Prostitution in China – Part I

Barber shop girl

Welcoming pink lights of barbershops

This kind of venues you can find in any big city of China. Located near a train or subway station they can be recognized by characteristic pink lighting, a sign in English saying “massage” and several scantily dressed and visibly bored girls sitting inside.

Though often presented as barber
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I am Chinese American

Chinese American

In the eyes of most of the world, I am solely a Chinese girl.

“Where are you from” is a common conversation starter with random strangers, who, when I give them a true, but unsatisfactory answer, shake their heads and say “no, where are you REALLY from?” Sometimes, they skip this question all together and
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Where’s Lysistrata? Taiwan’s Not-yet-dauntless Females – Part V

Yellow Fever Foreign Moons

Princesses Eternal or Extinction Burst? Let me begin Part V by partly correcting a point stressed in Part IV: that young Taiwanese women contract princess disease foremost from older women. I said that they especially got it from instruction from female teachers – that mostly PD is a reaction to being over-controlled and to being socialized into “feminine” roles. Columnist Dave at YFFM, however, in an upcoming article there, says that family female elders, not teachers, are the chief inculcators. He suggests that PD is taught mostly by family
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A =/= B (Part I)

Wealth distribution

From Crystal: Although first part of this post doesn’t seem to be related to Chinese girls, the things explained in it do impact Chinese girls overall. This part is necessary because the subsequent one will rely on terms introduced and explained here. The second part will focus on Chinese girls, don’t worry… Clarifications

Today is
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Extramarital Affairs in China

Er nai

I am a 26 year old single American male who has lived in Guizhou province for about two years. My own dating episodes (read: misadventures) and general social observations have been discouraging but enlightening. They have led me to theorize about how the current climate of dating and marriage in Guizhou has come to be.
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