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My Qipao Mission

Qipao mission

It was with some trepidation that I first went to teach in China, in 2004. All my information about China had come from old newsreel films. Basically, I was expecting a drab, black-and-white place where people queued to use the local telephone. How wrong was I ?! I entered a vibrant world of happy, busy people. When
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The Problem of Gender Imbalance in China

Chinese girls only

Me and my cousins

In the picture above you can see me with my cousins. There are two points that one can learn from this photograph: one which is very characteristic to modern China, and another – not.

The first is not obvious unless you know that my grandparents from mother’s side had five
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Women’s Health in China: Problems and Controversions

Chinese women

Imagine the following ad on Chinese TV: in the beginning a young couple is shown in moonlight, holding hands and kissing while the music plays in background. You, of course, expect it to be the advertisement of something sweet and romantic… but you are going to be disappointed – unless the quick abortion without
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The Day When Guys Must Be Romantic and Brave

Marriage proposal

Few weeks ago I had a chat with Daisy – my good friend since childhood. She was upset and confused after having a weird fight with her boyfriend. This fact alone was very unusual since she and Zhang rarely had any misunderstandings. Even more surprising was the reason of their fight – the awkward way
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Shanghai Qipao Salon

Qipao Shanghai Club

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon the article about Shanghai Qipao Salon. This is a club for Shanghainese ladies who gather together to learn the rules of etiquette; take part in cultural events and travel. Distinctive feature of this club is the passion that its members have for beautiful Chinese dress,
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