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Best of 2011

Below you will find the collection of most interesting threads from LoveLoveChina forums for 2011.

1. America is a scary place for Chinese girls!

If the only way in which you learn about America is through movies and other media – it can seem a very scary place…

2. Are Chinese girls useless?

Useless?! Hey, that’s too much. But I can’t delete it. :roll: Especially when so many people joined the discussion.

3. How to chat up Chinese girls on subway

Stumbled upon a beautiful girl in Shanghai/Beijing metro? Try out Ziccawei’s recipe to chat her up.

4. Your future in-laws hate you. What does your partner do?

When the parents of your boyfriend/girlfriend other hate you – pay attention how your significant other reacts…

5. Spit

Every forum about China has a thread related to this irritating habit of Chinese people. Our forum is not exception.

6. What girls really want

What makes this thread worth of your attention is the interesting psychological analysis of a simple situation described by one Chinese girl (pay attention at ulickmcgee’s comment)

7. How much sex should couples have?

Have you ever wondered if you do it often enough? Follow the discussion to see what others think. You will even see the chart which will help you to compare your performance ;-)

8. Dating question: How much do you earn?

Yes, Chinese girls care about money. It is one of the most often discussed topics in our forum.

9. Bad Experiences With Chinese Girls

Dating is not only about pleasant experiences. This very popular thread was specifically dedicated to bad experiences with Chinese girls.

10. Traditional Chinese Medicine

As with any controversial topic, forum members had different opinions about the traditional Chinese medicine.

11. I am looking for a beautiful girl in guangzhou

Different people are coming to these forums. No, you will not find here any useful information. But you might have a good laugh. :razz:

12. How to Determine interest from Chinese Woman

Due to the input of some forum members this thread became one the best and most informative threads providing many insights into psychology of Chinese girls.

13. Chinese American girlfriends: Taiwanese vs. Shanghainese vs. Cantonese
Not everyone will agree with the way in which @ATBOTH describes Taiwanese girls, but one thing is sure – it is hilarious!

14. Family dependance of Chinese Ladies
How can a 37 years old Chiense woman be so dependant on her parents’ opinion? Make sure that you read @ATBOTH’s comment – he gives excellent explanation.