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Beautiful Chinese Girls from Chongqing

My friend - a Chongqing girl

My friend, a Chongqing girl

If you would ask Chinese people where the most beautiful Chinese girls live – many of them would name Chongqing (municipality in central-western China). Curiously, this opinion is shared by many foreigners who work and live in China. On one of my visits to Beijing I met a foreign guy who knew nothing about Chongqing except the fact, that it is home to hottest and spiciest girls in China.

It seems that Chongqing girls benefit from word of mouth fame: there is a joke that married men who come to visit Chongqing realize that they had married too early :-).

When reporters from Chongqing local channel and newspaper promoted an initiative to create the city’s name card, they checked the popularity and relevance of different symbols representing Chongqing. “Beautiful girls” topped the list surpassing even the favorite local dish (hot pot) and the central boulevard Jie Fang Bei.Last year a research was held to rate 106 different locations of China by proportion of beautiful girls living there. Girls were evaluated by different criteria, including attractiveness, charisma, proper usage of make-up and dressing style.

The research claimed that according to these standards Chongqing holds the first place followed by Chengdu (capital of Sichuan province) and Changsha (capital of Hunan province). This result was achieved with impressive number of 24% of Chongqing girls between 16 and 32 years old entering the category of beautiful (or nice at least… hehe…)

Why so many beautiful Chinese girls live in Chongqing?

Some people claim to know the reason for a high proportion of beauties in Chongqing.

  • First the humid weather, fog and lack of strong winds contribute to smooth appearance of skin. Therefore, local people often look younger than inhabitants of other provinces of the same age.
  • Secondly the spicy food characteristic for local cuisine is believed to improve the blood circulation and remove toxins.
  • Thirdly the mountainous relief of the city makes it a natural gym producing slim legs and flat bellies.
Picture of another Chongqing beauty

Another friend of mine. And yes - she is from Chongqing too!

Whether the above mentioned reasons are true or not – as a result Chongqing girls have a high self-confidence allowing them to wear very unique and daring clothes. Few other places in China can boast such amount of mini-skirts and T-shirts tied above belly-button. They are like magnets for men’s eyes who will often go to Jie Fang Bei to “da wang” (a phrase in Chongqing dialect meaning “to watch the beautiful girls”).

The last thing worth of mentioning is that Chongqing girls have very hot temper often compared with spicy hot pot. Together with that they are straight, frank, enthusiastic and show great loyalty to their friends and particular filial piety.

After finishing reading this you have two choices: either believe my word or come to Chongqing and “da wang” yourself.

Not completely assured yet? Then listen to the following song and watch the video. Attentive listeners might even hear the “da wang” phrase.

And if you are interested in beautiful Chinese girls ;-) , you will like the gallery of Chinese minority girls and the post about perfectly beautiful Chinese face created by a Korean plastic surgeon.

Common Chongqing girl, Crystal Tao

  • nathalie

    yes, everybody says that. Personnaly the most beautiful girls I met it was in the north of China.
    But I’m western, so my conception of beauty may be different than chinese people, maybe.

  • Shadowrune

    I’ve been in Chongqing for a year to study, and naturally I ended up with a Chinese girlfriend. I’ve gone back to CQ a couple of times now, and whatever makes CQ girls this self-confident also makes them rather… Hot-headed. This might just be my personal experience though, as my girlfriend never allowed me to keep in touch with any other girls I don’t know how common of an occurence this is.

    Anyway, another important factor is the humid air in Chongqing, it’s like living in a sauna. I’ve rarely seen a girl in Chongqing with bad skin. This and the fact that due to the cloudiness, no one really gets a tan, which everyone knows is regarded as an ideal of beauty in China.


    • Crystal

      Chongqing girls are hot-headed – there’s no doubt about it, eating hot-pot also contributes to it :lol:

      我暂时没在重庆,我特别特别想念重庆 – 家人,朋友,火锅。。。 :sad:

      • TreM

        How does eating hot pot make you hot-headed all the time, I’ve heard this a lot? I can see it making you this way while you eat hotpot and shortly after, but how does it make someone this way all the time? Too much spice=hurt belly=diarrhea=pissed off haha

  • Bai Long

    There is another explanation and probably the major explanation why people from ChongQing have the famous white skin complexion, because of the high humidity in ChongQing it decreases the rate of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation from the sun and thereby people get less tanned.

  • nico

    Oh, I miss my CQ hot-pot! I want to back to CQ to eat hot-pot, and the weather would be much better for my skin than in Shanghai, love CQ forever!!!

  • PL


    I’ve heard that the most beautiful girls in China are DongBei girls – sometimes I’ve heard it more specifically about Haerbin girls. I’ve also heard that the most beautiful girls in China are Shanghai girls. I’m sure that at some point I will hear that the most beautiful girls are from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin etc. etc. etc.

