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Why Chinese Girls Don’t Shave Their Legs?

Shaving Legs Cartoon

I am a bit embarrassed to talk about it, but writing a blog sometimes requires from me to make little confessions. Until recently I did not realize how widespread the practice of shaving legs is.

Most Chinese girls don’t have hair on legs and we don’t need to do anything to keep them smooth. Until few months ago I never thought that somewhere else it could be different.

Last year I went to Israel and studied Hebrew language in the special courses for foreigners. There we had students from many different countries: Argentine, Germany, India, Japan, Romania, Russia, Sweden, USA to name just some of them.

One of the students whom I befriended was a girl from Romania. During the break we had a chat about plans for the upcoming weekend and she said that her husband planned to go to the Dead Sea and complained how much she was going to suffer from waxing her legs.

“So why doing it?” – I asked her – “Don’t torture yourself”.

Now it was her turn to be surprised: “Are you kidding? How can one wear a swim-suit without removing hair from legs beforehand?”

At that moment our common classmate – a woman from Hong Kong – joined the chat, and we both demonstrated our legs to her :-) (saying that neither of us used wax).

She only could sadly comment: “It’s so unfair! We are all women, but you don’t have hair at all! Why don’t you have this kind of troubles?”

And this is true. Chinese girls can wear short skirts  without ever needing to shave or wax their legs. Generally speaking Asians have less body hair than other races – both females and males. You can sometimes see that even Chinese guys have smooth arms and legs and no hair on their chest.

Few years ago I and my friends went to Tongjing Hot Spring, one of the many great hot springs surrounding Chongqing. This is a very popular place among both Chongqing residents and city’s guests who come here to relax. That day wasn’t an exception and the pools were full of people.

In one of the pools I saw two foreign guys. They were ordinary men and I could not understand why other people wouldn’t stop looking at them (even though trying not to stare in an obvious way). After all, there are many foreigners in Chongqing and they hardly can be a source of prolonged curiosity.

But once I got a chance to pass near them and take a quick peek – I understood the reason. Both guys had extremely hairy chests drawing curious glances from everyone around.

Shaving guyThe only reason I am mentioning this story to you is that one should be aware of certain cultural (and racial) differences that do objectively exist. It does not mean that a foreign guy cannot be himself if he wants to date a Chinese girl. There are many factors that define the success of relationship and they are more important than few hairs on the chest (or legs, or any other place :-)). However, first impression is very important and guys should carefully choose the dressing style when heading for the first date with Chinese girl. You know what I mean, but if yet not sure – you can check out the previous article about the dating mistakes to avoid.

Fortunately, people quickly get used to some differences. Recently I could feel it myself during the video chat with one of my friends. She asked me to show her photographs which I took abroad. I began sharing the pictures while continuing to chat with her. Suddenly she stumbled and her eyes opened wide as she seemingly stared at one of the pictures…

“What’s wrong?” – I asked her worryingly – “Did I miss anything? Tell me!”

“Oh my god!” – she almost shouted – “The guy in the picture has such long, thick and black hair on his arms!”.

I couldn’t help myself laughing at her astonishment. But who knows – maybe in the past I would react in the same way.

Constantly learning new things, Crystal Tao

  • nathalie

    For hairs on legs that depends on the Chinese, I was already very disturbed… But why the Chinese girls do not shave theirs armpits???

    • haha no

      March 23rd, 2010 at 3:23 pm · Reply to this comment

      For hairs on legs that depends on the Chinese, I was already very disturbed… But why the Chinese girls do not shave theirs armpits???

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, Yeah i got the fright of my life when a girl i was seeing pulled off her top leaving her arm pits exposed…

  • Crystal


    Saying that “Chinese girls don’t shave their armpits” is a bit of generalization – since many do it (including myself and MOST of my friends).

    However, some Chinese girls indeed don’t bother doing it.

    In fact, from Wikipedia article I learned that in UK the custom of shaving armpits became popular only in the last century and in continental Europe (France, Germany…) only after WWII.
    While in muslim world – for example – it has been practised for centuries both for men and women.

