Confessions of a Modern Chinese Girl : Controlling Men through Money

Keeping your man on a leash

Keeping your man on a leash


The following post was sent to us by a lovely Chinese girl who lives in  Shanghai. She is in her late 20s, enjoys a successful career with an international brand company, has traveled the world and is perhaps typical of the “modern Chinese girl” :

Money, it’s a very sensitive topic, especially in China. Money is a way to demonstrate your success and social status, but more importantly for relationships – it can serve as means of control. Most of my Chinese girlfriends think that a woman should control her husband’s salary. That means means to try and control the man so that a man wouldn’t have any chance to meet other girls or play around because he doesn’t have money of his own.

I think my colleagues, my girlfriends, and my sisters, they all serve as the money boss of their families.

Yes, I admit that in the past I also thought about it that way. But when i found out I am not a very good financial planner I realized it might not be a good idea for my family. I might spend all of my money on things that are short time and I find it difficult to save money. The result – I don’t really want to control money.

It’s not only that, it goes both ways. I wouldn’t want my man to control me or my money, as I enjoy freedom. In a family, there should be someone that plans spending and tracks money, but I don’t think I’m the person for that. I also don’t like the idea of controlling men through controlling money, its bullshit. If a man wants to have an affair, money wouldn’t stop him and control his heart.

So why i must control man’s money or life? He needs to be able to meet friends, he needs to be able to have dinner with colleagues. If I would control the money, he would never have money to pay for things, and I will feel ashamed for him.

I just wont do that.

Am I really Chinese?

She would love to hear your opinions on her dilemma and thoughts.

3 comments to Confessions of a Modern Chinese Girl : Controlling Men through Money

  • ewriter

    Wow that is fucking harmful to the core! Psycho mentality does not even BEGIN to cut it!!! I invested twelve years of my life into my relationship with my first (and only) wife who just happens to be Chinese (but not mainland Chinese — they are very different from Chinese women who have developed in other countries, in so many ways); and if for one moment i was certain she was determined to control me or my money (yes, she is a bit of a control freak; but it is always usually due to her anxieties or neuroses about running out of money, certainly not because she doesn’t trust me with other women!!), i would walk away for good. If Chinese men have allowed their women to dominate them in this manner, it says a great deal about the real future of China as a ‘freedom-loving democracy’ (which of course it is not…but hopefully one day, would be something closer to that!!). Just my two cents. And yes, I dated Western women, Black women, before i married and while there are good women in every culture, i have come to believe that the white stereotype of brainwashed women who now dominate the West (also known as ‘lesbian feminists’) or at the very least, Western values and morals today, that those women are EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE DOMINEERING BITCHES OF CHINA. But then, what do you expect from an Oligarchy that teaches that love has no intrinsic value; or that ‘God is dead’ (which he most certainly is not).

  • Silvio m

    if the woman controls the husband money, well…. she is not perfect :)
    What if she spend’s money in dresses, varnish, purse, new curtains, magazines etc etc?

  • vj

    Lmao troll forum
    Money over everything
    wwhoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop
    Lamborghini all day everyday
    Racing through the streets while speeding
    Paying off cops
    Living the goooood life

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