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Russian Girls Are More Popular Than Chinese Girls – Part II

Nu Virgos vs Jolin Tsai

Nu Virgos vs Jolin Tsai

After presenting the statistics of men’s preferences in international dating – let me share with you one possible explanation for the described phenomenon – why Russian girls are more popular than Chinese girls.

The answer :!: you will find in the following two video-clips.

These are two songs: one sung by a popular Chinese singer from Taiwan Jolin Tsai and another by Ukrainian girls’ band singing in Russian language – VIA Gra (promoted in English-speaking countries as Nu Virgos).

Actually, it is the same song which was originally performed in 2002 by the Ukrainian band and a year later covered in Mandarin by Jolin. But for a better effect I changed the order: first listen to “Love love love” by Jolin Tsai and only afterwards to “Stop stop stop” By VIA Gra.

The same, Crystal Tao

  • Nick

    So… let me see if I am following this…

    Russian girls are more popular because they are really easy and will have sex in public places? Because they’re cheap and will have sex at the drop of a hat? I doubt they’re really that bad, but the video is downright tacky.

    No wonder I like Chinese LADIES. Because they are truly ladies. At least the ones I’ve met have always been ladies.

    (I like the Mandarin version of that song. I’ve had it on my iPhone for years.)

    • Crystal

      Come on, this post was just a joke :oops:
      I really don’t want to say anything bad about Russian girls (my boyfriend is Russian, actually – he enlightened me regarding Jolin song’s origins).

      • Nick

        Oh, Crystal, it seems like we’re both misunderstanding each other today. :oops:

        I’m sorry.

        I know you were kidding. I was just commenting on the impression that the Russian video gave me. The girls in that video seemed so cheap and, well, slutty. The girls in the Chinese video were lovely and feminine.

        I know you were joking, OK?

        Please forgive me, Crystal. I am sorry if I caused any confusion.

        • Tais Afinskaya

          Nick! Our  girls simple don’t want you! that’s why you’re soo mad and angry!

      • vstrexler

        we all have our individual preferences.if a man says I want sizzling hot girls in reference to russian women he wants a slut not a lady.some guys just like sluts…not the recipe for a good need to adjust their thinking about what is important.if a woman shakes her ass you don’t take her seriously or you reinforce the generality that we are panting dogs.if you buy into the batting her eyelash routine you get what you deserve

        • Anon

          You are nasty, vulgar and crude. No wonder Russian women won’t date you. They have enough rude beast men in their own country to deal with, they’ll reject you just like they reject them.

          Russian women are classy. This is a music video and you have the IQ of a rodent if you think music videos are based on reality. Russian women are better off without dumb beasts like you.

          I feel sorry for the Chinese women that you chase after, drooling like a wild boar.

    • Anon

      Haha, no.

      You obviously don’t know anything about Russian girls/women. They would never even look at you with that attitude, anyway. They have much better options.

  • korean_guy

    The reason why Russian women are more popular than Chinese women?

    Russian women are sizzling HOT!!

    • TLB

      haha, Korean_guy has hit the nail on the head: for the average western man (and maybe Korean too?) the voluptuousness of the Russian ladies corresponds to his sense of sexiness. Even those here who prefer the Chinese look should be able to agree that that’s the case and that it helps explain the relative popularity Crystal refers to. Point made, Crystal. :lol:

  • CG

    What is your point?!?! Even as a joke, I don’t see you point…

  • Junjie

    Youtube says:
    “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country.”

    Maybe I should move away from the free world to China to see this video.

    • Crystal

      … or maybe you can free your mind :cool:

    • TLB

      Interesting! What country would that be? I see it fine in the USA but I do have to go to Youtube to see it.

      • Crystal

        From commenter’s blog it seems to be Germany.