  • TLB

    Thanks Crystal for this site, it’s great. I’m a 58 year American with a Chinese fiancee (she’s 54). I was amazed when I discovered how little hair she has on her body. I find it very attractive (but hey she’s my fiancee, if she had lots of hair I’d probably find THAT attractive!).

    I do remember that she “mentioned” to me soon after we became involved that my facial whiskers were noticeable by evening, so now I shave twice a day; a small sacrifice to keep her happy… I guess I have only average hair coverage for a western man, so I’m grateful for that! (I have noticed a bit more staring at the pool though, now that you mention it)

    I appreciate your comments and suggestions, even if they apply more to your generation — hey, how about having your Mom come speak to us, um, “older” folk interested in these things?

    Best to you — keep ’em coming!

  • Crystal

    Dear TLB,

    While writing this post, I encountered an article which made me realize that there are indeed big cultural differences in the perception of attractiveness. So I understand that you had to adjust some of your habits for the sake of your Chinese soulmate. I wish you and your fiancee a lot of happiness and maybe one day you can share your love story on this blog?

    Thanks for your kind comments and suggestions. I will try to broaden the perspective of my blog.

  • TLB

    Responding to my comment at 2:38 am, huh? Ah, to be young again! ;-)

    It’s okay; I think most people realize you’re sharing your perspective (though it never hurts to be aware of others’). I think, in the West, facial hair (stubble) is often seen as quite masculine. Young men sometimes take pride in how quickly they can grow a beard — it can be a source of vanity, as if one is “more of a man” if he can grow a beard more quickly than someone else (kind of reminds me of your blog about drinking in China, as if one is more masculine if one can drink a lot of alcohol without getting drunk or sick).

    • haha no

      TLB I agree

      I still like having stubble, I shave only when i start to look scary (so once every 2nd day is fine, (except on weekends when i can let it start to go a little wild)
      also great fun for the kids to touch the stubble (i work in kindergarten)

  • BoboPolo

    They also don’t shave their Mei Mei’s…Why is that?

  • David R.

    I agree that they don’t usually need to shave their legs. But, a bit of attention to their nether regions would be nice.

  • Crystal

    If you are in relationship with a Chinese girl, you really like her, and her shaving habits is the only problem, you can always talk to her. :smile:

  • Thomas J.

    Hmm…..don’t impose western customs on a Chinese girl. If you want western a western girl, or at minimum an ABC valley girl. Besides, most Chinese girls are very self-conscious about their appearance, she might listen to you and shave, but on the inside she will be hurt and feel you don’t care about her as she is naturally.

    • michel

      I had this problem with my gf (with her armpits). When i see it I did not really care much more, but I was surprised. But it was more her roomates who cares about. It s not about the fact she doesn t shave, but they were affraid of bad remarks from others when she will go to the swimmingpool and all this. That s why I told her about it, she laughed and now she is trying to keep it clean. I don t think she felt hurt.
      As you say that hairy guys will be looked at the swimming pool. Bad talk could be made for girl when their airpits are not shaved.

  • Crystal

    Well said, Thomas!
    Also I believe that two mature people coming from different cultures can gain a lot by learning good things from each other (in this case it would apply to both Western guys and Chinese girls).

    • haha no

      I am not shaving my armpits.. :lol:

      I trim my… ‘central’ area, as having a Afro down there isnt to appealing, my chinese wife shaves her armpits and keeps her… ‘meimei’ in check.

      no hair on legs or back of neck (that was a great surprise, for about a week i was constantly putting my hand on the back of her neck just to feel the smooth skin)

      in front of you all, now, I will make a vow to keep my chest and lower back hair in check. grade 2 shave from time to time (not clean shaven as this ‘mao’ keeps we warm during winters and keeps the shirt of my skin during summers.)

