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Are Taiwanese Girls Easy?

(See our former post on “Chinese Girls Are Easy?”)

Are Taiwanese girls easy? It’s been a long and lively debate for some years now, but the Apple has peaked interest in this topic with a very controversial video trying to show the Taiwanese just how easy Taiwanese girls are with the foreign “big hot dogs”.


Taiwanese (/Chinese) Girls Are Easy

Are Taiwanese Girls Easy?

Watch this Next Media video:


MKL provides a translation :

Google says Taiwan girls are easy.

Guy 1 says: “Foreigners don’t need to be handsome, just normal. Some are even a bit chubby, but they can get the girls easy, because they have a big hotdog.”
The video wants to proof, that Taiwanese girls are obsessed with foreigners. We want to do a research in the most popular night club among foreigners. The club has a “foreigners night”. [The night club is named Brassmonkey]

Guy 2 says: “Many foreigners, be it whites, blacks and taiwanese girls, when they enter the night club, they kiss with tongues, hug tight, touch the butt, grab the waist.”
The cabbie says: “The club here is full of foreigners and Taiwanese girls. Even if some foreigners can’t get girls inside the club, they will go out and try to get a drunk girl outside and take them with them. Those foreigners are all horny.”

They want to track, if things they say is true, hence they install a camera in taxi to monitor.

Cabbie again: “Most of the time foreigners will hold the girl, when she enters the cab and then he will be all over her.”

The video ends with: This is happening every day. Foreigners are very horny.

Are Taiwanese girls so easy to get?


Indeed, if you start typing “Taiwanese girls are” on Google this is what shows up showing the most frequent searches on Google :

Taiwanese girls are Easy



Michael Turton, a long time Taiwan blogger, is pissed :

This kind of crap is why I have so little respect for Apple: “I want foreigners’ big hot dog”

The final screen, which accuses foreigners of being sex-driven, is outrageous!

This started a very interesting and somewhat hilarious debate. Other comment on his FB share :

BW – Everyone is sex-driven. And fear-driven. And hunger-driven.

JE – I’m not sure how many of your foreign friends can understand Mandarin. But that was infuriating, extremely rude, and racist. Also, the young couple who got in the taxi could sue them for this. You can’t film people like that. Taiwanese don’t do the same thing? I’m pretty sure people make out in taxi cabs all over the world – despite how inappropriate it is… The time spent on this report could have been better spent covering the relatively frequent occurance of elderly local men masturbating in public parks and MRT trains.

CS – As racist and ridiculous as this is, foreigners who get it on in the back of taxi cabs and the like give us all a bad name.

JM – Westerners make themselves pretty easy targets for this kind of crap by not respecting where they are and the people they come in contact with. I saw this all over the Pacific while I was in the service.

ESO – It’s bullshit news from a bullshit news source.

JB – This reminds me of a “documentary” aired by Japan’s TBS in 1993 that purported to show Japanese women in scandalous situations with foreign men. It was later revealed that many of the scenes in the program were staged, which created a scandal at the time.

ML – Taiwan girls are NOT easy (maybe I’m doing it all wrong!) They respect themselves far more than many western women do in my opinion!

WB – I posted this to my feed a while ago. The whole thing is such a patent set up. I love how it’s the female in the back of the cab (who I wouldn’t be surprised was part of the set up) who’s crawling all over the guy, but it’s the guy who’s labelled 很色

MW – The women are just labelled “easy”. Maybe there is a real cultural difference behind stories like this – Taiwanese men tend to satisfy their sexual lust at more discrete and private venues.

PM – What is interesting is that 99% of Taiwanese are completely ignorant of the fact that the sex industry in Taiwan, which imprints heavily on women in Taiwan (which Apple is all to happy to contribute to with their sex model of the week or day), is geared towards Taiwanese men……. From who I have met over the years in Taiwan who frequent that part of life in Taiwan (women and men), it is 99% Taiwanese men, and it is Taiwanese men who almost always bring foreigners (of these, the vast majority are other Asians) into that world as they don’t have easy access due to language barriers…… to criticize it Taiwanese typically rebuke it by laughing it off with “oh that’s what men do.” I have asked many, have they ever seen service in English in these place, and they say “no.” only chinese, and some that want to look classify still using Japanese.where in the most famous Taiwanese newspapers can we find women not presented (front and center) as something other than models or shopaholics? in politics, they seem to be given negative labels, and business they are characterize likewise.

JW – Oh crap. It sounds to me they indirectly admitted they’ve got a small hot dog. They have no idea what the girls want.

MJW – This can’t be Next TV. It simply can’t. Impossible. Outrageous. Totally unbelievable such a story was produced!


