• Fdfdjkk

    people go to clubs to hook up, if you really want to pick on foreigners try looking somewhere more respectable for your proof.  

  • Hzefhezahgu

    chinese mainland girls are much easier coz they want the green card

  • human

    I laugh at the self-loathing white boys who can’t get any from the 150+ million different women in their country who hail from all over the globe… so they have to spend all the money they have going thousands of miles away where they can pass off their unattractive personal qualities with language and cultural barriers… all in efforts to get attention from someone, anyone.

  • chu zai

    taiwanese girls are more likely to hop in bed with someone than other provinces. just look at how taiwanese girls are dressed. besides, there are huge amounts of influence from japan, and usa in taiwan. taiwan is basically a vasal state of the usa, and japan. this influence is not as serious as in other provinces, but it’s there, and has gotten worse in the past 35yrs. if you watch enough hollywood films, that will turn you into a slut.

  • “Furious” George Rockwell

    As long as you’re not Black.

  • J


  • Guest

    afterall we all have to die..no matter blonde hairs, white or black cheek…big or small pneis…we all have one soul…so be nice to each other…don’t be like brainless animal.

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