  • Phillip

    Lin Yutang believes that all this are “results of millenniums of civilized indoor living.” That point is also adopted by lots of foreign authors, I read one guide book about China written by some Singaporean, and I remember in the book, “the Chinese” are “proud people” who think that foreigners are “less evolved”, because they have such “hairy arms”. Isn’t it hilarious?

    However in general, Han-Chinese from the great North are still considered to be more hairy though.

  • Crystal

    I think that today fashion evolves so quickly that even the habits developed during thousands of years can be changed in almost no time.

    • jose

      I think you can much easily find a girl with hairy armpits, and muff, that the one which does not scream and cry, think about an easy life with you and knows basics of hygiene. I know it is much of a stereotype we describe here, but many Chinese are just stereotypical.

  • TLB

    “the Chinese” are “proud people” who think that foreigners are “less evolved”, because they have such “hairy arms”.

    The hair on my head is starting to recede a bit ; I’m glad I’m “more evolved” in one area, at least! ;-)

  • Jason

    I’ve found that Chinese girls kinda dig a hairy chest.

  • Magnus

    even though my wife has really dark thick hair, she’s got NONE on her legs. So she doesn’t need to shave. But this is a great topic… I don’t know why women do it. I always remember what Jerry Seinfeld said, “If the human body was something you had to buy, with all the shaving, cutting, brushing, picking, plucking, scraping, waxing and combing you would have to do, you wouldn’t buy one.”

  • Crystal

    I checked few more resources online.
    Seems that the trend of legs shaving is relatively new and is more spread in English-speaking countries.
    One research showed that in those countries where legs shaving is a norm – both men and women perceive that body hair on women (but not men) is disgusting! :shock:

  • CaseyOrourke

    My wife Ying, like all Chinese has very little body hair. I on the other hand have a hairy chest, back, arms and legs. She says she loves feeling the hair gives her when she snuggles up to me at night and my playing with my chest hairs. However, she doesn’t like the feeling she gets from my whiskers when I don’t shave for a few days. She prefers my face clean shaven. I did shave my chest once and Ying hated it. She made me promise to never shave my chest ever again.

  • Crystal

    Thanks for sharing your (and your wive’s) perspective.
    I think that many guys feel more encouraged now!

  • TLB

    Recently, in an online chat, my fiancee jokingly referred to the hair on my body (about average for a western man I think) as 多余设备 (duoyushebei) which, as close as I can find, translates to “redundant equipment” — I think we laughed for a good ten minutes… and I have to admit she has a point: I can’t think of a good use for it either… :smile: (but I don’t plan on shaving it, except for the face). ;-)

  • Crystal

    I personally don’t like if my boyfriend hadn’t shaved his face for few days (which unfortunately happens sometimes).
    Don’t exactly remember how it began, but I have a compliment for his shaved appearance: I call him “my dear worm” – he loves it! :lol:

  • Colmer

    The biggest shocker to me, has always been how many college Chinese girls don’t shave or wax their upper lip.

  • will

    that’s because the more and longer it is up there the more good luck they will have in making money. at least that’s what all the ones that knew they had it and westerners thought it was strange said.

  • Crystal

    Indeed, since ancient times Chinese practiced facial reading. I know about the superstitions related to eyebrows, but never have heard about anything related to hair on the upper lip.
    As for modern times, I think that the vast majority of Chinese girls don’t need to wax their “moustache”. And those who do just don’t have any example in front of them. Thinking of all my friends, I can’t recall any who would need it.

  • will

    yea. there are tons of that stuff. i never stop hearing every imperfection means something positive. or something unlucky is really a blessing in disguise here. from a strong jaw line =ing power to a wide nose meaning you will make money easily. as for the girls with mustache thing. some don’t really have anything there to get rid of. while others clearly do but have no reference for why they should do so. chinese guys don’t care so they never notice it. most of my chinese friends that go to the us for school or work or what not usually end up waxing it if they want a bf or look better whether they think it looks better or not they know the people around them think it does. while as others who just want to study all day and don’t have an interest nor know what to do even if they have a boyfriend just don’t care and do nothing about their appearance. “to each their own”

  • will

    ps thanks so much crystal for replying to my post. i just want to say i find it strange that in your “about me” section on the website you call yourself a common girl. but there there is nothing common about you. you are beautiful, smart, and have a great personality. I would love to talk to you more about your time in Israel if you are ever free enough.