    It’s a bit like when you are in a small city and are told that a particular kind of food is ‘Famous throughout China’, then you go to another part of China, maybe not far away and ask someone if they know that food and you get a blank look…. Then they tell you to try THIS food which is ‘Famous throughout China’. :grin:

  • Bob

    Heavily shopped pictures

    • Crystal

      Maybe, but it wasn’t me to photoshop anyway – I have no photoshop skills :lol:

  • Rhys F

    So just HOW humid is ChogQing? I grew up in the Waikato basin, a drained former peat swamp which has some of the most fertile soils in New Zealand and in summer can have 28 degree celcius days with 95% to 98% humidity.

    These days I’m living in the foothills of the Southern Alps, NZs longest mountain chain, summer here can be 35+ degrees and humidity as low as 5%, Quite a change, and of the two I prefer the summer where I grew up. Here on this farm the altitudes range from 370 meters above sea level to 790 metres above sea level, Where I grew up was from 30 metres above sea level up to a max of 32 metres above sea level :P FLAT!

    Nice Blog Crystal, I’m going to have to browse through for your descriptions of your home town :P I’m studying for a Dip.TESOL currently and planning to teach ESOL in China in 2011, ChongQing, Wuhan and Changsha are the three cities I have narrowed it down to decide between :D

    • Nick


      Not to disagree with Crystal, but I would vote for Changsha. My little angel is from Changsha, and in my eyes she is the most beautiful woman in the world. :-)

  • Joe

    From what I’ve seen on….Changsha seems to have the highest percentage of cute, attractive young Chinese girls. Either that or Changsha has some of the best make-up artists and photographers in China!

    • Sean Wong

      I’m actually from Changsha, yeah I have to agree Changsha girls are pretty cute. It has similar foggy, rain weather as in CQ and humid as hell. (even in winter it’s humid, and humid cold at -5C in Changsha is way worse than dry cold at -25C in Chicago…) But it’s good for the skin I guess. Also Changsha is a junction between north and south, so there is quite a bit of mixing going, so I guess that does product good looks. (I guess same is true for CQ, since lots of people came to it during WWII)

      Besides, Changsha is one of few Chinese city where service portion of the GDP is greater than manufacturing, so I guess it mean more and probably better make-up artists and photographers.

      • nico

        :razz: ;-) :grin: :lol: :oops: :razz: I think Hunan girls are very pretty as well. I have a very very good friend, she is from Xiangtan of Hunan Province. She is so pretty and cute, very good character, very good person, I like her very much. She is beautiful, both from her appearance, behaviors, and inner heart. ;-) :smile: :razz:

  • Anonymous

    The Sichuan ladies are indeed very lovely, and I’m sure they’re the best ladies in China. I dated one for a while, but her hotheadedness was a problem at times. If you think Chinese ladies are shy and submissive, do not date a Sichuan lady!

    And Changsha does have lovely ladies, although being home to the infamous Changsha Love Bridge Agency does have a lot to do with it.

  • Bored in Melbourne

    Maybe the beautiful girls are creating the air of happiness over in Chongqing?

    • Crystal

      Haha – maybe :razz:

  • garylong

    all I can say is most beautiful girls are only good to look at maybe good to fantasise over, but in the end they have not much when it comes to morels, and love, well love them self, first love money second, love money 3rd, did I say love money yes 4th love money, 5th maybe love the family.
    in the end what is a beautiful girls just a image, for people to be confused over, 50 years ago a beautiful girl would be seen as a prize to marry as she would have a good heart, now days most beautiful girl are not at this level, most of all Chinese girls.

    • Crystal

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
      Maybe you should search for the inner beauty?

      • Rhys F

        I prefer a shapely outer package over inner beauty :P

        Just call me Hal :D

  • Garylong

    if you just want to have a girl just for sex, you can have the shapely outer package girl, but for me I need more than just sex, sex is dead with out love, and integrity.
    love is number one before any thing. looking for a beautiful girl is easy, but in the end what do she want, a man to pop his load in her and go to sleep, or a man to love her every day of his and her life, to care for her in the good and bad time, when she is ill in bed and can not move as she has her manses, or is ill with a flu and cant get out of bed.
    I ask you what is love,? to lust over a woman, and get your jolly off, or to love her and respect her for being beautiful and staying with you.

    • Bored in Melbourne

      Gary I think a lot of people have been through that stage of feeling that there are no good people left in the world.

      However this is certainly not true. Especially in China, yes you will find a few million females that will be happy to lie to you, take your money, cheat you and never truly show you their true face. However you can also find at least an equal number who would do anything to make you happy. Love you completely and compromise their own life to make their loved one(s) happy and comfortable.

  • Garylong

    yes I agree with you in a prefect or close to perfect marriage and I have met some girls like this, and there is ones that will do that to just get what they want and when its time to go, they go.
    do you know the idem a The rats that leave a sinking ship are the disreputable people who desert, as soon as it runs into trouble, a cause they have previously gone along with, bad time. if you don’t believe this why is the divorce so high in china, and that’s with Chinese to Chinese marriages.
    all in all its not the people its the teaching of the people. many girls are told not to think love is number one.