The happy Forumosa bunch always have something to say about all that’s Taiwan, including this video :


im sure like anywhere there are easy girls and there are not so easy girls.
taiwan has a LOT of girls !!! So therefore there will be a LOT of easy girls, as well as a LOT of the other ones.
Taiwan has the same basic 3 types of girls (there are more types but i just kinda leave it at 3)
1. goody goody girls : they want to get Married and to YOU… NOW.
2. professionals : pay as you go
3. party girls : pay in other ways


Nope, not at all. It’s all about those laowai who come and pick up Taiwanese girls, and take them to hotels, and make out with them in cabs… at no point did they mentioned that the girls are all quite willing and active participants, they made it all seem as if it’s all that foreign man’s fault!!! (Though the writing that popped up on the right was ‘I love big foreign hot dogs!’ ).
I quite liked those interviews with the Taiwanese guys at the beginning, they’re pretty much just bitching about how Foreigners pick up girls easily because they have bigger penises. Sounds like someone’s got a small dick.
The thing I found the most interesting, though, was that the entire clip focused on men. Not once did they talk about the women in their own right, nor did they interview any. Make of that what you will, but I find that to be the most offensive.

The Gingerman

It’s well about time that Luxy and other trashy venues got thrashed in the gutter press. As a father of a Taiwanese girl, I take great umbrage at many foreign wankers that think they have landed in Thailand by mistake, and expect to compensate.
Pity the fool that shows up on my porch, expecting a quick in and out.
Daddy shoots from both barrels, so better step around.
Mind you, I trust my daughter enough already to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And, naturally, this topic has been addressed numerous times before. Like on Taiwanese Women and Foreigners :

I’ve been here about two months now. Can someone please explain why so many Taiwanese women like foreign men? Do they all want husbands? I can’t beleive the amount of attention I’m getting since coming here. I won’t go into stories … but someone must know what I’m talking about.

Getting all sorts of comments :


I don’t think you can generalise about this much and there’s many different reasons. Also it depends if they’re just sleeping with western guys, going out with them or marrying them. I think for SOME Taiwanese women who like western men, SOME of the reasons are:
1) Some women liek to have a bit fo fun beofe they getmarried and this is easy with foreigners who are not generally as conservative as Taiwanese.
2) Taiwanese men can get serious about marriage very quickly sometimes and maybe Tawianese women don’t want this.
3) Some Taiwanese women want more independence than they can often get with Taiwanese men.
4) Maybe some Taiwanese women are attracted to ‘the exotic’ just as some western guys are with the reverse effect.
5) Some more mercenary women are out to improve their English for free or even get a greencard.
As to why so many western men sleep with, go out with and marry Chinese women, I think the most important and simple resaon is that there are a lot more Taiwanese women around than western women and with peple living here a long time, it’s just natural.
As for my reasons why taiwanese women prefer western men, I don’t mena to put down Taiwanese guys at all, but generally as far as marriage and men and women’s roles is concerned Taiwan is a lot more conservative than most western countries, so a woman who wants a relationship of equality and independence is (in general terms) a lot mroe likely to get it with wesern men than Chinese men. This is a society thing not a racial thing.

crass act
perhaps it’s the big schlongs these westerners purport to having, as opposed to
the local willy wee wees…(myth)


Yellow Fever Foreign Moons, one of our favorite reads on crosscultural relationships offers quite a few posts on this:


An American Teacher in Taiwan has a good post on the is :

Taiwanese men, I think, don’t really like foreigners. Why? Because we steal their women!In other parts of the world, foreigners, especially Americans, are looked down upon. In some places in the world, like the middle east, it’s even dangerous to be an American. They would prefer to cut off your head than to let you date their women.

I wondered why this was. Why do Asian girls prefer foreigners, particularly Americans? So I asked my wife, my friends wife, and numerous adult students I have taught over the years.

First, some Asian women seem to think that all Americans are rich. […]

Second, Taiwanese women tell me that Taiwanese men don’t really want to have “wives.” […]

Third, Taiwanese women think that foreigners are more “honest and fun” than Taiwanese men. […]

Fourth, some women complain that Taiwanese men don’t even like Taiwanese women. […]

Fifth, some women are simply looking to win the “green-card lottery.” […]

Finally, many Taiwanese women think that foreigners are just more attractive than Taiwanese men.

Some interesting comments there as well.