    • Nick

      I think that is a common (pun intended) sentiment among Chinese ladies – my angel insists that she is “only a common woman”, though she’s stunningly beautiful and an absolute wiz with finances. I think that’s a Chinese lady’s way of saying that she’s nothing special, which in the case of my angel, and of Crystal (as well as many of the ladies mentioned here by you gentlemen) could not be further from the truth.

  • Crystal

    Thanks for your compliments, Will.
    You can send me an e-mail through a contact form in “About” page.
    I will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Behind Blue Eyes

    My ex gf who I met online, and visited in Beijing the very first thing she made me do when I get to my hotel room was shave my face. She would not kiss me until then. When she saw after I landed she was very happy to see but really disliked my beard. After I shaved she was a happy as can be. And I myself am not a really hairy guy but do like to shave my entire body. Personal preference and a bodybuilding thing been doing it since I was 16 (30 now). My girl saw my razors and asked if she could try them. From all I know she did shave her arms and legs, but in this post maybe she was only shaving her bikini line. But I have been sending her razors ever since.

    • Nick

      BBE, curious comment…

      My angel makes sure I shave my beard every day when we’re together, but I keep my mustache neatly trimmed and she’s even told me NOT to shave it off (even though there’s more grey in my mustache than on my head).

      Crystal, can you comment on mustaches v beards in the eyes of the ‘average’ Chinese lady?

      • Crystal

        I remember once discussing a guy with friends. So, one girl said – “Yeah, he is a nice guy… but… sigh… he has mustache”
        We all understandingly nodded :lol:

        • James

          Dear Crystal, I remember Ping telling me that she would find me more attractive without my mustache. Later I excused myself,went to the restroom and proceeded to shave off half of my mustache. When I came out I made sure I was turned so the mustache side was all that she could see. I asked her again, if I would look better without it,then turned to her. She laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes. Then proceeded to say “no good no good” that she liked the mustached side better :shock:
          I had visions of the Chinese police taking me out of the hotel, while a half bald Ping sat on the bed crying saying “yes I will press charges” :lol:

  • John

    I’m not particularly hairy, just regular European. But certainly hairy arms were a fascination in China (in South America too). Students (girls mostly) would check out my arms with a stroke, but furtively.

    As regards their depilating their legs (or other more inimate areas), I saw plenty of waxing products in pharmacies such as Watsons.

  • Okie Rob

    Hair, Hair, Hair ….. China has a lot of hair(mostly on head) … Hair Beauty/Barber Shops everywhere in China.. Not much balding for Chinese people(they are lucky). Beards, almost no beards. If a Chinese male can grow facial hair, he does, but most Chinese males can not grow facial hair so they don‘t. In Chinese movies, going back in ancient time, many of the Chinese playing or acting wear wigs, and have facial hair added. I am watching movie “Red Cliff”.. lots of facial hair and added hair on head this movie for main actors. Even older drawings, and photos of Chinese Emperor ancestors, show them with facial hair, or a moustache or both. I really think the Chinese people are fascinated by hair. When I am China or visit China, I crop (crop: means: cut very short…not shave slick) my arms and my chest. I do have short groomed beard, which my fiancée has become accustom. She also has fun helping me trim my beard. She also likes my chest hair, and has requested that I not crop it too short. I actually wish I was not quite so hairy.

  • Tyler

    When people ask why Chinese girls don’t shave, I don’t think they’re usually talking about legs.

