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Top Ten Chinese Cities With Beautiful Girls – Revisited

Making of a Chinese Girl

Computerized image by Ke Weilin

More than one year ago Chinahush published a translation of article which graded 10 Chinese cities with the most beautiful girls. For each city there was a photograph of some well-known Chinese woman who comes from it.

But how can any city prove its right to be featured in such list? Picture of one girl is surely not enough ;-)

Thus, I decided to revisit the original list and use the image morphing technique in order to make the girls’ composite portraits for every mentioned city. This is the same technique used by the Korean plastic surgeon who created the composite beautiful faces of females belonging to different races.

Before you see the results, let me describe how the pictures themselves were done. In ChineseLoveLinks (the dating site from which I always collect statistical information) I searched for profiles of Chinese girls in the age group 25-35.

From the search results, I chose the pictures that fit requirements for image morphing: face forward, neutral expression, no glasses, no hat, mouth closed etc. Due to the last requirement (closed mouth) the composite faces are not very smiley.
However, I wasn’t strict regarding similar styles of haircuts. For this reason you can see those weird shadows. The morphing itself was made online using the MoprhThing site.

OK. Time to see the pictures. The order of cities is the same as in the original list of Netease – from first to the tenth place.

1. Dalian girl

Dalian girl (composite face)

Dalian girl

2. Chongqing girl

Chongqing girl (composite face)

Chongqing girl

3. Chengdu girl

Chengdu girl (composite face)

Chengdu girl

4. Suzhou girl

Suzhou girl (composite face)

Suzhou girl

5. Changsha girl

Changsha girl (composite face)

Changsha girl

6. Nanjing girl

Nanjing girl (composite face)

Nanjing girl

7. Shanghai girl

Shanghai girl (composite face)

Shanghai girl

8. Beijing girl

Beijing girl (composite face)

Beijing girl

9. Hong Kong girl

HongKong girl (composite face)

HongKong girl

10. Guangzhou girl

Guangzhou girl (composite face)

Guangzhou girl

As you can see yourself, the composite pictures are quite similar to each other. It’s not surprising, however. After all, any technique, which merges and combines between many individual entities, in the end leaves the common and eliminates the individual.

But in order not to leave you disappointed, I want to share some statistics which I gathered while browsing through ChineseLoveLinks. On that dating site, every member has profile with many descriptive fields. One of them is “appearance”. It is filled by the member himself/herself. So, I was rather curious to see if there is any significant difference in how girls from the mentioned cities rate themselves.

Below you see the table of results. It includes single Chinese girls in the age group 28-34 (so-called “leftover girls”, or as Teacher-in-China called them – “leftover cows” – since in our forum he mistakenly wrote “sheng niu” instead of “sheng nv”).

Table of Chinese Girls Appearance Self-Assessment

Table of Chinese Girls Appearance Self-Assessment

Few things are worth to mention here. Since this evaluation is made by girls themselves – more than indicator of beauty it is indicator of modesty. According to it, the most modest girls live in Suzhou (only 9.0% of them think that they are “very attractive”) while in Changsha almost every fourth girl thinks that she is beautiful (23.4%).

Also, it’s interesting to note that Chinese girls don’t like to be described as “average”. Somewhat more comfortable with this description feel only girls from Hong Kong (37.5% of them feel that their appearance is average).

Well… I think that neither image morphing nor statistics provide enough arguments to decide which Chinese city is the home to most beautiful girls. However, I hope that you enjoyed this post (if you did – click on “retweet” or “share” button in the sidebar ;-) )

Chongqing girl, Crystal Tao

  • WanderingAmerican

    Chongqing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou won in my opinion. Looks like I was in the right spot.

  • KaiWen

    Nanjing girl wins in my book

    • scarlet

      Nanjing girl is so beautiful, I wish with all my heart she was not a synthetic composite image. Wait a second, if she is a composite, then I have a great idea… but it is illegal in jurisdictions that disallow polygamy.

      I think this is the most compelling evidence for Hunanese incapability of self assessment since “two thirds good, one third bad” was uttered.

  • Neil

    Did you include your own face in the Chongqing girl group Crystal? I think you should. And would you rate yourself “Very Attractive”?

    • Crystal

      No, I didn’t include my picture.
      And I wouldn’t rate myself as “very attractive”.
      I would choose between “average” and “attractive”, depending on my mood on that day.

      • Caseyorourke

        I have the same argument with my wife and most of her friends. They all say they are average, but I tell them that they are all very attractive. I am sure if you asked Eugene, he would tell you the same thing. You are very attractive.

  • Meng

    Very cool, Crystal! So, if I understand correctly, you created these images yourself, based on a selection of all women that you could find from each city on this dating website? I guess the study could be scrutinized then, as the selection is limited only to what you are able to purloin from said website. As you said, it’s not really enough information to decide which city has the most beautiful girls.

    As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is completely relative to each person’s perspective. I offer the example of a sunset. Which is most beautiful–a photograph of a sunset touched up on PhotoShop, a painting of a sunset, or a sunset itself? Or maybe a memory of the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen–it may become more beautiful in memory than in reality. There is no absolute answer, just as there is no absolute answer to what type of girl is the most beautiful. However, I’d say you did a good job, and these examples may give a very vague idea of what each city has to offer for guys that want to move somewhere based on the girls.

    I did have fun with these pictures, though. I intentionally looked at all the pictures first without reading any of the city names, and decided that I preferred the Nanjing picture, which I thought was funny because my girlfriend is a Nanjing girl. I wonder what the results would be if you had 2 pages–one with just the pictures and another with the names of cities attached to each.

  • Crystal

    Of course, I didn’t include ALL pictures I could find for specific city on that site.

