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Taboos in China : Anal Sex

Discussing taboos in China
I mentioned before that I previously answered questions from curious readers about love and sex abroad on another travel site.  Some of the questions people asked me were a little, well, raunchy.

Regardless, these are real questions that people submitted to me, and I’d love to find answers for them.  This question was a little heavy for the other community, but something tells me you guys can handle it, so here it goes:

A 25-year-old Australian female reader reached out to me to ask why anal sex is considered taboo in China, where she currently lives.  She happens to enjoy anal sex, and claims she is not promiscuous, and only sleeps with men she is in a serious relationship with.  Yet, she said men in China seem to think it is odd when she requests anal sex, and she feels that some of them feel she is a promiscuous “whore”.

Personally, I think that there are plenty of people in China who do have anal sex, and probably plenty of Chinese men who would be very excited about at least trying anal sex.  Am I wrong?  This honestly isn’t an area I’m familiar with, so I’m not well-equipped to come up with an answer to this on my own.

I also think it probably has a lot to do with which men she’s seeking this from.  If she’s in an urban and more modern and forward-thinking area of China, I think it’s likely she’d have a little less trouble than if she was in a rural area.  Unfortunately, I don’t know where she lives.

So, folks, what do you think?  Do Asians like anal sex too?

  • SexyChinaChick

    Absolutely right! Chinese women AND men love anal sex just as much as anywhere else in the world.

    You can also see it on China’s premiere sex toys websites. Enough hot anal toys there!
    I think sites like this say more than this Australian woman if you ask me.

  • LaoSichuan

    I am not so optmistic as the previous poster.

    I (male) firmly believe that women can enjoy sex much more than man do (for us an orgasm lasts only 7 seconds), and (of course) I want to do everything possible to make my lady happy.

    However she thinks that licking her is not hygienic, possibly infectious, its a psychological barrier.

    I read somewhere that anal sex was already recommended by the old Taoists thousands of years ago. Can any reader verify this? Possibly a a source on the internet?

  • Jay K.

    Awww yeah another awesome post by ms apollo!…when I saw this topic I immediately thought of 70s porno music, you know what im talkin about and a porn stache to make Miguel from Mexico say “that’s a fine mustache senior”! yeah the porn stache..

    as leon phelps aka “ladies man” once said, give her a glass of couivessier(sp?) and do her in the butt…now say it with me in leon phelps lisp…

    I don’t know where this gal is from in china, but she needs to move to a major city in china and during sex just quote out lyrics from Men at Work and say “i come from a land down under, where women glow and men plunder” that should be an enough signal to get the anal lube out..nicceeee.

    alright in a bit of seriousness, the majority of chiense guys I know have tried it or wanted to try it jsut out of sheer excitement, like a new adventure for them a “secondary” hymen waiting to be popped….something I can never understand why guys in this country still go for for the whole destroying the hymen thing…

    just hope that everyone though that does try anal practices it safely, condoms, lube, and if you are that uber-kink go ahead and “toss the salad” as chris rock would ubiquitously say in his major stand up.

    i will say this though, for any straight, homosexual, bi people out there into anal. if you got the cash and already own a home, i storngly recommend you invest in buying a toto toilet.. its got one of those hybrid bidets installed into it. seriously cleans you thoroughly… no im not gay, but the power of those things can give urself a self enema(not as prof as the office though) its jsut clean practice.

    and yes as a mixed blooded asian, i have tried anal before with the ladies in the past… thank you leon phelps!

  • Boyadj2000

    it is no secret that 70% of chinese women are engaged in anal sex since there is in china a 1 child policy. that is the correct answer.