.

    I feel a bit sorry for Johnny Wolf, to be honest. He seems to be stuck in the mindset of a 14 year-old regarding boasting about conquests.

  • jaiolang

    Johnny Wolf.

    I read another young man boasting about his prowess with women. And he adds that he makes money talking about it. If I had a yuan for every youngster I’ve heard brag this way, I’d be rich.

    The majority of writers posting these pages seem to neither believe nor approve.

    It seems destructive, Johnny. A sure way to catch something bad, or leave an unwanted girl with a baby, somewhere. Certainly one with such experience can play safely….but human history has proven time and again that such boastful young men eventually believe in their own immortality and make mistakes. I personally know one man from Shanghai, billionaire family, beautiful wife, beautiful children. Couldn’t stop playing around, much as you describe your own past times.

    What got into his blood in a careless moment years ago is now killing him. No money in the world will save him. He’s still young, and very alone within himself. His entire family suffers due to his past selfish indulgances.

    What have I (myself)learned from Johnny Wolf?

    A young man who expresses a philosophy based on a short attention span.

    An ideal vunerable to boredom.

    A trait of character that may never actually get the job done, see the project to a successful end, would abandon focus when the going gets tough, rather than create a solution to accomplishment, long term goal attainment, and success.

    “It’s getting dull, let’s move on to the next novelty.”

    This is the internet. Land of the three dollar bill. Words may not have meaning or truth, but the movement and shape of the words may in fact, reveal greater truth than the writer ever wanted to convey.

    A truth that I have learned,”It’s not who you step on to get to the top. It’s who you take with you that counts.”

    I don’t see J.Wolf trying to bring anyone meaningful with him on his journey, nor do I see him having the attention span to get there.

    Happily, many good people will avoid having their lives turned into misery because the principle will move on before any long term damage has been done.

    Sadly…I read a young man who will spend long years of unhappy lonliness, living a life that avoids commitment. In fact, I’ll bet that’s the emotionality that fuels his words now.

    My formal sympathies extended.

  • The Shanghai Surprise

    You people who say bad guys are better than nice guys are just wrong. Your values are twisted. It’s like like this, you simply find someone like yourself. If you are a bad guy, find a bad girl; if you are a nice guy, find a nice girl. If you are a girl and you like the bad guy, then you are a bad girl. Think about it. And besides, if you get married to a bad guy/girl, how long do you think the marriage will last? If you want to get married, you have to choose the nice guy/girl. If you just want to play and have that certain “feeling” you get from the player, then choose the bad guy. If a guy is level headed and mature and wants to get married, he doesn’t need a woman who thinks she has a license to walk all over a guy just because he chooses to be nice to her. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  • humblyThebestPLayboyByFar

    Guys, I dont know where to start… first of and most of your best sell point is the fact that you are an ABC, makes people think you have an insight and know what you are doing unfortunately the true is far from it ,.. your wife will bare my child and your girlfriend is my ex and still takes me out for dinner… you mentioned – ” this part will take an hour so I made an audio and ebook” get bent… are you joking me, you call that marketing. The men who pay you are the people who need proper leadership and you are far from fit to lead and I am pretty confident its not an assumption since a fishermen sees another fishermen from a far and I do not see you. The John – A john means a man who pays for it… at least you are honest. take a hike and take your chick with you… think your mystery coming here planting roots, your roots just got bleached son. Sticking a dolled up Asian girl in her late 20’s (age is not an issue and you are a good girl I am simply stating the facts) to be your second sell point ( hey look everyone I got this one you can too… I got this one I got others too then right… ) go back to the states and get schooled son come back and we will see if we can see you or not.

    • Crystal

      I want to clarify that it was my initiative to contact Johnny and ask him to write a guest post.
      And since he agreed to do so (for which I am very grateful), it is a normal gesture to link back to his site and his e-book.

    • humblyThebestPLayboyByFar – im changing it to humblyyours

      oh sorry I thought The John was the person who wrote the article.. no the john is alright but johhny wolf aka johhny w.e yea you were the spark for all this…

  • humblyThebestPLayboyByFar

    my apologies if the lady is not under your wing. ( apology directed to the girl, nice picture btw I see why you had to verify your age due to how young you look :)

    Alright I just ate a champ of a meal and need to walk it off… ill drop by in a week or so

  • humblyThebestPLayboyByFar – im changing it to humblyyours

    I just got back and I know id say i drop back in a week but it hit me pretty hard you know all this is vanity its straight up emptiness…. and I am sure its a sin as well not vanity that is a sin i am saying I believe teaching people how to break hearts is a sin…( its a different story teaching a person how to socialize and have confidence and courage to approach women and what to say and how to say it but not for the sole purpose of having sex. Again I will humbly say I have done it all and what i have done puts me in the same level as paul janka and other ppa ( professional pick up artist out there )… but that is nothing to be proud of, its very egotistical of us and we should be ashamed of ourselves, you know some guy was asking me for advice about an hour and a half ago just before I came to this link through the website from madison alexis video of hey soul sister cover song ( btw she makes me happy that little thing she is a good girl her heart is beyond pure) and I gave my friend advice and his friend in the room objected my advice and i told him how many girls i have slept with and that I am quantified to give advice and he stopped talking then and there thou how dare I be proud of such barbaric behavior.

