Chinese Wedding: Photoalbum

Wedding albumAll brides are beautiful. This saying comes to my mind when I look at the wedding pictures of my friends and cousins. Picturesque clothes, tasteful make-up and happy smiles make every girl beautiful…

There are many little and big worries that bride and groom have to go through to prepare an unforgettable wedding. One of them is to make an album of wedding photographs. In China the photo sessions are very long (sometimes the shootings are not finished in one day) and bear heavy expenditures. But also the result is collection of unique pictures that promise to keep sweet memories alive…

First thing the new weds should do is to choose the photography company.

There are many such companies in China. And even though Chinese are well-known for their moneysaving skills – in this case they will put the high quality of work as the main criterion when making the choice of the company. Two most popular are Dragon Photography (“long she ying”) and Paris Classics (“ba li jing dian”).

After deciding upon the company the reservation is made and album style chosen. There are so many orders that the reservations must be done well in advance. In fact, the shooting sessions can be done long before the wedding ceremony itself. The most popular months are from April to October since nobody wants to pose in wedding dresses on cold or rainy days (for the part which is made outdoors). Thus people rush to book for those days.

Taking the pictures. It will require the whole day. Brides change from 3 to 5 different dresses which would include a white wedding gown, qipao or other Chinese traditional dress, modern fashionable clothes and so on… Grooms also change their suits accordingly. Some of the pictures are taken in the studio. For others couple will go outside to natural scenery spots or famous places in their city.

Finally it’s time to choose the pictures and compile the album. You will be possibly surprised, but the weds can’t take all the pictures that had been shot. Even though there would be more than hundred – the aforementioned price is for just a fraction of them (about 20).

And if bride and groom find other pictures that they like – they will have to pay separately for every additional one. Tricky business, huh?

Besides the album itself company gives few enlarged pictures – they will be used in the decoration of the wedding party, and the best one almost definitely will find itself hung in the bedroom. The photos of smaller sizes will possibly make their way to the wallets of husband and wife :-).

I want to share with you the wedding photographs of my cousins both of whom married last year and kindly allowed me to put their pictures in my blog.

Can you resist the wish to have such pictures?

Making the plans for my own future wedding album, Crystal Tao

Chinese Wedding Photo - 1

Chinese Wedding Photo - 2

Chinese Wedding Photo - 3

Chinese Wedding Photo - 4

Chinese Wedding Photo - 5

Chinese Wedding Photo - 6

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