  • James Roberts

    Well I’m back…after canceled flights missed connections :shock: I am back in the States. I must start off by saying I found China to be a very beautiful country with many charming people with wonderful attributes. Although I must admit at times I felt like the main attraction in a freak show.I have never had so many people want to have their picture taken with me(including my own family). On the train trip from Nanning to Zhangjajie I made the mistake of wearing a short sleeved shirt with shorts( the heat in China was intense)I was approached by two Chinese men (one of which spoke a little English) who insisted on feeling the hair on my arms and legs. Very strange behavior to an American where personal space is just that …it’s personal. After sharing some laughs and cigarettes, the one motioned for me to lift my shirt to show my belly and chest(by this time a whole group had gathered around us) After lifting my shirt and a collective gasp from the group. I told the one man that was nothing and I spun around and acted like I was going to drop my shorts and show my butt to the whole group, which got a bigger gasp than before. More laughs ensued when they realized I was just kidding them and wasn’t really going to show my butt. Well for the rest of the 14 hour trip, I was known as the ying mon moleman and not James

  • China Shark Mike

    Shaving thing is a moot point for most Chinese girls. One of the first girls I dated in Shenzhen had this incredibly long gross underarm hair that was only noticed on the second time I was out with her. Truth be told it was one of the grossest things I ever saw on a woman. Out of the rest, a few shaved but were over 30 years old, one only had hair in 2 places and is 30 yrs old now. Personally, I dislike bodyhair as the one other poster stated {bodybuilding}. The less hair the more definition is shown in muscle mass. It’s ironic how we always appear to want something we cannot be because of our own DNA. My students are forever petting and stroking my arms like I’m a damn dog. I like the hairlessness of the Chinese women, I don’t like that a lot of Chinese women do not feel the need to groom the nether regions. Hair is okay in moderation, enough said otherwise I’ll sound like an animal. Less is more in my book. Lack of body hair is considered the quintissential exotic female. In that respect Asian women usually have a leg up on the competition. Never heard of any man ever stated that he’de really prefer a hairier woman.

    • Nick

      Interesting point, CSM. I’m quite “hairy”, as you put it, down to hair on my back. I shave my beard but keep a neatly trimmed mustache, that my angel likes and told me NOT to shave. She likes the chest hair, and will often play with it absently when we sit and talk. (It’s really sweet, and makes the conversation feel very intimate even if we’re discussing mundane things like weather or travel plans.”

      I’d love not to need to shave my beard, because I dislike shaving, but I do it for her. (I had a beard for years, but finally shaved it off due to the heat where I live now.)

      I guess I’ve been around Europe enough that I’m not freaked out by axillary hair on women, but I agree with you and don’t like it much. Fortunately, my angel meticulously shaves her underarms.

      • michel

        Same for me… It s my chinese gf who ask me to keep a 3 days old beard… now I m keeping it and it really suits me..
        and she likes it

    • jose

      I think you are naturally very hairy, so you want girls to shave. It is usual inferiority complex or culturally created block. Men excuse it that girls should not be hairy. However, body hair grows to every healthy mature woman, it is a natural process, connected to a sexual attraction.

      So pity for you, that you are not able to turn on natural stuff, cos you can fight body hair, but you will never win.

  • Bored in Sydney

    I was not a fan of my own body hair but as the years passed I stopped having an issue. I am me and that is that. Luckily as Nick said my partner also loves the hairy chest etc and she would be upset if I decided to totally ex-foliate. She keeps herself trim but I am also never pushing for that, as a typical Chinese lady she is hardly hairy, and I don’t really like the totally bald look, she is a woman, a human being and it’s normal that she has some hair and personally the shortly cropped look downstairs does it for me. (Perhaps it’s an issue of the sameness? I never find western women attractive any more, so perhaps the difference is the hook for my own subconscious)

    Although not on the head, it is still a debate between us about long hair rather than short. I think some girls look cute with a short crop, but they need a great face to carry it off. It’s sad that mature women tend to get a short hair style as generally they have more allure with longer locks. Each to their own though, perhaps they get sick of looking after it, and perhaps they give up caring with others think of them, rather like me and my own body hair. It probably come back to my outlook that a man should not be afraid to be manly nor a woman shy away from her own femininity, if I wanted to date a male-like creature I would turn gay.

