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Chinese Girls Are… – Part II

Chinese GirlFew months ago I published a poll in which readers were asked to give their opinion on different personal traits of Chinese girls. These traits were represented by adjectives that are most often used by foreigners to describe Chinese girls.

Today, when the poll has accumulated more than 250 votes, I can make some summaries. From the day it was published the poll went through 3 distinctive phases.

First phase which lasted for just one day saw the votes of blog’s loyal readers. It was reflected in the fact that among almost 20 answers, there wasn’t even a single choice of option “Chinese girls are easy”. And the two leading adjectives were “beautiful” and “loyal”. Should I assume that reading LoveLoveChina helps people to find beautiful and loyal Chinese girls? :lol:

Then came the second phase which lasted for approximately one week. I left messages on three biggest online communities of expats in China (ShanghaiExpat, Beijinger and ShenzhenStuff) inviting the members to cast their vote. And as result the option “easy” got its first votes. Moreover, another negative statement – “Chinese girls are gold diggers” – at one moment almost took the leadership. I can only wonder why so many expats stumble into the girls with gold-digging characteristics? :roll:

Third and the longest phase was characterized with replies left by accidental visitors from search engines. Actually, they represent the biggest fraction of readers. At this point I see that the percentages have stabilized and we can safely treat the current results as final.

So… first place unequivocally belongs to beautiful Chinese girls followed by the “army” of their insecure (2), gold-digging (3) and immature (4) sisters. :-)

This post wouldn’t be complete without a short follow-up to another discussion spawned by the question why Russian girls are more popular than Chinese.

Yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting article in Sinosplice written by John Pasden. He demonstrated a funny online tool called “Google Suggest Venn Diagram Generator”. In it you can create a basic query similar to the searches that people perform in Google – with the only exception that it contains an “X” variable and ends with “…” (three dots).

This “X” can then be replaced with three different keywords for three distinct queries. And the result will show you what do people most often insert in place of “three dots” in their searches.

I immediately created the query “X girls are …” with 3 sub-queries (Chinese / Russian / American). Below you can see the results in the form of Venn diagrams, and they are quite self-descriptive :-) .

Chinese girls vs Russian girls vs American girls

I really wonder how much time you will spend playing with this tool and trying it with different queries ;-) .

X Crystal Tao

  • SteveLaudig

    A trivial question.

  • China Shark Mike

    It was an interesting experiment yet like all polls are surveys are skewered because most of the times we as human beings are in denial in things we say and do if it casts negativism towards something or someone we care about. Also, everyone experiences different types of personalties through all kinds of demographics so it’s hard to really reach and objective accurate conclusion. Personally I’ve encountered all of the traits in Chinese girls across the board from all different classes in Shenzhen. The only way to classify anything or anyone is a case by case to insure accuracy. These generic terms could fall into any group of females of a specific race. It’s like an astrological chart, zodiac signs always seem so accurate because of the general. information could apply to anyones situation at any time.

  • Randy

    I guess I am a lucky man. ;-) My beautiful Chinese wife is neither insecure, a gold digger, or immature. It seems in life we sometimes get what we see in others. Take for instance the jealous partner. The jealous one is 10 times more likely the one that will cheat. When there is one finger pointing at others, there are 3 fingers pointing back… :idea:

  • Mark

    You should make a poll that says “Laowai guys in China are…” That should get some interesting answers :-P

    • Crystal

      Haha – since most of my readers are actually “laowai guys” – the poll that you propose would be a kind of self-assessment.

      • Mark

        Yeah I know, and you could do you own poll with your Chinese girlfriends and see how the results correspond. For example, we could see which side most often labels laowai guys as “horndogs” :-P

        • Crystal

          Horndogs? :shock: Never heard about such animals!
          Is it some kind of mythical creatures, like Unicorns?

          • Mark

            Haha yeah something like that.

