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Hello to everyone,

Welcome to LoveLoveChina. My name is Crystal Tao and I am delighted to start this blog.

In it I will talk about everything related to Chinese girls:

    • who we are
    • what we like
    • what we hate …

In my opinion, this blog should be interesting to those who want to understand the inner world of Chinese girls.

Please let me know what topics you would like to see covered here. Although I have some initial ideas, it is very important for me to know your opinion.

Please wish me good luck! Hope to see you again coming to my blog.

Sincerely yours, Crystal Tao

20 comments to Welcome to LoveLoveChina

  • Yevgenij

    Maybe you can give advise on how to pick-up Chinese girls :-)

  • Hi, Yevgenij.

    Welcome to LoveLoveChina!
    Hope that few dating tips in the new article will be helpful.
    Good luck!


    • randy degraff

      hi i love china i bean over thir 3 times but all the grils i seen are nice looking just like u i bean looking fro a siet that will help me meat grils just like u so i can help u ge in too usa and looking fro the same thing as i am marred kids famly so u know im hoping we can meat someday and see if we are a mach or not so u know :lo ;-)

  • Anca

    Nice job!!! And… good luck for the next articles!!!

  • BoboPolo

    That’s easy…be nice…..smile….and also hit on the ugly ones….

  • TLB


    here’s an idea for an article: what preconceptions do you think Chinese women/girls have about Western men? And in your experience, or those of women you know, how did those preconceptions match with reality?

  • Wow, you are like reading my mind. :grin:
    I was thinking about such article for a while, but somehow felt something is lacking. I really would like you to share your thoughts with me on this topic.

  • John

    One thing which I really hated about male Chinese students (one of the many things) was their having one or two really long fingernails. Is that supposed to represent a refined way of life. To my eyes it just reinforces my impression of worthless lazy ignorance.

  • China Shark Mike

    John, that’s nothing some of these village idiots have all the fingers manicured and shaped like a women’s. One of the creepiest gayest things I ever seen men do here. The majority of people that seem to do this are little educated from small towns. I do not see it much here but when was in Yangshou saw it quite frequently. I’m not homophobic but seeing that gives me the willies. The Hong Kong horror movies from the 80s always had the warlock, zombies with really long fingernails. Another note is that if you are fond of filthy hygeine it is very convenient to dig for gold with those claws, ooh I know I’m bad yet saw it too many times to ignore it.

  • China Shark Mike

    Sorry, Crystal I just reread the post and realised I didn’t comment on your well done blog. Me thinks you’ll help a lot of people with your insights and observations. What I find intriguing is that you are currently in an East/West relationship so you really can feel where we’re coming from.

  • Mike

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to every one and to say hi to my friend China Shark Mike :lol:

  • Geoff

    Nǐ hǎo Crystal,

    I admire the spirit of the Chinese lass who:

    (a) uses her own initiative with Skype or Yahoo or similar, and

    (b) takes positive steps to commence learning spoken / listening / reading written English language, even if this means starting with either the free machine-translation service at the Google Translate website or the purchase of an electronic translator, and

    (c) goes to her local public library looking for books and magazines about western life and culture published in Mandarin… or simply looks at English language magazines and tries to learn from studying the photographs and advertisements.

  • Lars

    Crystal, you have a great blog – and what a wonderful girl you seem to be, welcoming people with a big hug (open arms), and writing interesting things. One topic you are missing is how to pick up not just Chinese girls in general, but how to pick up you! :smile:

    Oh, I almost forgot my reason for writing: I wanted to post something, but that topic had a requirement for login… I give up at any blog or forum that requires me to login. I have no desire to have keep track of various login account passwords, etc. Just a hint. I suspect I am not alone.

    • I guess, you mean commenting on forum vs. commenting on blog.
      Indeed, commenting on forum posts (unlike blog posts) requires registration. There are two main reasons for that:
      1) It protects against spammers who are generally too lazy to go through the registration process.
      2) Registration ensures that people won’t each time login under different names. This is important because forum is community of people who develop a kind of “relationship” with other members.