    • Nick

      Interesting comment about hair length. My angel knows that I like long hair 头发 (I like that Chinese has two different words for hair, one for the hair on your head and one for body hair), and she has grown hers down to her hips now, and it is absolutely gorgeous. She says that she likes it too. It certainly makes her look elegant in my eyes, but she has always been elegant, almost regal (especially in a qipao). I also agree that some ladies can look great with short hair, but in my eyes there is something about how long hair frames my angel’s face and draws attention to her eyes and her smile that makes me appreciate her long, silky tresses.

      Crystal has seen pictures of her. I guess to another Chinese she looks her 43 years, but to me she looks so young, yet still has an air of maturity and composure that is captivating. She is a woman, not a girl. She is confident and feminine.

    • Nick

      BIS, I just re-read your post and noticed something else… the bit about “perhaps it’s an issue of sameness?”

      It caused me to start to think, “What is it about Chinese ladies…?”

      For me, it’s the eyes. There’s something about those impossibly dark, almond-shaped eyes that takes my breath away.

  • Bored in Sydney

    Superficially it is the same for me Nick, even my ex who was western from a UK background had dark hair and dark brown eyes. I find those dark eyes mysterious and wonder what is going on behind them.
    However after many years I feel that my real attraction is to the intellect of the women I have chosen to be with. Without exception they are well educated and generally successful, however I often find that combination in a western women results in the loss of femininity which seems a shame to me. Just as the Chinese women seem to lament the weak and wussy type of ‘boy’ that passes as a man in modern China I appreciate a truly feminine woman who does not feel the requirement to either be or act like a bimbo.

    Of course this is often the exception rather than the rule, there are no shortages of stupid or aggressive women in China either, finding a good one is a just reward for your efforts.

    • Nick

      BIS, I agree. Being well-educated myself, I agree that intelligence is a very important factor in a lady. (Please note that I did _not_ say “education” – I know many very intelligent people who did not have the opportunities I did to pursue higher education.)

      And as far as a “just reward for your efforts”, I do not know what I did to deserve my little angel, but whatever it was, it was not enough. She is absolutely wonderful, and I don’t deserve her.

  • garylong

    Chinese girls don’t shave their armpits are more sexy to me that’s just how i feel. :roll: :lol:

  • sean wong

    The more you shave the thicker the hair is, and in my opinion hair is ten thousand times better than stubbles.

    • Crystal

      Though many people believe that shaving produces thicker hair – I read that this is not true and regarded as a “myth”.

  • Serenity

    Saw this in your favourites Crystal. Had to chuckle.

    I just want to butt in and offer my observation on Chinese girl’s lack of shaving of their… face. Maybe it’s just coincidence but I’ve come across quite a few mustachio’d Chinese ladies. Of course not a full-on moustache, but I know in my culture it is totally inappropiate and mocked if there’s a little hair on a woman’s face. I can forgive not shaving anything else but jesus. Everyone sees your face. I daringly asked one why she didn’t shave it. She said she couldn’t be bothered because it would just come back… Uh, yeah, so? Then shave it again. I shave little because my face doesn’t er… produce so much, and it takes like a minute. Big deal.

  • lucia


    Chinese girls are hairier than white girls. I grew up in the United States and am currently living in Beijing. I have been here for 6 years. Comparing non-shaved white girls’ legs to non-shaved Chinese girls’ legs is like comparing glass to a jungle. Chinese girls DO grow a lot of hair; much more than white girls. In fact I go swimming every night and I see so much hair it grosses me out.

    The problem is, Chinese guys are not hairy AT ALL. For the most part, Chinese girls are much hairier than their male counterparts. I am of Chinese heritage. I should know.

    For everyone who disagrees: obviously you have never been to China.

    Haha “Generally speaking Asians have less body hair…”?? You wish. I can’t believe you are comparing Chinese girls to hairy white men. Don’t you see what’s wrong with that comparison at all?????

    Chinese girls have more hair than white girls. White men have more hair than Chinese guys. Geez.

