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Below you can find some frequently asked questions about the blog (and how to use it).

Blog: What is RSS?
Blog: How to Subscribe to RSS?
Blog: How can I upload my picture – so that it shows next to comments?
Blog: How to insert bold font or create link in comments?
Forum: Why can’t I make posts and leave comments in the forum?
Forum: I don’t succeed to register in forums
Forum: Is there a problem with uploading images to forums?

Blog: What is RSS?

RSS is an abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication.
Doesn’t sound simple, right? Don’t worry! You don’t have to be computer geek in order to use it and enjoy its benefits.

If you’ve used internet for some time – you might have a collection of links to your favorite sites (including my blog, of course :-) ). Every time you want to visit one of your favorite sites – you just click the link, saving yourself from the trouble of remembering its exact address and typing it manually in the browser. This is very convenient!

However, if you want to keep in touch with the updates of the favorite blogs – you have to go through all of the saved links one by one, often finding that some of them don’t have any updates since your last visit. Of course, you can ignore this inconvenience or visit the sites more rarely, but then you risk to miss some updates.

RSS is the answer to this problem taking the concept of “Favourites” (or bookmarks) to the next level. It is the service that aggregates in ONE place all the updates from the sites/blogs you have chosen.

There are two sides to this service:

  1. Blog of interest must allow RSS service to collect its updates or so-called “feeds”. This is obviously blog owner’s responsibility, and today most bloggers feel obliged to do it since RSS is so popular and regarded as a must thing for a good blog. You can easily tell if the site has this feature by checking its homepage for the presence of RSS button (which may come in different but still easily recognizable flavors). In LoveLoveChina you can find this button in the left upper corner inside the “RSS Subscribe” box.
  2. In order to consume the feeds of sites to which you have subscribed you need to use a special RSS reader. There are many available RSS readers – just pick any that you like. For example, FeedDemon or Google Reader or Bloglines are among the most widespread today. Once you are registered with one of these readers - subscribing to any blog is a really simple process (just as the name RSS itself implies).

Blog: How to Subscribe to RSS?

When adding a new blog that you want to follow in your RSS reader – you are asked to enter the blog’s feed address (the place to which that blog puts its updates). This is an address of  the page to which you are redirected after clicking the RSS button on that blog. Just copy it from the browser and paste into the appropriate place in the form which asks you to add the feed.

In many cases subscribing is even simpler. Once you click RSS button and the blog’s feed page opens – you can often spot a gallery of icons representing most popular RSS readers. Just click the icon of the reader that you use, and you are done!

If you are yet not sure how to go through this process you can watch the video below.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog :-)

Blog: How can I upload my picture – so that it shows next to comments?

This blog is written on WordPress platform. It supports the Gravatar service (Globally Recognized Avatar).

This is a free service that associates your email address with an avatar (logo picture) of your choice. All you have to do is to register on gravatar site, fill the form and upload your picture.

As a result, on any WordPress blogs and some other sites and forums whenever you write a post or add a comment (and required to enter your email address) your email address is checked for having an associated gravatar. If gravatar is found – it is automatically displayed besides your comment or post.

Blog: How to insert bold font or create link in comments?

You might pay attention that some of the commenters succeed to insert bold and italic text into their comments or even create links pointing to other sites. How do they do it?

Simply! They are using HTML tags. And you can do it as well. All you need is to put the text that you want to look differently between two tags.

<tag>the text to modify</tag>

Fist tag is opening and it marks the beginning of the modified text. The second tag is closing. It marks the ending of the modified text. They look the same with the only difference that the closing tag has a slash.
In the published comments the tags do not appear, but the text itself has the look specified by the tag you used.

And here is the list of some useful HTML tags supported in this blog:

<strong>bold font</strong>  –> bold font

<em>italic font</em> –> italic font

<strike>stroke text</strike> –> stroke text

<blockquote>some quoted excerpt</blockquote> –>

some quoted excerpt

Link to <a href=””>Yahoo</a> –> Link to Yahoo

Forum: Why can’t I make posts and leave comments in the forum?

Differently from the blog, in forum you can’t leave comments (or make posts of your own) unless you are a registered member.
To register you will have to choose a username, password and provide the real mail address.

Forum: I don’t succeed to register in forums

If you encountered a technical problem while trying to register at forum – don’t be upset. Just contact me through the form in “About” page, and I will try to help you out.

Forum: Is there a problem with uploading images to forums?

Unfortunately, yes. But if you absolutely need to upload image/s to forum – send me PM through forum and I’ll do it for you through FTP.