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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Chinese Girls

Chinese girl and laowai

Imagine that you are a foreigner living in China and want to befriend a beautiful Chinese girl. In the previous article I was talking about the kinds of behavior that would help you to leave a good impression on Chinese girl. However, one should keep in mind that first impression is a very important step
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How to Leave a Good Impression on Chinese Girl

Chinese girl and Chinese boy

So you want to date a Chinese girl? Seems you have a good taste, huh. Let me give you few tips which could help you to leave a good impression. First of all I want to share a little “secret” with you – for some reason many Chinese girls think that foreign guys are
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Chinese Wedding: Photoalbum

Wedding album

All brides are beautiful. This saying comes to my mind when I look at the wedding pictures of my friends and cousins. Picturesque clothes, tasteful make-up and happy smiles make every girl beautiful…

There are many little and big worries that bride and groom have to go through to prepare an unforgettable wedding. One of them is
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Crystal Tao and Her Qipao

Qipao of Crystal Tao

In the previous article about qipao I tried to follow the trends in popularity of this famous Chinese dress. Just like any style of fashion it knew good and  bad days, and nowadays – after years of neglecting in China itself – it is becoming popular again.  Qipao does not fit everyone and not
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History of Chinese Qipao


Even if you haven’t heard the name of Qipao (pronounced “chi-pao”) – you almost for sure have seen this tight-fitting dress in movies or magazines depicting the stylish Chinese girls. Where do qipao come from?

Its origin can be tracked back to the Warring States Period of China (more than 2 millennia ago). However
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