  • Baren

    @Lucia: Good point, and you being in China and swimming everyday it would be hard to not make a distinction about the hairyness of Chinese women and White women. Perhaps, Chinese women have such dark black hair that it may seem like they are hairier. I’m an American born Chinese male and I find I have less body hair than anyone I have ever met. My legs and arms are completely devoid of hair. That said, there is no question about my masculinity as a previous poster(BIS)posted about Chinese men. He posted: “weak and wussy type of ‘boy’ that passes as a man in modern China.” I have noticed throughout the years that Chinese people in China and in America have been more than inviting and accepting of others outside of their Asian ethnic backgrounds but it is so disapointing to find that many of these non Chinese men looking for Chinese girlfriends or mates seem to look down upon Chinese men. I’m trying my best to be accepting, how about you white guys tone it down a bit and stop it with those rude and degrading comments aimed at Asian men in particular.

  • Mila

    I think it is nice that on girl, who doesnt shave her legs or armpits nobody will gigle and laugh.In Russia people will think that you are crazy if they see your hairy armpits. For me actually shaving such places is a very painful procedure.And i do it only when i know that tomorrow i will go to swimming pool wear a skirt or some shirt without sleeves. However my friend says that she shaves every 2 or 3 day.
    In Europe even men shave their armpits-i think it is too much (my dad says that it is gay fashion )
    When i was studying at school girls (and i) began to shave when we were not less then 15 years.May be more because boys would laugh if see not shaved armpits.Actually i hate shaving. When i was in country house this summer,i didnt shave any place almost for 2 months-because nobody except my relatives,neighbors and some unknown people living not far away were there.

    • Crystal

      I actually heard different opinions about shaving in Europe: some say that in France or Germany women often don’t shave; others (as you) say that in Europe even men shave. So, I wonder who is right?

      By the way, I wonder why being Russian, you talk about Europe as something external?

  • Mila

    Good morning )
    many people-many opinions
    but what i know and even can swear: in Turkey girls doesn’t shave anything and all population is very hairy ))
    My sister has a boyfriend from Turkey and she says that his butt is so hairy like a monkey’s ))
    And about talking of Europe like something external. Europe is actually something external for Russia.Europeans don’t like Russia and nobody from Russia consider himself like a European. What is more European politicians don’t want Russia to be participant of any their union. For example politicians of our country want very much Russia to be admitted to Eu (European union) and do their best (at least last 3 years ) to make their dreams come true. However our country is not allowed to be a participant of EU.
    It is a very complicated situation.

  • Arnold

    Nice Subject , never paid much attention to it .. until I just saw Crystal’s Post about it .

    Of course now I’m thinking back to when I was married to my first Wife ( Spanish/Mexican )and now I know why it always took some much longer to get ready to go somewhere . Shave Leg’s , shave Underarms , pluck little Facial Hairs ( Mustache/Chin ).. something my LaoPo does not have to do any of these and is ready in a Flash .. right after the wait for her Hair on her Head to look good . hahaha
    Guess , I’m more lucky than I thought previously .

  • Mike

    Not sure why so many people think that Asian women don’t have leg hair. I have had many Asian girl friends. Even the ones that did not shave their legs still had some (hard to see but it was there) leg hair. Other Asian girls had to shave or wax because they like every other woman in the “English speaking world” felt embarrassed to have visible leg hair. For some Asian women because the skin is pale and the hair is dark leg hair can be very noticable. I never cared if my girl friend had leg hair in bed but I always understood my they did not want to wear shorts or the skirt with hairy legs in public too.

  • Susan

    Man, I get you when you say loads of Chinese girls don’t have hair – so true, nearly all my Chinese friends (girls) have no hair naturally, not even armpit hair.

    Me on the other hand… I’m like a westerner with hair everywhere – legs, armpits, arms (i’m not touching them though), eyebrows.. I swear I have far too much testosterone in me :'(

  • Linda

    My Chinese male friend is 100% Chinese and although it takes him weeks to grow any facial hair, he has such thick chest & arm hair and he’s only 22! LOL so weird. I can’t get used to the fact that he’s hairy. All his Asian friends tease him about it. Haha.