    • Bored in Melbourne

      Gary you cannot blame Chinese teaching too much for that. I was with my ex wife an Australian woman for a decade and when the marriage ended she did everything she could to ruin my life as well as steal and also use legal channels to grab all the money, the majority of which came from me.
      She is not Chinese at all, and apart from her dark eyes and dark hair she has not shared traits or values with most modern or traditional Chinese. She is just a nasty greedy bitch. Plenty of them in the world, just learn to avoid them

  • Garylong

    yes we all have bad people in life in some way or another, but I think the topic of Comment, is Chinese girls. and with all the Chinese girls I have dated, the longest being 2 years and she only ask me for 100,000 RMB after not seeing or meeting me for 6 months, and told me if I don’t give her than I never loved here, and she sent me a letter made it out like a invoice for services trended as some one for sex, told me she gave me sex for 2 years now I need to pay up, and I told her to get out I don’t put a price on love but she told me they do in china. in this most don’t want to get in to a big legal battle as australian girls do. we cant compare Chinese girls to girls in other countries, I made the mistake the first year I was in china, but it don’t work.

  • nico

    All the ppl know is Chongqing girls are beautiful, but maybe cause of the beauty let other ppl ignore that Chongqing girls are bright and capable too. Many sucessful female entrepreneurs are from Chongqing, such as 俞渝 of

    刘庆瑞 重庆庆瑞实业集团董事长

    严 琦 重庆陶然居饮食文化集团董事长

    何永智 重庆市小天鹅投资控股(集团)有限公司总裁

    吴一奕 重庆光大(集团)有限公司总裁

    彭忠英 重庆市新大兴实业(集团)有限公司董事长

    项 华 重庆澳美传媒集团有限公司董事长

    秦远红 重庆秦妈文化有限公司董事长

    王和声 重庆和之吉饮食文化(集团)公司董事长

    付洪越 重庆宏耀建设(集团)公司党总支书记、副董事长

    王秀枰 重庆市黔江区辉宇建设有限责任公司董事长

    何明华 重庆市新东杏天然医药研究所所长

    刘崇梅 重庆沁园实业有限公司董事长

    官 兴 重庆成鑫珠宝有限责任公司董事长

    徐红伟 重庆今荣(集团)有限公司董事长、总裁

    何 苗 巫山县庆园村酒楼总经理

    梁凤梧 重庆市巴南区凤梧商贸有限公司董事长

    刘 英 重庆阿兴记餐饮有限公司董事长

    何江卓玛 重庆赛格尔酒店有限责任公司董事长

    郭会英 酉阳县渝东食品有限责任公司总经理

    王元碧 重庆双薪建筑安装有限公司董事长

    任鸿秀 重庆骑龙饮食文化有限公司董事长

    李 洪 天圣制药集团股份有限公司董事长、总裁

  • nico

    Also there are many handsome men in Chongqing, cause if many beautiful girls are from Chongqing, their father must be very handsome, most of the girls are looks like their father.

    There is a very funny song that was written by a local Chongqing hip-hop singer Mr. Da, if you haven`t listened yet, you are out.

  • craig


    Your friends are very pretty.

    There are lots of pretty girls all over China. I find any big city seems to collect them like honey collects bees.

    As a rule, rural areas don’t have them.

    Personally, I go with Harbin (where I spent time) and Suzhou, over Shanghai or Beijing.

    Can’t speak to any others. Though apparently there are a couple of cute girls in Chungching, at least.

    • Crystal

      The first of these girls is still very beautiful and slim (in spite of having a 5 y.o. son). Unfortunately, she is not happy in her marriage life.

      The second girl – on the contrary – became quite plump after giving birth, but her married life is very happy!

  • craig

    And on the effect of pretty girls:

    You know what they say. Smart men are those that think with their upper head – not their lower one.

    Shakespeare said it best. Merchant of Venice:

    “All that glisters is not gold;
    Often have you heard that told:
    Many a man his life hath sold
    But my outside to behold:
    Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
    Had you been as wise as bold,
    Young in limbs, in judgement old
    Your answer had not been inscroll’d
    Fare you well, your suit is cold.”

  • Ian G

    Hmmmm I will be near that area soon… maybe I should plan to stay some time… or maybe safer to avoid!!!

  • Billy san

    really cool place and lovely girls. however, the most beautiful girl is Zhao Ping( Raya) my baobei. Billy san Oct 2011

  • Payton_vege

    Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

  • jay70888

    well lovely Crystal we know you MIGHT be a little bias. haha
    but i have to fully agree.i have been to CQ a number of times to visit my Fiancee. and it is like ducks in a pond. beautiful girls everywhere. although having to overcome natural male tendencies of drooling over every gorgeous girl you see. i was able to just very carefully take a quick glance every now and again. and guys a warning, if you are not single dont go to Jie Fang bei. you might end up single afterwards. haha it is like a model runway there. i have very fortunately found my soon to be wife so no thought of straying. she is gorgeous also. a part time model and yes she has the fire and brimstone temper of a CQ girl. but as the saying goes. if you cant put up with her at her worst you dont deserve to see her best. and if you want a girl that makes you go weak at the knees. head to CQ!! and be considerate of these gorgeous girls.

  • frenchinasiathailand

    So beautiful !

  • shopan


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  • Zakir

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    • seven

      ه~i am in Harbin , i look for nice girl for sex , i prefer Russia girl