Matching Outfit for Couples

Matching clothes for couples

If you are looking for matching outfit for couples (eg. matching shirts) – I can recommend you a site which specializes in different kinds of matching items for lovers: shirts, mugs, pillows etc. [Click here to visit] And if you are looking for more information about this weird but cute fashion, continue reading…

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Why Chinese Girls Don’t Shave Their Legs?

Shaving cartoon

I am a bit embarrassed to talk about it, but writing a blog sometimes requires from me to make little confessions. Until recently I did not realize how widespread the practice of shaving legs is.

Most Chinese girls don’t have hair on legs and we don’t need to do anything to keep
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Chinese Drinking Habits

Chinese drinking game

Chinese Drinking Game

Gan Bei (干杯)is a Chinese toast literally translated as “Bottoms up!”. For those who have spent some time in China this expression is familiar because of the alcohol drinking importance in local social intercourses. It even gave birth to a Chinglish word “ganbeiing” which means “drinking lots of alcohol in company”.
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Quiz: Chinese or Not Chinese?

Face question

Chinese are part of the big family of Asian people. Therefore they share many similar external features with other Asian nations – especially those living in bordering countries, like Korea, Japan, Vietnam and so on. It is understandable since our ancestors may have mixed with other nationalities.

However, there are also some distinctive features,
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What People Think About Shanghai Girls

Vintage poster

Vintage Poster of a "typical" Shanghai girl

While there is little doubt about adjective one might use describing Chongqing girls (correct answer is “beautiful”) – situation is different when the discussion is switched to Shanghainese. In this article I will try to summarize the impressions of other netizens regarding Shanghai girls.

First of all
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