10 Best Dating Apps Available For Android

10 Best Dating Apps Available For Android

10 Best Dating Apps Available For Android



Dating can be hard. That is as simple as I can be put it. However, in our new digital age it is becoming more accessible for those with smartphones to have access to great dating apps that can change your dating life for the better. Many of these have an interesting way in which they bring people together and some are for specific groups of people as well. So no matter who you are or what you are looking for, you should be able to find what you are looking for using one of these apps


Plenty of Fish

One of the sites that has been around the longest, but has only recently transferred their services into app form; the Plenty of Fish app comes free with complete functionality. While a lot of the other apps require some kind of payment for the full service, Plenty of Fish comes free in plenty of different languages. Many seem to fear that they will be the only person using a service, but with Plenty of Fish, you have no need to worry. It features plenty of users using their apps daily, so wherever and whenever you are looking to use it, you have that option.


The main benefit of Badoo is the sheer amount of users that use the site day in day out to meet local singles. This is their biggest selling point and it is hard to look past it. However, with so many users, you also have a lot of choices. So be prepared to look through plenty of photos and profiles before finding something you like. Also be sure to know that there is a premium version of the Badoo service.


Zoosk is available almost everywhere. With the app available in over 80 different countries and plenty of languages, you will be hard pressed to not find someone in your local area. Most profiles found on Zoosk are very bare bones, as Zoosk requires Zoosk coins to beef up a profile.

Ok Cupid

Mobile App Companies have fallen in love with building dating apps and Ok Cupid is a popular site that is no exception. Offering some very unique options for your dating needs, including blind date functionality, it creates a sense of excitement and risk but also gives you the chance to try something new.


Used to meet singles in your local area, this app is incredible useful in the sense that it can match you up with multiple different people in your location. They also offer some fun features like being able to ask and be asked anonymous questions, view others photos and be matched up with other users. It is an all-round great dating app if you are looking to meet people in your area.


Another dating app with very interesting features on offer. It features a large amount of users that you can talk to, find and look if they’re interested in dating. You can talk to users through Skout among other things. It also offers the opportunity to “Wink Bomb” 500 people of your preferred sex, leading to some interesting conversation. One other interesting piece of functionality is the idea of shaking your mobile and reaching a random user with a simple shake.


Okay, so if you’re not homosexual you can skip this one, but this app is one of the most useful apps in the sense that you can find other gay users in your area instead of simply taking a guess. You are able to find people you are interested in and find out if they are interested in you. This is also for people who are bi or even curious. Give it a go if any of these take your fancy.


One of the most popular online dating websites has recently launched their own app. While most of their features are paid, this app allows you to search profiles as well as take a talk with anybody that you are interested in. The website is well run and so is the app with plenty of users. It is a solid choice for a dating app.


With over 300 million profiles on offer, you can find something that takes your fancy with Tagged. Around the world, people are using Tagged, both free and premium, to successfully look for love and even just new friendships. It allows for unlimited messaging in the free version among other things, but the premier version offers in-app games that can be played.

How about we…

Not exactly what it sounds like, How about we… have put an interesting spin on the traditional dating website. Users will suggest a date starting with the phrase “how about we…” and the app will match you up with people that they think you might like. It’s an incredibly fun way to meet people and even if the date doesn’t go well, it’s a fun way to go on a first date.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to dating apps and most of them will work wherever you are. So if you feel you are ready, take the plunge and give one of these apps a go on your mobile and I dare say you won’t regret it.



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