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Chinese Girls : Preferences, Sexual Activity & Lesbians

Just ask us, we'll answer!

Just ask us, we'll answer!


We get alot of questions about Chinese girls on our Formspring page. Our resident Hong Kong gal, Jin Wong, tries to answer some of your recent questions about Chinese girls.


Q: What physical characteristics do Chinese girls like in a man? Do they prefer men who are tall, muscular, and well endowed?

A: Generally, Chinese girls like men who are tall and muscular and well endowed, of course. The taller, the more strong, the richer, the better. It’s because Chinese girls like guys who can not only protect them and take care of them (so they need to be tall and built), but also rich enough to take care of the girl’s family as well. This is what the Chinese culture implies. It’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s just very true.

But when I say the men should be “strong”, I don’t mean they have to be very muscular with 6 packs. Some girls are scared of this because they’re afraid of being beaten by their husband who are strong.


Q: At what age do Chinese become sexully active? How many lovers does typical Chinese girl have before marriage?

A: This is a tough question. There is little formal sex education for Chinese people at young age. They learn sex education from their parents, older friends or peers. It’s basically just a fantasy for them. But that also makes them more curious and wanting to try. Therefore, Chinese people can be very conservative about sex, they might only have sex with their spouse after getting married. Or on the other hand, once they’ve opened up themselves, they can have sex at a very young age (but still not comparable to Western countries).

To your second questions, it’s hard to say, but probably a couple of lovers or less than 5, I would say.


Q: What are Chinese girls’ views on lesbians? Are they open to dating Caucasian girls?

A: For Chinese lesbian girls, they must be open-minded enough for them to decide to come out, so yes – it’s possible for them to open to dating Caucasian or girls in other races. Also, for Chinese girls, Caucasian girls are more open-minded and more fun. And these attributes are what modern Chinese girls like.


Got something to say? Leave a comment below. Got more questions for us? Keep’em coming!

  • Alejandro

    I am thrilled! finally Lovelovechina has an interesting and well wrote article after Crystal’s depart!!! Congrats!

  • rmgar

    I will always love Lin R.

  • c

    you forgotten the fact, they have access to porn too

  • Knightwriter

    so my question is this…if Sheng nu is prevalent and presumably Chinese women do congregate and socialize why don’t they cohabitate?…which leads to a further question….nobody knows a womans needs more than another woman….so .what is the incidence of bisexuality as a result of sheng nu?