Chinese Wedding: Red Envelopes

Hong bao

If you have been in China before or have a Chinese friend – then you might know something about the custom of red envelopes (“hong bao”). Generally speaking – this is a monetary gift presented inside of the red envelope. There are many stories related to this custom. Today I want to tell you
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What kind of men do Chinese girls like?

Chinese girls dreaming

Let’s suppose that you befriended a Chinese girl. Leaving a good first impression is not enough. If you want to build a long-term relationship, you should know what personal characteristics are most important in her eyes.

As a kind of disclaimer I’d like to state that I am talking about common Chinese girls living
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“Naked Wedding” in Modern China

Chinese wedding rings

Recently (and partly due to a financial crisis) a new popular expression of “naked wedding” emerged in China.

It means that the young lovers who decide to marry, do it without having any possessions: no house, no car, no wedding ring, no wedding pictures, no honeymoon. And even sometimes no wedding party itself…

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Beautiful Chinese Girls from Chongqing

My friend - a Chongqing girl

My friend, a Chongqing girl

If you would ask Chinese people where the most beautiful Chinese girls live – many of them would name Chongqing (municipality in central-western China). Curiously, this opinion is shared by many foreigners who work and live in China. On one of my visits to Beijing I met a foreign
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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Chinese Girls

Chinese girl and laowai

Imagine that you are a foreigner living in China and want to befriend a beautiful Chinese girl. In the previous article I was talking about the kinds of behavior that would help you to leave a good impression on Chinese girl. However, one should keep in mind that first impression is a very important
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