      • DaN

        chinese girls all have flat faces.. y would anyone like them

        • DaN

          its like your making out with a wall haha

  • James Roberts

    Ok I watched both videos and read what was posted-If I am understanding everything ….what you are trying to say is…….sex sells? Well I have a new avatar… we’ll see :grin:

    • Crystal

      The avatar is so small!
      What exactly are you trying to sell, James? :mrgreen:

  • Randy

    If statistics show Russian girls being more popular than Chinese girls in men’s preferences I’d like to put a twist on that. Lets fast-forward a few years. Imagine these same girls in both video’s being 40+ years old. Now, lets take a new vote.

    My Chinese wife Xiaoying is 44 and has a son that is 14 years old. Once we were at a friends party and someone that didn’t know our family ask if her son was her brother. It’s the craziest thing! Many of her friends are in their 40’s as well, and they look much younger then their American counter parts at the same age.

    What’s up with that? I think it’s in the “rice”. Wish I liked rice more! LOL

    • Anon

      In 40+ years, the Russians would still win out, I believe. At least, here in the west, they would.

  • James Roberts

    Crystal!!! :shock: I censored out my crotch, just like the video and you say “It’s so small” :oops: Now I know why Russian babes are hotter!!! :mrgreen:

  • PL

    That Russian video was hilarious. I particularly loved the kiwi fruit and the carrot. I was wondering all through who the dirty old man with the cigar was, I kept thinking he was about to do a ‘Bill Clinton’ :mrgreen: Then the picture of Sigmund Freud at the end…. Brilliant!

    As an aside, I found the subtly understated sexiness of Jolin Tsai far more attractive. I liked her tattoo. Little things like that are what I like. On top it’s all calm and elegant, and then there’s that little hint of a wilder side. Nice….

    Sorry if I end up embarrassing you again Crystal.

    • TLB

      Interesting note on the tattoo PL; Crystal, are tattoos becoming more popular with Chinese youth, as they are already popular in the USA? And do they indeed hint of “a wilder side”?

      • Crystal

        Tattoos lately became more widespread in China.

        But instead of trying to give the answer myself, I want to recommend you few articles from Mark’s blog – he is a teacher of English living in China and married to a Chinese girl. He is a big fan of tattoos and in his blog writes quite a lot about tattoos in China. Below are some of the posts on this topic that I would recommend:

        What Do Tattoos Mean in Modern Chinese Society?
        Chinese Students and Tattoos
        A Romantic Tattoo Date
        Your tattoo will be ready in a minute, dearie
        Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generation
        We’re worried that if you teach here, the students will want to look like you

        Also you will find many very interesting posts in his blog that should resonate with my readers as well:

        The pros and cons of dating a small-city Chinese girl
        A Chinese girl’s heart: tread softly
        The power of softness

        • Mark

          Thanks for the publicity Crystal :-). The new semester just started and among the students I’ve noticed a few girls (but no guys) sporting small tattoos. To TLB’s question, I’d say that it’s definitely a subtle rebellion for the Chinese young people but I doubt it will catch on like it has for the US students (“Dude, it’s spring break! Let’s all get tattoos!” “Sweet!”)

          When I first came to China, I immediately fell in love with Jolin and her shoulder and finger tattoos were irresistible :-P.

          • Ziccawei

            The concept of tattoos in China is an interesting subject I think. Any Chinese person over 30 with tattoos is probably a ‘bad’ person of some kind. Also the kind of tattoos they have are different to the tattoos that people under 30 have.
            I also think that because there is no frame of reference that Chinese younger people have ridiculous tattoos, have them in the wrong place (that may cause problems for them in later life) or just too many. A bit of ‘too much, too soon’ which is prevalent in most of what is happening in China now.
            I have known at least two girls that had tattoos all over themselves as a ‘statement of my individuality’ and most of these tattoos were straight from the tattoo parlour wall of stock designs or ugly other subjects found on the internet. One girl had tattoos all down the back of her legs of pics of semi-naked girls. It looks fine (and maybe still does) when she was 24, but when she is approaching 50 what then?
            Also bearing in mind the huge generation gap between 80’s generation Chinese and their parents, how could this girl get married? She meets some guy, he falls in love with her, she loves him. They meet his parents and his highly traditional Chinese mother takes one look as kicks her out of her son’s life.
            It’s the rapid adoption of western modern culture that will have an interesting detrimental effect upon Chinese society in a few years. I shall be here and may well document about it on this blog if it’s still around.