          • David

            “Horndog” comes from “horny dogs”. As I’m sure you’re aware, “horny” means sexually aroused. So a horndog is someone who is always looking for sex, anywhere, anytime. Which of course is the stereotype of many foreigners in China. This makes life more difficult for those of us who aren’t horndogs, since we get stuck with the reputation.

            • PL

              David – I actually think Crystal was being disingenuous for humorous reasons.

              However, if you want to know the Chinese equivalent, it’s “se lang” (hope I’m spelling it correctly, and no tones, I’m afraid), which translates as “colour wolf”.

              • David

                As I heard one lady say; “All men are horndogs, if they say other wise they are just trying to come across as sweet, romantic and compassionate so that they can get into your pants.” Being a guy I can say some stereotypes have their roots in reality.

  • China Shark Mike

    See Randy you’re already half Chinese like my girl likes to say. Ain’t no such thing as luck in life, it you got something great in life I’m sure it’s just karmatic justice.

  • Nick

    You wonder why so many expats run into “gold-diggers”? I think the obvious answer is because the “gold-diggers” are looking for easy targets, and have this delusion of the “rich foreigner”.

    I am _so_ lucky that my angel is not a gold-digger at all, and it seems that many of the men here have similar experiences. I’m sure many of us have had bad experiences in the past (in my case, a Taiwanese girl who was only interested in a US passport back in the 80s), but we’ve moved beyond those experiences and learned from them.

    Crystal, once again I want to thank you for what you’re doing here. You’ve made it much easier for me to understand the lady I love, and our relationship has grown much stronger thanks to your advice.

    • Crystal

      Thanks a lot, Nick.
      Actually, right now I am doing something that might indeed help people – setting up the forums :smile:

      • Nick

        Crystal, as always, you’re an angel!

        • Nick

          I finally registered.

  • PL

    Bottom line – Chinese Girls aren’t actually all that different from girls from anywhere to be honest.

  • China Shark Mike

    Crystal, you’re so naive Chinese. Like the other poster stated it’s just a derogatory comment Americans use to describe the proverbial dogs. Not sure if other western cultures use this term. I take it for granted everyone knows America’s colloquialisms. I was skyping with my girl and stated something was corny, she immediately translated via google translate and came up with a completely different interpretation of the slang term we use in the states. Corny basicly meaning cliche’ or old hat or not fashionable, etc. My friends and students are always like I want to learn slang. Only way to learn it is total immersion 24/7 with girlfriend/boyfriend scenario. Truth be told horndog is at least 10-15 yrs outdated from where I originally come from {Philadelphia}.

    • Mark

      Haha dude I’ve been in China for more than 5 years with only brief occasional visits back to the States so my slang is at least 5 years out of date (actually more like 10 years cuz I still keep “dude” “word” and “for real?” in heavy rotation). When I talk to Chinese, my slang usage is very little or not at all, cuz the possibility for confusion is too great. Plus I’m from tha Dirty Dirty (ATL) so the slang I’m most familiar with is really confusing to anyone anyway, including me. I’m continually translating expressions brought to me by baffled students but I tell them there’s no way to become an expert without immersion, like you said (though I usually suggest living in another country rather than shacking up with someone from another country) :-P

    • TLB

      slang can be regional and generational as well; I had never heard the term “horndog” and I’ve lived in several places in the US, but not the northeast. Given the context, it wasn’t difficult for me to figure out what it meant.

  • Ziccawei

    I think Chinese girls are great.

    Especially those Sichuan la-mei chicks.


  • Kurt

    From experiences of living in China. A lot of girls are interested in finding someone financially capable of taking care of them. Unlike the West, the Chinese girls like to probe and ask about your financial situation. Do you have house? Do you drive to work? How much do you make? I must admit it is a real turn off.

    • Rhys F

      I chat online with a few chinese girls and have for years before deciding this year to get my Dip.TESOL (Got my first assignment grade back day before yesterday :D “A”!)

