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Five Popular Songs For Chinese Wedding

Wedding songs

Today I again invite you to listen to some Chinese songs. This time they will be thematic and revolve around wedding. Just like traditional games and jokes, songs are an integral part of Chinese wedding. And if you still haven’t gone through this ceremony – maybe you could pick one of them and perform it at your own party :-)

I have chosen 5 popular songs, and if you happen to attend Chinese wedding/s – big chance is that you’ve heard at least some of them.

In the end of the list there is a “bonus track” – song which I want to dedicate to the lovers who are currently not together (and naturally miss each other a lot).

Miriam Yeung and Richine Ren

First in the list is the duet of Miriam Yeung (杨千嬅 – Yang Qianhua) and Richie Ren (任贤齐 – Ren Xianqi) with the song “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon Night”. This song has both Mandarin & Cantonese versions.

Approximate translation:
… I miss you and my heart is beating too fast to fall asleep… I watch the moon outside of my window… Its shape is like your eyebrow… This night when flowers blossom and the moon is full – lovers should be together

Wakin Chau

The next song is more on the topic as its name implies. “Marriage Proposal” sung by Wakin Chau (周华健- Zhou Huajian). I think you can easily guess the right time to sing this song to your beloved ;-)

Very approximate translation:
Spring wind is blowing and sunshine is on me… I am so happy in my heart… want to hug you for the whole life… I will never let you cry.

Jolin Tsai and David Tao

The following song was destined to become an immediate hit! And it couldn’t be otherwise taking in account that it has been performed by a stellar duet of Jolin Tsai (蔡依林 – Cai Yilin) and David Tao (陶喆 – Tao Zhe). I know one couple who sang this song on their wedding: to say the truth the groom didn’t have great vocal abilities, but anyway it was very sweet. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to try it as well. You will only need to change few words (you will see yourself ;-) ) Song’s name is – “Marry me today”!!!

Approximate translation:
Go with me hand in hand to create the happy life. Yesterday is too late, [postpone for] tomorrow would be a pity – so will you marry me today?

Note: This video can’t be embedded into the blog – so  you will have to click on the link in the window and watch it on YouTube

Andy Lau

After making a proposal and setting up the date – it’s time for the ceremony itself. And now we will listen to the “Wedding March” (mmm… I really find it difficult to translate the songs’ names and lyrics, but this is the best I came up with). And it will be performed by Andy Lau (刘德华 – Liu Dehua) himself. He is a very successful actor and singer and was branded by media as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop.

Almost exact translation:
I want to cover your face with white veil. I want to walk with you on the red carpet. I want to sing a love song for you. I want to build a roof [house] of love to protect us from wind and rain… talk to you, drink tea with you, and play chess with you…

Wow! Play chess? Now this is the new peak of romantics :mrgreen:  Anyway, it’s better than majiang

Huo Feng

Ahh… so many sweet words and promises before the marriage. Hopefully they don’t stay just promises and guys continue loving their girls also after the relationship is upgraded. And for those who prefer to express themselves with poems instead of prose – the famous song “Lao Po Lao Po Wo Ai Ni” by Huo Feng (火风) comes to rescue. I am sure that most of the readers don’t need the help with translation of the title.

Approximate translation:
Dear wife, I love you. Let God bless you to be healthy and beautiful. Dear wife, I love you. Wish everything happens as you want… Although you don’t feel very well, nothing is a problem as long as you have me. We are not rich, but I will do everything to make you happy. I will accompany you, as long as you want me to…

Faye Wong

(Bonus song!)
Faye Wong (王菲 – Wang Fei) is singing “I Am Willing”. This is the answer which every guy would want to hear from Chinese girl when asking her if she would marry him: 我愿意 (“Wo Yuan Yi”) :roll:  “I am willing” [similar to “I do”].
The melody is sad and in my imagination Faye Wong is singing about her love to a man who is currently not with her.

Approximate translation:
I miss you until it’s hard to breathe. I am willing for you, I am willing for you, I am willing for you to forget my name. For one more second to stay in your arms, I would not regret even if I would lose the whole world…

If you enjoy listening to Chinese music, proceed to this post featuring 10 popular Chinese female singers.

Sentimental Crystal Tao

  • Confused LaoWai

    Haha, this is a great post! Really full of love. I also posted this up so that other Mandarin learners can share it.

    • Crystal

      Thanks! I am happy that you shared this post with others :smile:

  • Mark

    Haha, I often find myself singing # 5 without thinking about it, because it’s so simple and easy to sing.

  • CaseyOrourke

    A song that is very common at weddings here in the US is “I SWEAR” by All4One.

  • Greg

    Crystal, I was surprised not to see Yueliang Daibiao Wode Xin (月亮代表我的心) on your list, because I had got the impression it is *the* love song in China. Is it deemed too “older generation” to be sung at weddings these days?

  • Crystal

    Hi Greg.
    You are right in both aspects: this song was on my draft list (because it’s indeed VERY popular on weddings), and… yes, it’s a little bit old :roll:

    But after you have mentioned it – I just have to give a link to this song

  • Rosamundwo

    Here in malaysian chinese weddings, we will have a bunch of unknown guys singing horribly out of tune on the stage. :roll:

  • Irish wedding bands

    Wedding is the special occasion and it is important to celebrate by full entertain. Wedding music make the wedding day memorable.

  • liza

    what is the title of the movie in Miriam Yeung’s “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon Night”? thanks