    For every picture – you need to make a “preparation” process, marking important point on the face (eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, jaw and hairline). It is done in order to let the program know how to make the merge even if the size of faces are different or angles are not the same.

    So, you can imagine that it would be an impossible mission to accomplish this process for thousands of girls.

    As for pictures of simple girls in the form of “quiz” – that’s an interesting idea: I will try to do something about it. :smile:

  • Bored in Melbourne

    Crystal you would probably enjoy all the statistical analysis that the people who run OK Cupid undertake. I don’t think they have much of a profile in China but they do have some interesting information on who responds to what.

    Unfortunately the ‘averaging’ of the faces makes them look so average there is little between them. I am happy enough to avoid the self absorbed people in the world and enjoy the company of the best.
    I would be interested to see the faces of a province like Yunnan with so many different minorities. My girl is from a minority and her face is always happy, that is the most attractive I can see

  • Bored in Melbourne

    Crystal you might also find this interesting

  • Ethan

    Damn… why’d I leave Nanjing?! Luckily my Beijing girls is better looking than that picture anyway…

  • michel

    In stat with the table you gave us, how could you know which one is the most biautiful girl? Should you put some weight on each stats ( 1 for below to average to 4 to very attractive) ? :)
    And is that normal to qualify itself to above or below the average (depends on the mood)?

    • Crystal

      I think you misunderstood, Michel.

      It wasn’t me to evaluate the appearance of girls – they evaluated themselves on their own (when filling the profile information in the dating site).

      That’s why I mentioned that the assessment reflects their modesty more than appearance ;-)

      • michel

        I did not misunderstood. but I did not ask well what I wanting ;-). I wanted to put weight to have a single pourcentage and give some conclusion about the modesty .. Don t know what will be the result .. anyways
        As even here I do not really agree about some rank people did, beauty has a part of opinion :D

  • sam

    hey,jus recently came across your site!its very interesting!looking at the 3 categories om the rating tavle i think you could only be in the Very Attractive rating!

    is there a HENAN province in China?i have a friend who told me she is from there but i wasnt sure if i heard correctly

    • Crystal

      You heard correctly – there is such province called Henan in China.

  • Teacher in China

    That doesn’t surprise me what you said about Changsha girls. I have a famous (for me) quote in my head whenever I hear Changsha – it was another of the “bad experiences with Chinese girls”. After a lengthy argument in which some hurtful and insulting things were said to me by a Changsha girl, she eventually capitulated and agreed I was telling the truth. When I asked her to apologize for what she said, she said “Changsha girls don’t apologize”. Delete, block.

  • China Shark Mike

    It’s ironic because like Bored said they all appear to be this generic face. All guys claim that of course the most beautiful girls are the cities their respective girlfriend’s/wive’s/fiancee’s are from. I could never definitely say it was any particular city. My girlfriend is from Inner Mongolia yet her parents moved the family to Beijing. There’s no way to be objective about this, with that being said a lot of Guandong girls are seriously fugly. :mrgreen: Different perceptions of beauty are just like the other guy said “In the Eye of the Beholder”. Incidentally a great Twilight Zone episode from the original Rod Serling’s series. This beautiful girl is institutionalized because she is blonde and not the grotesque like her fellow countrymen. If the norm is gross the beautiful become the shunned.

    • Meng

      Mike– I think you should take a look again because there are most certainly differences in their faces! Or are you saying that all Chinese girls look the same? :P I think you misunderstood when I said I found it funny that I preferred the Nanjing girl since my gf is from Nanjing (she doesn’t come to this site, so there’s no reason for me to try and impress her with such a statement) . I had given myself a quiz in the form of intentionally looking at the faces first without looking at the names of the cities. I also liked the Changsha girl, but in a different way. There is something about the sweetness and humility of the Nanjing girl that really struck me. As you should know from living in China, geography matters quite a bit. Now, I don’t think it determines personalities quite as much as most Chinese folk say, but it does matter. Take a look at the pictures again and see if you notice any difference in the expressions. Again, I liked the Changsha girl, but I felt there was a little bit of vanity. Now, this may be completely wrong, but this is what I initially felt. Don’t tell me that you don’t judge anybody by their looks, because everybody does. That’s the first sense that we use to judge people, and is the only one we can use here (unless you have some awesome internet connection that allows you to smell and taste things online–I want that ;-) ). Of course no city can say it has the most beautiful girls because, as I said, what is beauty? However, you can state personal preference, that is always valid.

      • Crystal

        Couldn’t agree more. These images do differ.
        And I also feel that the most distinguished (that is not similar to the rest) is that of Nanjing girl.

        By the way, something I didn’t mention. While choosing the pictures, I was filtering out those that were clearly “beautified” or where the girls used too much make-up. It could also be the reason for somewhat plain appearance.

  • TLB

    Interesting game with stats: if you add up the two “above average columns” you get HK and Dalian as the most modest (or maybe they really think they’re less attractive?) and the triumverate of Changsha, Beijing and Shanghai with about 75% thinking they’re above average.
    As a matter of fact, every city represented had at least 59% of the profiles saying they’re above average…
    I’m just damned glad all those ugly girls don’t post profiles… :grin:

  • Sarah

    The only thing i would say is that perhaps the most prettiest Chinese girls probably wouldn’t be on a dating website… as they probably already have a boyfriend or are married… So maybe if you included them then the results would have been different.. But what you have done is interesting.

  • Tyson Bowers III

    They all look the same to me and all are communist.

  • John

    Traditionally the most beautiful Chinese girls are said to come from Suzhou. I don’t buy it myself. I think south beats north, and Guangxi is the top.

    Some Guangdong are attractive too, but very few else (our hostess excepted).

  • Mi Pen

    Nanjing and Chengdu appeals to me but I am a westerner.

    All pretty hot though.

  • splooge

    1 2 n 7 wins for me