            • James Roberts

              @ Ziccawei and Mark -I thought you might get a kick out of this-Sorry I do not know where I found this-Check out my new avatar- It is an American girls “Tramp Stamp” (on the small of her back) for those who do not know. I am told it says “Insane Diarrhea” in Chinese.
              Chinese symbolism is very popular here in America-but should only be done by a Trusted Professional

              • Ziccawei

                The amount of stupid Chinese character tattoos that western people is, well, stupid. It amazes me how incredibly dumb some people can be in adopting an entirely different culture and then parading it around for others to see. White people with afros or dreadlocks and the same white people with Chinese tattoos. Mostly middle-class, I expect, searching for an identity.
                Can’t wait til we start seeing Chinglish tattoos on Chinese people – ‘I velly luv China’ etc etc.

                • TLB

                  I haven’t seen these tattoos yet, but all over China you can see t-shirts with English words on them that have no meaning to this native English speaker!

              • TLB

                Geez, talk about stereotypes: “Tramp Stamp”? At least you put it in quotes, so maybe you were saying “so-called Tramp Stamps” — I hope so, because my daughter has one of those, and she’s far from a tramp.

                Good point about this whole thing though: it’s a fad, it’s always been cool to mimic other cultures or subcultures, and it’s always a surface thing — that is, the imitator can’t understand the meaning of the item in it’s original context (nor do they need to, IMO).

              • 白makzimillian翔

                chinese tattoos on westernerns seem to be hit or miss…big time!

                FYI 狂瀉 could also mean ‘slump’ or ‘stall’ but in regard to the market or stocks! 瘋狂 = crazy / 腹瀉 = diarrhea…so yeah could also be some ‘mad diarrhea’! savage, if so!

          • Nick

            Since those were links to your blog, I will thank you here, Mark.

            Your points on a Chinese girl’s heart and the small-town Chinese girl were wonderful, and I have taken very careful mental notes to make sure that I tread gently with my little angel’s heart. Between you and Crystal, I feel much more confident in my ability to understand my sweetheart’s deeper needs so I can address them appropriately, and so I can avoid hurting the lady I adore.

            Thank you so much!

          • China Shark Mike

            Mark, also living in China and am sporting 16 or 17 right now. Six I had done in China. And I am a teacher yet still looking for my future soulmate. Let me know your blog I’de like to read it. What part of China do you live in?

            • Mark

              I live in Xiamen, and you can link to my blog by clicking on my name. Nice to know there are inked teachers in China trying to dispel the stereotypes. Though even in the States, it’s still an issue (but with good reason with all the gang activity).

              Teacher vs. Tattoo Ban

      • PL

        I don’t know if my last post was moderated away, I linked to a couple of blogs. I’m not sure why they would have been moderated, they were not pornographic. Maybe there was just a glitch. Anyway, see the below (no links this time)

        Having googled the lovely Ms. Tsai, I found that some of her later Music Videos have her wearing outfits that very definitely denote a ‘wilder’ side. Obviously, it can be contended that “It’s just an image for a music promotion.” But you can definitely argue that if she was not happy with the image, she would not have worn the outfits. The videos concerned are “Agent J” and “Real Man”.

        Interestingly, she has also done a song called “Honey Trap”, I think most of us know what one of those is. In the video she is, basically, a ‘Pleasure Fembot’ for some rich guy. There is also a certain amount of that dance where you basically put your hand just above your naughty bits, just to draw attention to them.

        Basically, my point is, Chinese (from wherever) are not against a bit of raunch. Personally, I think it is slightly stereotypical and, perhaps a touch racist, to think anything different.

        • Crystal

          :???: I didn’t see any comments in “Spam” or “Awaiting for moderation” queue… sorry

          • PL

            No worries. It was probably just a glitch.