    Find one girl and be nice to her and hopefully she will be nice to you and go on with your lives. If it does not work out then move on to the next one till you find the one, thou it is not wrong for the people out there teaching how to keep a good thing going. This going out and fucking everything that moves is soulless behavior, grow up johnny and don’t be so proud of nothing. As well I apologize for hacking you apart in my above post thou I truly felt you needed a good belting then again who am I to belt you, he who has not sinned cast the first stone, I sure as hell cant.

    Conclusion here is – I use to feel empty and feel the need to sleep with many girls beautiful and the not so beautiful ( thou we are all beautiful as God created us in his image) to approve of myself and to prove to myself I am something a MAN I am sexy and I am wanted. Woman seek and need protection and stability, and we must be real men and provide this to them, their are a few woman out there that fall into the slut category because they are filling a void in their life most probably a selfish father or no father or a abusive father and then some and these are the girls we must show the most love to and show it in a way that breaks them down into tears.

    Woman want relationships and believe me MAJORITY of them put out and let you enjoy their body in hopes of something more to come, perhaps love. The karma that is chasing people like Johnny is an unstoppable force that will catch the fastest, the sliest, and the most charming of them all. Its never to late for redemption, its never to late to pick up the phone and call those girls that we dragged on for weeks or months just for sex while they were wanting more. Again there are woman who just want that but don’t look for a excuse and man up.. like a police officer told me once you are man enough to do the crime you are man enough to do the time. When and if we grow old all that will matter then is whether we were loved or not.

  • Johnny Wolf

    I’m not going to be checking the comments here any longer, Crystal, I’d appreciate it if you can disable the email notifications.

    But I’m going to leave you guys with a story about an American Born Chinese man, 30 years old with a great job in consulting and an apartment he owned in New York city. He didn’t have much, if any success in America with Chinese or Asian girls, and zero success with White girls. He gave up.

    His plan was to move to China and find a wife, he even started looking for places to live and a job.

    His friend who took the bootcamp convinced him to do the same, and here we are 3 years later, I still get email updates from him telling me how much he appreciates his life in America, how happy he is with his new girlfriend, who is a beautiful, educated, ABC, and how happy he is that he didn’t give up and move to China to find a wife.

    I’m sorry I wasted my time writing this guest article and sharing these tips for free that I hoped would help some of you guys. Obviously the guys that read this site are looking for something else. Maybe you guys already gave up hope with girls from your own country and don’t want to hear it. Maybe you are content letting women use you for money, status, security, or a better life.

    Either way, take it or leave it, the Asian Dating Method works, and it’s up to the user if he wants to use it for good and marry the girl and treat her well.

    Farewell and Warm Regards,

    Johnny Wolf

    • Crystal

      Notifications about comments won’t arrive to Johnny’s mailbox anymore.

  • Peter

    Johnny, my man you are very perceptive for a young man. I have been in Asia for over 30 years and have had literally dozens of relationships with Chinese women starting from when I was age 25 up. I give advice on Chinese to friends and in business and when I read your article it was like looking in the proverbial mirror. It was exactly as I tell them. Spot on. I tip my hat.

    Keep it up.

  • dura

    wow… so selfish man attracts selfish women. what else is new. it’s pathetic to read all these analysis of dating and relationships but not a single one has given advice with any depth about finding true unity between two people. couple-hood is an illusion if selfish-ness still remains.

  • Johnny Dee

    Seems to me that there are men that want long term meaningful relationships with women and men that want sex with women without long term committment. It appears what Johnny Wolf advocates is how to have sex with asian women without having a long term committment. Maybe in todays modern world there is a place for both views? If a women does not want a long term committment with a man but likes having sex then she may like the approach Mr Wolf suggests. But is she wants a long term relationship then maybe consider a different approach. The question we men have to ask ourselves is, what kind of a relationship do I want? Examine you own life to find out the appropriate relationship for you, always keeping an eye on your future needs. If you don’t have children you would probably tend towards a long term relationship but if you have already satisfied that need then you may just want sex or a companion.

  • Roger Lopez

    i am latino and brown skin closed similar to be an indian. i have dated three times asian women. two were japanese. did i ever consider that was going to happen or was looking forward.. ? no.. my experience was i wasn’t pretending to be or do things as i am not used to. i was just being myself. if you want to get first into get close you need to spend a good time having a conversation. show you are not a tiger chasing a gazelle. if they are a prey you have to show you are not attacking unless she is already flirting, which might not be the case immediately  Specially some asian women are very hard to know what’s on their minds. As the guy mentioned, be kind, and gentle, show you have leadership by planning ahead what you will do when you get to go out. i think the less you show it at first the better. if the girl looks more traditional, go out have some fun, but don’t seek for sex, or kissing.. she will dig you more as you are not so easy to get. in your time single or with no one else, cultive yourself in arts, reading, museums, music, dancing.. asian women love those traits, and the more you have things in common the easier will be to go out and do fun things.. big a plus if you know how to dance and she doesn’t.. cause here is always a desire to go romantic with someone. if you speak another language, this can also big a turn on. be yourself, don’t bow to them and show how much they are desirable as might be your most favorite women.. 

  • Rick

    I can vouch for secret #1, I hooked up with an asian one night, now she texts me constantly and I don’t want to be her boyfriend. Next party it happened again and we’re going out because i felt bad not too =/