Dating Questions Every Asian Should Ask Themselves

Interracial dating

Interracial dating


No matter where you call home, dating is a complex ritual. The more we know ourselves, the better our odds are at finding someone truly compatible and fulfilling, with longevity and passion. Since the internet has made the world such a small and accessible place, cross-cultural dating is immensely commonplace, but it also adds additional challenges (as well as rewards.)

In Asia, online dating is an all-out phenomenon. Men and women are finding like-minded members of their culture in droves, but more and more are branching out and exploring cross-cultural unions. Since each of us is in many ways a product of the environment we grew up in, it’s imperative to have at least a fundamental understanding of your new partner’s heritage, or you risk having little to nothing in common. So if you’re interested in dating someone from any foreign land, do a little homework about the dating rituals before you dive in too deep. Dating platforms such as Free Dating Sites USA offer vital inside information via profile searching about potential match-ups, helping you to make a more informed decision about dating someone with a foreign background.


Here’s the most critical factor to anyone ready to start dating, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth: Be clear on what you want. If you’re too loose or unsure of what it is you’re looking for, you’re likely to fall for someone who doesn’t actually meet your needs, wherever they might be from.


To help set yourself up for tremendous success and a better chance at finding true love, consider the following questions carefully before you say yes to that next date.

1) Are you dating inside or outside your culture, or both?

For Asians, this is an especially critical question. Our families are often heavily involved in all aspects of our lives, and choosing to date outside the expected norm can raise eyebrows with those we love. Yet if we feel called to expand our horizons, we deserve to do so without question. It’s just important to know what you’re attracted to, and to be realistic about how this complicates things, if at all.

If you do wish to date people from different upbringings, are you also willing to date within your culture as well? There’s no right or wrong answer, these are just extremely important considerations.

2) If you’re dating outside of your culture, how important is it that your potential mate understands your customs and heritage?

This takes question #1 a bit deeper. If you’re a yes to cross-cultural dating, is it important that a suitor have an understanding of your customs, or are you willing to truly try a whole new experience? Or perhaps you’re not from a traditional upbringing and you don’t deeply relate to the culture you’re connected to? This gives you a clearer picture of what you’re looking for – either someone acquainted with the place you come from, or someone who just loves who you are without knowing the particulars of your culture’s background.

3) What are the top 10 qualities you want in a mate?

It’s such a helpful step to actually put into writing what your dream date brings to the table. Is he/she structured and organized, or spontaneous and silly? Does class or profession matter? How about children and marriage – what’s most important there? If you list out your top 10 traits and/or deal breakers, you’ll be equipped to better assess new connections and determine if they’re right for you without wasting time for either of you.


No matter where we all come from, dating is ethereal and mysterious. But we can be better prepared as daters to find exactly what we’re looking for. Keep pondering what makes your heart sing, and good luck in your hunt for love.

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  • Christian Bale

    The truth about Asian women and white men, from their suicidal Eurasian son:

  • Ken Tanaka

    i’m Asian guy so i can give you data (for non asian people who claim
    asian guy want their dirty sister) 99.05% asian guy marry asian women in
    southeast & far east country. so you all non asian person (men
    & women) have no reason and evidence over. And 85% asian women still
    marry asian guy. us asian guy dont like everyone.. just look at asian
    country, you rarely find asian men actually excited or going to talk to
    barbarian unculturalized non asian person Whatever they are
    tourist/exchange/expat/move and live in asian country.. most only asian
    women who take care and friendly to them,, just look in reality how your
    expat women being ignored in asia even all my friend(Asian men also)
    regard non asian women as “dirty poison”. its so funny how your women
    bullied in eastern sphere national still we not considered racist in our
    society lol(or maybe our society just passive and exclusive i dont
    know) my dad is example who clearly and openly insult english student
    and police just laugh around. just see how we can date or marry non
    asian women if our parent, friend and relative dehumanize them, and Then
    just ugly uneducated Asian men go for prostitution. until i’ve see few
    asian guy with barbarian animalistic subhuman white women (at bar
    and i can imagine it. So Non Asian men, dont assuming.. dont be
    delusional.. we not lick your women feet like what you doing to asian

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