  • Jay K.

    your bf is russian…..what is this a meeting of communist minds?!

    • Crystal

      Absolutely! And the main point in our Manifesto is to exterminate all trolls :twisted:

      • PL

        Crystal, in order to exterminate all trolls, you need to look under the bridges, that’s where they hide.

        Good luck with the troll extermination, btw. They’re an ugly and unnecessary species.

  • James Roberts

    What no Converse?!? W.T.F.?

  • David

    I myself like the Chinese girls better. The Russian girls are to forward and sexual for my interests. I like the more subtle sensual approach of the Chinese girls. They have this sweet genuine presence, where the Russian video is just totally overtly sexual. That is part of what I liked about the Wonder Girls video “Nobody”. It was sensual, yet tastefully done. I think in a lot of ways the Western culture has lost a big part of it’s virtue. Maybe I’m just old fashioned and since the Asian cultures tend to be more in line with what a westerner might call a “1950’s household” I tend to be drawn more toward the Chinese and Asian cultures and ladies.

    Of course this is just my opinion and preference, but I like it and I’ll stick with it.


    • James Roberts

      Amen to David!! I agree “Less is more ” more intriguing more enticing more arousing

    • TLB

      I share your preferences David; although I’m not sure I agree that Western culture has “lost a big part of its virtue” (that’s not the topic here so I won’t belabor the point) and I sure am glad we can’t go back to the 50s! :razz: (I was there — actually it wasn’t so bad as long as you were white and male). ;-)

  • Jay K.

    can we get another topic about sexuality and who is good at satisfying there man index? it’d be a good topic as to see why so many guys in china go full around…who is truly the dead fish of asia!

  • Ziccawei

    Shanghai girls are the dead fish of Asia. The dead STARfish of Asia.


  • PL

    @Jay K.

    Maybe women would satisfy you if you satisfied them.

    Just a thought :cool:

  • North European

    Well, my taste is not so strong for the Russian females though the have strong sexy feminine features, I don’t mind their looks but it’s more their treats that doesn’t appeal to me.

    Chinese girls on the other hand, they are GREAT! ;-)

  • China Shark Mike

    Seems that my post was the one deamed as a troll. Fine with me.

  • China Shark Mike

    Crystal I am not the troll you make me out to be. I have documented evidence supporting my claims about these international dating agencies fraudulently bilking desperate guys from their hard earned savings. Yes, in your eyes I appear to be a troll because one of the services is a paid sponosor on this site. As long as you get paid right.

  • China Shark Mike

    The decent thing would have to emailed me on the issue instead you delete and out me as a troll. I live in China I no longer need the assistance of these agencies. I was honestly try to help others which you claim is the sole reason of this blog. These agencies are hurting the men and women clients.

    • Crystal

      CSM, what happened? :|
      Some comment of yours was deleted or disappeared?
      I really don’t know what you are talking about.
      You can answer me here or by e-mail – both are OK.


    Looks like Dan Harris would love this over at China Law Blog. He’s well into Russian chicks when he’s away from home at Seattle. And Maggies in Beijing. Both Chinese and Russian chicks on one article. Go for it Dan! ;-)

  • Mila

    Hi everyone.Im new here. And first of all i want to say that this blog is great! :razz:
    i saw this theme and wanted to read more because im Russian and im interested in what others think about Russian girls.
    Firstly i want to say that this Ukrainian group appeared in post soviet times and only because of their new and shocking for those times appearance they were earning money. Nothing new and shocking-no money.
    But you should notice they were the only one girls group behaving that way. And nowadays there are no more such music videos-they have changed style.
    And i think everybody should remember that we can not judge whole nation by the only example.By the way im 18 but i did not have first kiss :razz:

  • a girl who chaina

    wow i like it cool when they look  sacry it is so cool i  am so happpy china  rock  loveit

  • Русский

    Русские девушки лучшие в мири блеать!!!

  • Sirena

    Via Gra Is UKRAINIAN Band not russian. Which idiot wrote this wrong info?!