  • Mike

    Maybe you could discuss something over the different types or characteristics that Chinese women take and how to find the right type for guys. Just an idea you can take or think about. You’ve done a good job with things so far. Keep it up!

  • Steve123

    I need your help and advise. Call me Steve. Im chinese american, living in the USA. I have a girlfriend in China. She ask me to pack up and move to china with her. One way ticket. I have thought about it and sometimes I want to do it. Move to China, Find a job and have family there. But, I can only speak Cantonese, and 5% Mandarin. I can NOT READ chinese. The only probably thing i can do is teach english in china. but you need cert. and license, right? So, is a very big decision. Later, i found out she cheated on me, with a guy. And got an abortion.
    I was very MAD at her and ask her, I asked her, Why do you do it. Her respond was, I was not by her side, and she feel lonely. She live by herself. She cook and eat out by herself. She said, she can not wait another year to come over in the USA. I love her still but I don’t know if i can trust her again.

    ps: what is ONS means?

  • Angelrvr89

    why be upset,she is normal,be friends,visit her,but do not stay long.just enjoy life for what ever happens

  • Terry in asia

    steve123.  I understand your frustration.  however you must first think about her and the environment she is in now.  Population is maybe 10X more than the city you are living in now.  The time zone differences all is a contributing factor in opportunities of ONS(one night stand).  Your girl friend obviously have motives to be with you. and I am sure you know them. immigration and wealth. a chance for a better life.  It is not uncommon for a Chinese girl to continue to search for her ideal mate. even if she loves or is loved by someone already.  There is no guaranteed that you will in fact marry with her.  therefore, she is simply protecting her self. think of it like insurance. just in case.  Any reason she gives you is simply reasons she believes will justified her actions. however what is the true reason?  the truth to the matter is simple.  until she is completely successful. she will continue to search and being successful is not just promises or even making arrangements.  being successful is you sign on the dotted line for marriage. Steve, you have to accept all of this and understand all of this before you can have a distant affair with a girl in china.  don’t think for a minute she will be totally devoted to you. 

    as for getting a job in china for a foreigner is not hard.  depending on your education.  many companies in china hires foreigners with no Chinese.  and as for teaching English.  it is not hard to teach English at one of the many English training centers. they usually offers a salary and a free apartment.  you can search the internet and apply within.  your options are to obtain a tourist china visa from china embassy in your city.  and if employment is not guaranteed,  you can teach English at home under 5 students will not need a license to do that

    If you truly love this girl and you can forgive her and together with accepting she may do it again or she has a boyfriend there already.  and you really want to marry her.  you can apply for her to join you in usa simply by applying for fiancee visa.  fiancee visa gives her 6 months to decide to marry or not.  if married within 6 months, she will be get her green card.  however if not married in 6 months.  she goes back to china. 

    Steve…There are risk involve here.  and you must really understand all of this.  if her only motive is to get the green card.  you could maybe be face with a divorce once she achieved her goals.  and depending on what you have in usa.  this can become messy and be a costly divorce. 

    hope this helps and clarified some issues for you.

    I am a Chinese Canadian now in Asia

  • Jeffrey_mcfarland

    Chinese women — their experiences and expectations are so much different than Western men’s. For example, when a Chinese woman says in English that this man is her boyfriend, the best way to understand this is that she sees this man as her fiancé. Chinese women seem most concern about feeling safe. Sexual adventure and individual pleasure is not important or at least much less important than judging how the man can make her feel safe, provide income, provide children, get along with her parents, like the food she likes. Is this better or worse? Impossible to say, but that is the way it is, in my limited experience. You kiss a women, you feel her breasts and she is thinking marriage. Take it seriously. Do not disrespect her. At the same time be faithful to your own culture. But I think that actions are more important than words. You will be judged by your behavior, no matter what you say. You tell her this is not so serious, but you kiss, grope and try to have sex, she will see this as the equivalent of a marriage proposal. Know this and treat them well. Control yourself if necessary. What more can I say? One important point: I have never had a Chinese girlfriend. I have tried and failed, so maybe my advice is based on fanciful thoughts rather than personal experience. As you can tell, I am infatuated with Chinese women, but have failed to have a proper Chinese girlfriend. 

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