  • jose

    chinese girls do usually have sparse hair, but it can grow very long. chinese nation is however genetically very mixed, an there are some girls very hairy, and some do have only few hairs on their legs, armpits, or even pubes.

    i think the chinese are turn into body hair, unlike americans, who have been brainwashed by magazine culture for tens of years. It is ridiculous, that there still exists a stereotype of “unshaved French girls”, with origin dated to the WW II., when US soldiers came to Paris.

  • me

    If I have a Chinese girlfriend, I would definately like to have the one that does not shave. When I recall Tang Wei in Lust, caution, with her asiatic unshaved armpit hair it turns me on.

    • ZhuBaJie

      Well, me, seeing as lots of Chinese girls don’t have underarm hair at all, I find myself amusing myself thinking about how you’re going to guarantee that your potential girlfriend does indeed have underarm hair and doesn’t shave it… hmmm, maybe a first or second date at the beach, or going swimming? :lol:
      “say, Honey, do you mind lifting your arm up? I think I see a tick there under your arm…” :cool:

      • me

        Amusing you say? Well I think that if the girl is pretty, and inteligent, is not money-oriented, does have hygienic standards, and does not require to call her every hour when I am not with her, and yell like crazy when she wants or dislike something. Then we can talk about armpit hair.

  • james

    My observation is that many Chinese girls do have very soft and sparse leg hair, so most of them probably do not need to remove it. Their legs are often less hairy than their arms.

    The armpit hair of mainland girls can be quite thick and long, sometimes it might be shaved or missing, but there are still many girls keeping it. I think the armpits are much more kept in north china, while in the southern regions it is more and more shaved. Less hair might mean less testosterone, and lower libido, but Chinese girls do have quite a thick jungle of their pubic hair. Maybe Crystal would be able to enlight this fact.

    all in all, I think Chinese girls still keep the body hair as it is natural, as sexual attraction – without western prejudices. Also, should we consider the simple fact that, many people here do not have even bathroom in their homes, so these western standards are just over their point of attention.

    • paul k

      I have married a chinese wife from hunan she is 46 and has a daughter 22 years old !!!!

      i had noticed that many chinese women going to university in canada have not shaved their under arms or trim below !!!

      yet when i was in china and got married to my wife i noticed she shaved and trimmed herself !!!!

      now waiting for her to get her visa and come here i thought i would inform her that her and her daughter should shave here just incase it was a one time thing for our wedding !!!!

      i have chinese friends and their wives do not shave and when we went swimming here the canadian women sort of look down on them so i thought i do not want my wife and daughter to feel bad or embbarassed !!!!

      so i told my wife about this and how she maybe looked down upon by western women !!!

      to my surprize my wife said do not worry she shaves under arms and trims her pubic hair regularly !!!

      i was releaved to here that as to save her embarresment here in canada !!!

      then i thought i would ask her why she does but most chinese women do not who taught her this !!!!

      she said because she was a dancer in a professional dance troup when in her teens they did this because of stage apperances !!! so she said she also then taught her daughter to look after herself the same way !!!! hehehe

      she said women in china like performers or actresses or models will usually shave under arms and down below or at least trim it nice down there !!!!

      to be honest most women in china would do it if their mothers would teach them to do it when young girls !!!!

      most just do not know better and do not worry much about it because their friends are the same way !!!!!

      to be honest i am personally tired of looking in all those magazines seeing women shaved bald down there !!!

      it is not really natural is it !!! as long as it is kept short and neat and clean i love it that way !!!
      trust me my wife and daughter are knock outs my wife looks as good and young almost as her 22 year old daughter smokin hot at least i think so !!!

      so maybe this may help you with this issue !!!

  • ShenzhenTony

    Sitting on the Shenzhen metro everyday it’s very obvious that most Chinese women don’t shave their legs, but it’s also obvious that their legs are hairy. Saying that Chinese women don’t have hair on their legs is nonsense!