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Crystal Tao and Her Qipao

Qipao of Crystal Tao

In the previous article about qipao I tried to follow the trends in popularity of this famous Chinese dress. Just like any style of fashion it knew good and bad days, and nowadays – after years of neglecting in China itself – it is becoming popular again. Qipao does not fit everyone and not
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History of Chinese Qipao


Even if you haven’t heard the name of Qipao (pronounced “chi-pao”) – you almost for sure have seen this tight-fitting dress in movies or magazines depicting the stylish Chinese girls. Where do qipao come from?

Its origin can be tracked back to the Warring States Period of China (more than 2 millennia ago). However
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Welcome to LoveLoveChina

Hello world

This is me – Crystal Tao

Hello to everyone,

Welcome to LoveLoveChina. My name is Crystal Tao and I am delighted to start this blog.

In it I will talk about everything related to Chinese girls:

who we are what we like what we hate …
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