See this Taiwanese gal from Lang 8 :

Taiwanese girls like foreigners because of these following reasons:
1. Foreigners are handsome?
2. They want to have a mixed baby.
3. She will be the envy of other Taiwanese girls because she has a foreign boyfriend.
Taiwanese are xenomanias. I am not saying all the Taiwanese are all like this, but most of Taiwanese have this trend including me. If there are two boys standing in fornt of me, one is a Taiwanese and another is an American, I will talk to the American boy. Even the Taiwanese is really a handsome man and the American is ugly, I will first talk to the American. Why? It’s all out of curiosity. The first sight I see is their appearance, the American is so different with me, so I am curious.

Comments on this post are interesting…

Angry sounding James points out…

You said “foreigners”, but the only other nationality of person you mentioned is “American”. Do you think, somehow, that “foreigner” equals “American”? If so, this is a gross misconception. “Foreigner” from your perspective means anyone who is not from Taiwan.

If you mean by “foreigner” simply “everyone outside Taiwan”, then it’s best for you not to talk too much about physical characteristics, because it sounds like the men everywhere except Taiwan look relatively better than the men in Taiwan. Do you really think Taiwanese men are uglier than Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese and Cambodian men? That’s what you’re saying, because you said that Taiwanese girls think “Foreigners are handsome”.


Thisplacesucks points out that Taiwanese women sucks :

I mean most of them, aging 20~28
a bunch of whores who don’t appreciate how well they were treated sincerely, they don’t give shit about ethics they like to suck cocks of those so called ABC and RICH KIDS or any foreigners that doesn’t speak CHINESE. FUCK!
and they try to get laid in the pubs, thats their intensions.
So fucking pathetic and lame, strange creature.

With over 170 comments…

not true at all. TW girls are very antisocial who do not even talk to strangers. they are prudes. why does everyone FUCKING lie about TW girls being easy?

I’ll give you a huge tip. EVERYTHING is simply a business transaction in Asia. Don’t even complain about ethics, it’s the rules here. Call it how it is. If you want a TW/HK Girl to open up, or open legs, you need to speak the correct language. The language of love that truly speaks to their Hello Kitty Hearts is Visa, MasterCard, Gucci, or LV.  […] TW girls will be either super slow or quick depending on how they can get the upper hand.

Let’s be fair here. I have a gorgeous, adorable Taiwanese girlfriend that I am willing to spend the rest of my life with. Not because she is Hello Kitty, submissive, shallow, brain dead and a good fuck. Because she calls herself a freak (a surprisingly foxy one) , standing out from that essentially numbed crowd that I call most of Taiwan (excluding the “hen qi guay” lot), in ways that make most other girls look like total idiots. My hat goes to her even more knowing that she only lived 3 months in the US, while being naturally open minded and full of dynamic debates about all kinds of issues. […] Even many of those who can speak decent English will rarely go beyond conversations about shopping, food, travel (if they dare to pretend knowing anything worthwhile about the real world beyond American and Japanese shopping malls) and maybe, just maybe, fun sex.


Daniel Wallace, once an expat living in Taipei, has a memorable view on the matter with Dating in Taiwan :

The White Guy / Taiwanese Girl thing seems to be a powerful myth for straight Western men here, and I’d like to point out some of the fictional elements of this myth.

Taiwanese girls love us! Could it be that we hang out in the places that also attract the minority of girls who want to date us? […]

You don’t need to do anything – these girls just come on to you! If anything is an abnormal Taiwanese trait, it must be to begin a conversation with a strange foreigner in order to have sex. […]

The girls are beautiful! Well, I agree, but are we saying that particularly beautiful girls seek out foreigners? Is it possible that Taiwan, still rather patriarchal, puts huge pressure on women to look perfect, while men don’t have to do very much?

Taiwanese women are better than the feminists back home! Now you’re really smoking crack.

116 terrific comments would get your juices running for sure.


Other posts you might want to check out on the topic :


Would love to hear your opinions on this, and also whether you see the same thing happening in China and Hong Kong.

  • Fdfdjkk

    people go to clubs to hook up, if you really want to pick on foreigners try looking somewhere more respectable for your proof.  

  • Shelly

    taiwanese girls are not easy!!!

  • Hzefhezahgu

    chinese mainland girls are much easier coz they want the green card

  • human

    I laugh at the self-loathing white boys who can’t get any from the 150+ million different women in their country who hail from all over the globe… so they have to spend all the money they have going thousands of miles away where they can pass off their unattractive personal qualities with language and cultural barriers… all in efforts to get attention from someone, anyone.

    • I agree

      Whereas the cost of women’s palliatives for the impact of feminism are often cheaper. Cats, white wine, and the relatively small cost of movies & other regular distractions.

