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Best of 2010

Below you will find the collection of most interesting threads from LoveLoveChina forums for 2010.

1. What kind of scams are popular in China?
Going to China? Do you know what tea scam is? Or arts students scam? No? Then you have to read it (and save yourself from troubles).

2. English male-teacher & Chinese girl-student – Where to draw a line?
A guy – English language teacher in China – described his dubious relationships with one of his female students. Nothing too extraordinary, but a little bit “fishy” taking in account that the girl was just 13 years old. I guess that later he regretted about it and removed that entry from his blog…

3. How Shanghai women control their men
Shanghai women… Wowowo. There is so much one can say about them. This thread is just one of many on this topic :smile:

4. Going Dutch with Chinese girl
Should you split expenditures when going out for a date with a Chinese girl? Forum members share their opinions…

5. Where to have sex?
Where to have sex? For most people the problem is to find with whom (and not where). But things are not always as simple as they seem to be. Especially if you live in China ;-)

6. Food compatibility
Who would think that among many other things that you need to consider when choosing a partner, you should also think about the food compatibility.

7. Chinese Girls and the telephone
Let me introduce the best friend of Chinese girls – TELEPHONE!

8. Chinese Girls and Tattoos
Who else could start this topic? Of course Mark, going under nickname “Laowaiink”!

9. Foreplay
Should I explain what this topic is about? Well, it’s about… sex.

10. English Teaching In China
Since so many foreigners living in China work as English language teachers, we should have at least one thread on this topic.

11. Chinese are racist?
Could you believe that Chinese can be racists? Well, many people will give affirmative answer to this question.

12. Chinese Girl at 30? Off to the Laowai scrapheap with you
Not all Chinese girls choose foreigners because they are cool. For some girls it is the last chance to escape the fate of “sheng nv” (“leftover girls”).

13. Age compatibility
This is a widespread picture – young Chinese girl hanging out with a much older white man. What do the forum members think about the age compatibility in relationships?