      The way their eyes widen when they ask “do you have a car of your own” the first time I mention driving somewhere and I reply “I have four” is interesting :P

  • China Shark Mike

    Amen to that Kurt :shock:

  • Dennis

    Hello Crystal.
    I guess I have to say I don’t completely agree with the results. Second some of the questions you have ask are really true for all females and has nothing to do with being Chinese. The questions might be simply more appropriate to be simply gender based. Having said that, if you asked the question about women and didn’t mention their ethnicity the answers would be similar I think.

    And one quickie so you know a little about me. I accidentally met my wife on She found me. I think I was that needle in a haystack. I hadn’t even looked at Chinese women. In any case I couldn’t be happier. She has an excellent personality, has a lot of wisdom, a lot, is not after money and for once I have found a person very similar to myself and we recognize that in each other. I can also tell you that my outlook of the world is truly more global than most people. So having married Lili is much more in line with who I am. Not sure that makes sense by I am trying. Ok now back to the poll.

    You have entered into a difficult area in trying to get objective results.
    I am very much an objective person and I enjoyed looking at both side of the coin and quite often even the edges. This will sometimes drive people nuts.

    To some degree your questions are valid but there is a big element missing. I also think your answers to the questions are seriously biased because of the type and in particular the mentality of the majority of respondents. If the truth is known and you were a fly on the wall and could candidly observe these people or have the ability to read their mind, you would find these people not the normal male looking for a partner. Strictly my opinion and I could be wrong, however there are reasons I say this.

    I was asked to help a friend of my wife to review the people that were writing to her. About 40 males responded. A quick review of their picture ( face) was revealing. I instinctively would have eliminated 90% by their photo alone. The faces didn’t show qualities of gentleness, happiness and those kinds of things. Instead to some degree they were like mug shots that police take. Then quickly running through the profile I looked at their age requirements in a woman. The majority it seemed were looking for women with an age difference in excess of 20 years. Certainly the age difference doesn’t mean they couldn’t be happy but it does show an intent that is not wholesome.

    What I mean here is this. A couple meet by some accident. They aren’t looking for each other but slowly get to know each other and find they like each other and there is a 20 year difference and they eventually come together is ok. But when people are intentionally out there hunting for a younger person and it goes both ways, then there is probably something not quite right.

    Ok, back to your poll. I have a feeling that your poll is being answered by men looking for beautiful, younger, easy,loyal Chinese women. Pretty tough to get an accurate poll other than the poll is accurate for the typical respondent and not the sincere person looking for a true life partner.

    I hope I made some sense here Crystal. Perhaps one way to get a little more objective would be to poll the respondents that fill out your questionaire. Now you can match the person to their answers.

    So basically you could say for example that a 90 year man looking for a Chinese woman 50 years than himself will typically say this (blank) about Chinese women. Compare this to a 50 year old man looking for a 40 to 52 year old Chinese woman will give a different answer.

    Now I will give you one more characteristic. My written communications skills are not that good. I am in that way disorganized. However I make up for it with analytical skills. And this is actually very typical. :) Small piece of trivia.

    You are doing a good and necessary job here. Thanks


    • Crystal

      I actually agree with most of your points but I am afraid to disappoint you -> the poll never was intended to be objective or representative.
      Well… on the other hand it is representative of LoveLoveChina readers :razz:

  • Kurt

    It isn’t only just expats who have a belief that a lot Chinese girls are materialistic. I am an expat living in China but I am also of Chinese decent. Every single one of my Chinese expat friends living in China also have arrived at the same conclusion. Just have to be careful about finding your mate.

    Anyhow, very interesting article to share.

    In China, Money Can Often Buy Love

  • Kathy Li

    This is the most biased bullshit I’ve ever seen.  First of all, have you seen every single Chinese,Russian,American female that ever walked the Earth or had a relationship with one? If that is the case, this article might actually be worth a shit.

  • Foreigners

    Taiwanese girls are easy as long as you have the skills for that. Obviously because of the hollywood movies, and western music affection, Taiwanese girls like foreigners.

  • “Furious” George Rockwell

    Or if you are not Black. It’s the same all over the world, the Black never gets the girl.