  • Foreigner

    Taiwanese girls are easy to get as long as you have the skills even though you are a foreigner. They do like the foreigners, but the culture is different as western. You still need to understand what they think. You can also check this site for further issue.

  • chu zai

    taiwanese girls are more likely to hop in bed with someone than other provinces. just look at how taiwanese girls are dressed. besides, there are huge amounts of influence from japan, and usa in taiwan. taiwan is basically a vasal state of the usa, and japan. this influence is not as serious as in other provinces, but it’s there, and has gotten worse in the past 35yrs. if you watch enough hollywood films, that will turn you into a slut.

  • “Furious” George Rockwell

    As long as you’re not Black.

    • Could be worse!

      Lol, there are….(whispering now)…. Arabs… Indians…

  • J


  • Guest

    afterall we all have to matter blonde hairs, white or black cheek…big or small pneis…we all have one soul…so be nice to each other…don’t be like brainless animal.

  • A Woman

    Most of time you meet easy Taiwanese girls in night club or somewhere like that cuz they are simply looking for some fun. And I would say that it happens all over the world no matter where you live. But they are definitely not the majority and it would sound really stupid if one says ALL Taiwanese girls are easy because some of them are easy to get.

    Shame on those who make their judgments base on limited information.

  • rathindra chattopadhyay

    Have all men are rapist and every women are fearful of being raped? My opinion that everyone is sex driven and fear-driven and hunger driven.

    • Not everywhere is like that

      I’m sorry to hear about the situation in your country/culture – India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in regards to rape and public attitudes towards rape.

  • Sabrina

    I am a Taiwanese woman and I have beens some countries, maybe I am wrong but I just using my poor English try to tell what I saw ,feel and think,if you don’t like which I say, I didn’t mean to.
    Taiwanese girls are easy? Yes, I am sure have some this sore of woman in here,was shocked coz someone ask me when I was travel in U.S.A, I just curious everywhere,every countries have girls like this,heaps western women they have fun or ONS,why it can be call “easy” in Taiwanese?
    Yes,we do like and welcome foreigners, but Taiwan is a pluralistic culture which consists of lots different races ,that’s might one of reason why Taiwanese can accept different cultures more than any other country also friendly to foreigner , I think that’s one of the reasons why getting more and more foreign immigrants and travelers visited here,have you ever heard have discrimination problem in Taiwan? Seldom! Is it able to explain why the Taiwanese like foreigners,most of men and women all likes not only “girls” as report. I am believe most of the boys are very kind to foreigners if u ask, We like foreigners, but the majority of Taiwanese people are shy to talk to a foreigner, at least that’s what I saw in the nightclub or I introduce people they meet each others,most foreigners themselves to strike Taiwan girls (with a few exceptions), we been politely answer but it does not mean you can insatiable, but How many foreigners knows we just be polite? Why subtitle NOT ” foreigners are fascinated by a lust of sex when heading to Taiwan?
    It call “easy” coz they kisses by have feelings each other?

  • ShadowMan

    ….You try dating a Taipei girl, it’s almost impossible, yes, there are Taipei girls who chase after foreigners, but far and few between, as a Western guy living in Taipei for 15 years, i can confidently tell you this, you may argue with me, but i tell you, Taipei girls love SHOPPING, that’s mostly their agenda for the weekends, they love themselves to bits, always doing ‘selfies’ where ever they go, they think highly of themselves, I have lived in around 8 countries so far, I’m now 57 yrs old, I can compere Taiwan to other countries, other countries girls look for guys, here they ignore you in the street, even if you try to get eye contact, they look the other way mostly, (not that I;m an ugly guy, quite hansom as most say…lol) Quite a lot of Taipei women don’t like men, they like women! You may shout at me, but just look around as of lately, many couples, one will be a Tom Boy. Ok, it’s not a big affair, but it’s growing, women here are turning away from men, i have noticed this since arriving here in 2001.

  • ShadowMan

    ….Carried on from below…..Ok, I’m not the young guy i once was, (arriving here at 41 years old, and looking youngish and young skinned) but other foreigners living here have told me the same thing in that last post, in fact, most have left Taipei/Taiwan in search of a ‘good time’ with girls, (one night stands) or in search of a long lasting relationship with a girl. They tell me that….”It’s drying up here for girls.” I live here, because I’m married to a local girl and have a child. If i were single, I would be gone long ago, like for Indonesia, where girls are easy, not with their noses held up high, thinking they’re the queen or something like that. Yes, I was the one night stander, I have to admit, I loved having different girls, nothing wrong in that, we all have our choices in life, but now the game has changed, a lot of Taipei women are turning to women, not all, but a lot more since 2001 on my arriving.